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Dramamu – Chocolate (2019)

The story of a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamed of becoming a cook, and a woman who became a cook because of him. Lee Kang is a neurosurgeon, who once dreamed of becoming a chef. There, Lee Kang cooked and gave her a meal, which in part inspired her to become a world-famous chef. Many years later, the two meet again at a hospice ward and together they heal their own emotional scars by preparing meals for the patients there. Source: KoreanDrama. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 8. Score: 8. Add Cast. Yoon Kye Sang Lee Kang. Jang Seung Jo Lee Joon. View all Write Review. Other reviews by this user 4. Jan 27, 16 of 16 episodes seen. Completed 4. Overall 6. Story 6. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Cancel. Other reviews by this user 0. Jan 20, 16 of 16 episodes seen. Completed 0. View all. Add Recommendations.

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After the years of misunderstandings that kept them apart, our doctor and chef more deeply appreciate their miraculous connection. Kang catches Cha-young gazing at all of the chocolates inside her favorite store. Cha-young is surprised when he joins her and asks her to recommend the best one. Kang explains that he feared that eating chocolate would make him homesick for Wando, but that was before he met Cha-young. Curious about why Kang decided to give up chocolate after his mother died, she asks about her accident. After a few seconds, Kang tells Cha-young that his mother was hit by a car on the way home from buying him chocolates. He changes the topic when he invites Cha-young to his place the next day to celebrate his birthday. After passing a simulator test at a driving school, Hee-na begs Tae-hyun to take her to see her dream car, which she hopes to buy as soon as she gets her license. They visit a dealership and as they sit inside of a sporty coupe, Tae-hyun is unusually quiet. But I might still be alive. Hee-na admits that like Tae-hyun, she lived as if she had all the time in the world until she got sick. Hee-na shares another of her goals, after she buys her car she wants to drive to the sea with Tae-hyun. The sea is where Director Kwon has taken Seon-ae and he smiles when she wades into the waves and squeals. When Seon-ae expresses her happiness, Director Kwon finally realizes that while he worked long hours, she was painfully lonely. Seon-ae gets Director Kwon to agree to spend a day with her in the spring and in the fall and then drags him into the water where they splash around happily. Over lunch, Seon-ae announces her plan to attend a cooking academy so that Director Kwon can eat something besides instant noodles. Director Kwon returns to an empty table and learns that Seon-ae left after paying the bill. Before Kang can leave the hospital, Hye-mi calls and they meet in a quiet hallway. Hye-mi angrily reminds Kang that Geosung became successful because of the sacrifices that she and Grandma made. Hye-mi blames the many all-nighters that she put in for her two miscarriages and her inability to be a proper mother to Joon. On the hospice grounds, Dae-shik sits on a bench in a daze while Young-shil cries her eyes out in a bathroom. After composing herself, Young-shil returns to Dae-shik but he jumps up to avoid her. When pain forces him to sit down, Young-shil orders Dae-hik to look at her and when he does, he blocks his face with a bowl.

The story of a man who became a neurosurgeon though he dreamt of becoming a cook, and a woman who became a cook because of him. Chocolate marks screenwriter Lee Kyung-hee and director Lee Hyung-min 's first collaboration in 15 years, after having worked together on the critically acclaimed television series I'm Sorry, I Love You In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Chocolate TV series. JTBC Netflix. Korean English. Naver in Korean. SpoTV News. Retrieved August 4, News Chosun in Korean. Retrieved August 2, Xports News in Korean. Hankyung in Korean. Sports Khan in Korean. JoongAng Ilbo in Korean. MK in Korean. December 15—21, Retrieved January 16, Retrieved November 29, Screenplays by Lee Kyung-hee. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Promotional poster. JYP Pictures [1]. Seventeen [a]. Total length:. Car, the Garden Youra. Car, the Garden Car, the Garden. Jung Ye-kyung ID:Earth. Kim Ji-soo JK. Chocolate " Inst. Jung Ye-kyung Ha Ji-woong.

