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Thirty- nine-year-old Dixon passed away on April 13, after a routine C section at the medical center went wrong, according to the suit. Now, among other things, Johnson is asking for general damages, special damages, funeral and burial expenses and court costs. But shortly after the procedure, the medical team at Cedars Sinai realized she was bleeding internally, he said. After that discovery, Dixon was allowed to suffer for 10 hours before any meaningful action was taken. The delivery started at p. The procedure was completed at or about p. At p. But by almost p. Medical records indicate that a nurse called the resident physician to evaluate the situation, according to the suit. The catheter was removed and replaced but eight minutes later, blood was noticed draining from the new catheter. One of the defendants named in the suit, Dr. Dixon finally succumbed to massive blood loss by a. Johnson IV, who is raising two toddler boys, Charles Johnson V and Langston — the baby Dixon gave birth to right before her death — has included them ad litem as plaintiffs in the lawsuit. He is also suing for negligent infliction of emotional stress, according to the lawsuit. How do you explain to children, that they will never see their mother? Email Address. First Name. Your privacy is important to us. You may unsubscribe anytime via the link found at the bottom of each email we send. Latest ePaper Subscribe Now! LA Sentinel in your pocket:. Don't be limited anymore! Relax in comfort each week as you read the printed newspaper on your own time, delivered weekly to your home or office. Includes FREE shipping! Click to Win! Classifieds Archives. Friday, April 10, Taste of Soul Scholarships! Contact Us About. Galleries Cartoons. Taste of Soul Buy Cookbook. Celebration of Life. Daily Briefs. District Attorney News.

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About Submit. Home lawsuits Family Sues L. Charles S. Johnson IV says his wife, Kira, was in great health when she arrived at the Los Angeles hospital for an elective c-section to deliver their second son on April 12, Less than twelve hours after she gave birth, she died due to massive blood loss. In a lawsuit, Johnson alleges Kira's death could have been prevented by Cedars-Sinai staff. Court documents obtained by People magazine state blood was seen in Kira's urine around 5 P. The year-old was pronounced dead at A. Johnson IV filed a complaint seeking damages for wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress. The U. This is the only developed country where the maternal mortality rate has risen over the past two decades. For Black women, these stats are far more dire. Black women are nearly four times more likely than white women to die as a result of pregnancy or childbirth related complications. The situation has even drawn concern from the U. According to Our Bodies Ourselves"the disparity between black and white women is consistent at all income levels. Newer Post Older Post Home.


ET on Monday, April Her bladder had been nicked and the internal bleeding had been discovered too late, he said. And it's very, very painful. I'm hopeful about the impact this will have. At the show's conclusion, a brief clip of Kira Dixon Johnson is shown, her hair whipping around her face as she flashes a double-wide smile traveling by boat and train and hugging her first son, Charles Johnson V. Her husband is then shown speaking in Washington D. Every year, 50, U. Almost die, making this country the most dangerous place to give birth in the developed world. Then writers met with Johnson. The episode is a nail-biter. You have an inkling how it's going to end, but you hope against hope it won't. The show doesn't shy away from confronting an obvious bias as the black woman's care in the show is delayed until it is too late to save her. More: Hospitals know how to protect mothers. Everywhere we go we say, 'Oh, mommy loves this song. Mommy loved this place. Even though she's not here. I want them to have a beautiful image of who she was and the way she lived her life. After her death, Johnson formed 4Kira4Momsa non-profit that honors her life and is dedicated to preventing other mothers and families from birth-related deaths. We are always committed to making any changes needed so we can provide our patients with the highest level of care. That's what I'm most proud of. The navigation could not be loaded.

TV Judge Glenda Hatchett and son fight for lives of new mothers

The mother of two, however, would never make it out of the hospital alive. It took 10 hours for hospital staff to take any meaningful action and by then it was too late. On April 15th, the series will tackle the maternal mortality crisis, followed by a town hall addressing maternal health. MadameNoire MN : What happened to your wife was terrible. Would you like to take a guess on what the cut time was on my son? The way this has been described by medical experts [when] they reviewed the records, is that what happened to Kira was not a medical tragedy, it was a medical catastrophe. Things happen. It was the continued neglect. It was everything, it was the failure to utilize hemorrhage protocols that they have in the state of California. For me, honest to God, they really are the blessing. They really have all the best parts of their mom. I really do believe that the highest honor that I pay Kira is to do everything I can to make sure we send other mothers home with their babies. It really is an honor to work with them and to make this all come to fruition. MN: What steps did you take following this catastrophe as far as filing a complaint against the hospital? We did a couple of things. If the situation or circumstances present themselves, file legal action, which we did. There is a lawsuit against Cedars-Sinai hospital and the doctors that are involved in this. Also, file a complaint, make sure that you file a complaint with the local medical board against the doctors. I have this acronym that I use, which is just ACT. Those are the big things that I feel are missing in medicine today.

How Judge Hatchett's Son Is Coping After His Wife's Childbirth Death: 'I Take It Day by Day'

Georgia reports coronavirus deaths, more than 11K confirmed cases. They would travel the world and watch their children and grandchildren grow. Twelve hours after delivering her son Kira Johnson, 39, died from complications of what should have been a routine, scheduled C-section. He said his wife and unborn son were both healthy. The couple had done their research. Cedars-Sinai was one of the best hospitals in the nation. The doctors had great reputations. Johnson and his two sons are plaintiffs in a lawsuit against the hospital and several doctors alleging wrongful death and negligent infliction of emotional distress. Hatchett was extremely close to Kira. She used to tease her daughter-in-law about how she could stay so tiny with such a voracious appetite. About women die each year in the United States as a result of pregnancy or delivery complications, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The rate has risen from 7. The pregnancy-related mortality ratio in — the most recent year for which data are available — was Complications can arise if the staff is not adequately trained, said Sequoia Ayala, policy and advocacy program manager with Atlanta-based SisterLove. If a woman experiences a headache, for instance, it may be dismissed as lack of sleep or hormonal changes, but it could indicate a more serious problem. Also, when women go into the hospital to deliver a baby most attention is focused on the baby and not so much the mother, she said. We do know that there is an inordinate number of black woman dying during or after delivery. Why is that? Johnson IV, and his mother, Judge Glenda Hatchett, are demonstrating important leadership in raising awareness of preventable maternal deaths. Cedars-Sinai strongly agrees with Judge Hatchett and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists that no mother should die giving birth. Among other changes, we have updated processes for post-anesthesia care and have increased simulation training for physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals related to care of hospitalized obstetric patients. He gave her his number, never expecting her to call. She did, a few days later. Kira Dixon was impressive. She spoke five languages including Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese. She was well traveled and adventurous. She had just one gear — fifth.

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