Perhaps because of her early brush with death, our chef is a passionate advocate for the hospice patients, but not everyone appreciates her devotion. But after a sweet request from a patient, our protagonist is reminded that living life to the fullest is very different than just managing to survive. Impressed by the location, Seo-hoon understands why her mother wants to close the hospice to make way for a silver town a retirement community for the wealthy. After Cha-young leaves the pair, Kang gets a call from Min-yong. After Cha-young returns to her cooking, Joon asks how she and Kang met. Cha-young ignores him so Joon muses how unusual it is for a doctor and a chef to become acquainted. Lee Kang. Come home as fast as you can. When Cha-young suggests that they want money from the dying boy, Mom grabs her by the collar. When Mom walks out, her angry son shakes Cha-young. As her head is thrown back and forth, Cha-young remembers more of the day that the department store collapsed. Her mother had promised to buy Cha-young a birthday present if she met her at the department store after school. After she called her mother from the phone booth just outside the store, Cha-young went back inside, along with older girls in school uniforms and young children with their mothers. Kang finds Cha-young outside holding her head and remembers his relief when he found her on the mountain. But after Kang leaves, Cha-young has to blink back her tears. During dinner with Tae-hyun, Cha-young keeps adding salt to her soup. The next day, after Cha-young gets the results of an MRI at Geosung Hospital, Tae-hyun watches his sister nervously from down the hall. There, she finds Ye-sol making a wedding invitation intended for her grandfather and she explains that her parents never married because he was against the union. Ye-sol lights up when Seon-ae offers to accompany her to deliver the invitation. In the hospice kitchen, Joon notices that Cha-young is distracted and he soon learns why when Tae-hyun walks in and suggests getting a second opinion. Cha-young tries to quiet him with a reminder that she needs to finish the meal prep. Suddenly remembering that Joon is a doctor, Tae-hyun begs him to help his sister. When Seon-ae exits the bathroom, a young woman asks her for directions. Seon-ae has no idea where she is and while a worried Ye-sol waits, Seon-ae wanders around in confusion. When Joon sees Kang eyeing them curiously, he asks Cha-young if he knows about her condition. When Cha-young walks away, the brother orders her to stop. She explains that until she figures out how to deal with her latest challenge, her work serves as a welcome distraction. The patient apologizes for troubling her but Cha-young gets him to tell her what he wants — a recreation of the meal that he and his wife enjoyed on their first date in her home country of Vietnam.

On a plane to Greece, Kang thinks back to hanging out with Min-sung back when he was dating Cha-young. Min-sung wanted Kang to try her food and fall in love with it just as he did. Kang explores Greece, and we see him and Cha-young walking the same paths but at different times. Min-sung suspected that she liked someone else, making Kang furious. He reaches her table, his gaze cold, and tries her dish, while she falls into a memory. Exhausted, Kang kept dozing off until he passed out on her shoulder. He reveals that the base of her dish was actually the Korean-style beef bone soup and that her poor execution of that deserves the subtraction of 50 points. The crowd, as well as the other judges, erupt into critical whispers. Cha-young just sighs and wonders where she should run away to now. He comes as a customer and asks for dumpling stew, which she must decline since the restaurant only serves Italian cuisine. To butter up the manager, Kang orders two bottles of their most expensive wine. And with that, Cha-young has no choice. Cha-young tells Kang to wait until after closing. Frustrated, Cha-young snaps that she has no responsibility over a relationship that ended four years ago. Kang tells her to forget the stew and starts to walk away, only to turn back. Tae-hyun slurs that Kang should call his mom and ask for help, unknowingly hitting a nerve. Kang punches him, sending him to the ground, and Cha-young yelps. Kang walks off, flinging Tae-hyun to the ground again when he tries to cling on. Cha-young rushes out to catch him but stops when she hears him on the phone with Min-sung. She looks on sadly as he tells his friend to pick a different last meal. The next day, a tired Cha-young goes out to an abandoned building from the first episode and looks out at the water. Behind her, Kang sees her but says nothing and goes on his way. Apparently, the doctor who was supposed to operate on Min-sung was the son of an important sponsor. Grandma orders Kang to beg for forgiveness. Kang visits Min-sung in the hospice, delivering dumpling stews from the best restaurants he could find. It turns out that Cha-young has returned to Korea, too. She quickly picks up a nearby basin and holds it over her head to hide. Instead of setting the cook straight, Cha-young stays and peels onions, crying, all evening long. Before Cha-young can answer, the cook invites her over for dinner. The cook takes her to her restaurant she volunteers at the hospice once a week and presents a full spread of food. Alarmed, Ajumma asks how many times she came out. A few moments later, Cha-young watches with concern as Ajumma gets another customer and freezes, having completely forgotten her own recipes. At the hospital, Kang tries to enter the OR but is stopped by security. Around the corner, Joon stands by and overhears his dad tell Kang that all of his surgeries will be carried out by other doctors. Then, when Kang pulls into the family home, he sees the kind housekeeper waiting outside with his suitcases. On top of being kicked out of work, Grandma also wants him kicked out of the house for a while. Resigned, Kang asks that the housekeeper bring him a box from his room.

Ha Ji-won can’t keep her eyes off Yoon Kye-sang - Chocolate Ep 1 [ENG SUB]

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