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Principles of Turfgrass Management

Facebook Twitter Instagram. Request Your Free Quote Phone: The Alpha in Artifical Grass. Providing superior product, installation and customer service. Made in the USA. Our artificial grass is manufactured in America using the highest quality standards. Realistic Quality. Unique multi-colored blades intertwine to match the look and feel of real grass. Family Safe. Our grass is perfect for all ages. It is non-toxic, uses no pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. Pet Friendly. Pets love our artificial grass. Muddy paws, dirty pets and dead grass are a thing of the past. Eco Responsible. Our grass is manufactured using recycled materials that prevents more trash in landfills. Resource Saving. Superior Quality. Our artificial grass is more than just the turf grass itself. Our artificial grass matches the look and feel of real grass. Our artificial turf is is cleaner, greener and safer than real grass. Now you can enjoy the benefits of real grass without the hassle of seeding, sodding, watering, aerating, or mowing your artificial grass lawn! Industry Leading. We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality products and customer service in the industry. Created With Pride. Our artificial grass is manufactured right here in the United States using an eco-friendly production processes with non-toxic materials. All of our products are manufactured under ISO certifications for leadership in quality, environmental sustainable development and safety management systems. Companies that use our product. What Are You Waiting For? You can have the best lawn on the block all year long. Let us help you transform your landscape into something awesome!


It seems like the perfect solution. Replace thirsty lawns with something that plays the part yet is perfectly un dead and therefore requires no water, no maintenance, and no sweat. Let me explain. We get so much more from living plants than just a splash of color. And, as thirsty as our living lawns are, they provide so much more than a place to tumble around on. For those of us who want the look and feel of grass and the water requirements of concrete, artificial turf might seem like the answer. It looks perfect … at first. The blades sit on layers developed through primary and secondary padding material, which receives an acrylic coating before being coated by other chemicals, such as polyurethane or latex. The spaces between each blade are filled with some kind of infill material, most often sand and crumb rubber, usually made from recycled tires. More on this later…. Just like any other rug, it will collect bits and pieces of pet and bird droppings and liquids from humans saliva, blood, or sweat. Unlike natural plant materials, which lose parts and regrow them, the blades and the bedding of artificial turf remain the same. In fact, for most professional and recreational spots use, the Synthetic Turf Council suggests the installation of a manual or automatic irrigation system with artificial turf to improve field sanitation and to make it more comfortable for players in warmer climates. Why would artificial grass need an irrigation system when installed in a warm climate? Well, it can get really hot. Now, manufacturers of the product are aware of the issue and are working to improve how hot the materials get. The Synthetic Turf Council has even published guidelines for minimizing the risk of heat-related illness. But even a sand base can be hard because it becomes compacted without roots and added moisture. Manufacturers of artificial turf and associated components have been working on improving the design to improve the experience for sports, such as increasing shock absorbency and reducing likelihood to cause skin abrasions. Eventually, you will need to replace the artificial turf. Its life expectancy is still unknown. Like any other product, as technology and design improves, the life expectancy will improve, as long as the product is properly maintained. Proper maintenance of artificial turf can help maximize the appearance and longevity of that product. Routine maintenance includes keeping the product clean, ensuring that the infill material is kept at proper levels, and brushing the surface to keep grass fibers upright and infill even. The design, installation, and quality of the product that you purchase are just as important. This has to be asked …. Are you ready to invest a large sum of money to install a product that has not been tested under desert conditions? Consider how willing you are to risk this investment by thinking about the following questions: How long will these products last? What will happen to the chemicals in this product if the components begin to break down in my landscape? How much hotter will my landscape get? Will it make my house hotter in the summer and increase my energy bills? How will the summer temperatures affect any plant materials that are nearby? If you decide that this product is for you, just make sure you research both the company and the product to ensure it is high quality. The Synthetic Turf council has minimum specifications for turf grass that may be helpful. Many of us are drawn to artificial turf because we care about the environment. We want to save water.


Skip to main content. Principles of Turfgrass Management, a certificate program from the University of Georgia and in partnership with the National Association of Landscape Professionals NALPexpands your knowledge and professional growth. Whether you are new to the lawn care industry or you have years of experience, this program is for you. Online Course — Register Now Students who register for the online course receive access to the web-based course and materials, which include interactive practice quizzes and exercises. Students have the option of purchasing the printed text for an additional fee. Distance Course — Register Now Students who register for the distance learning course receive our renowned textbook, written and updated by master Turfgrass expert Dr. Keith Karnok. For more immediate access to course materials, consider registering for the online course and purchasing the printed text for an additional fee. Additional Fees: This course includes one attempt at each of two proctored exams. Students are responsible for locating a suitable facility and scheduling the exams. Business days are Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. We require that we receive your returned materials before issuing a refund. Please keep in mind that once you have accessed the online course, you are no longer eligible for a refund. To cancel your enrollment, please send an email to: student georgiacenter. Format: Online or Print-Based. When: Start Anytime! Register below. Course Information. Who Should Attend? The course is designed for all industry professionals, including those affiliated with Lawn care companies Golf courses Public parks and recreation areas School grounds Sod production Landscape management firms Cemeteries Athletic fields Pest control companies Other public and private turf facilities. Course Information Course Date Info:. Course Fee s :. Supporting associations:. Join The Mailing List. Ask a Question.

Golf Turfgrass Management Certificate Program

Fran Koppell koppell njaes. Marissa Kosko marissa. Learn the art and science of golf course management at a world-class learning center that has successfully trained thousands of successful greenskeepers. Our focus is on practical knowledge and skills that will help YOU achieve your career goals. Our 3-Week Turfgrass Management Course focuses on the essentials of turfgrass science and golf course management. Both beginners and experienced turf managers can advance their careers with minimal time away from work and home. Our 2-Year Certificate Program is an efficient and affordable way to gain in-depth turfgrass management knowledge and skills. This internationally recognized program consists of two week sessions on campus and a paid internship of your choice in between. Our alumni lead the industry and work at top golf courses all around the world. By choosing Rutgers for your turf management education, you can join this worldwide network of alumni! The RUTurf community can be a great resource if you are searching for a new job on a golf course, looking to hire someone, or have technical questions. Why Rutgers? Golf Industry Career Information. New to the Turf Industry? Experienced but Need More Education? Ready to Advance Your Turf Career? Rutgers is the Place for You! All rights reserved.

Artificial Grass for Schools, Parks, Homes & Businesses

Tell Me More Biobased construction for longer life. Recyclable Made in the USA using renewable and recyclable components that reduce your carbon imprint due to its long-life expectancy. Call your local certified SYNLawn installation experts for more information. Register your warranty. Contact your local SYNLawn representative to learn more. Find SYNLawn near you. We also provide continuting education and credits for completing our credits. Discover more resources. Discover more resources SYNLawn are the industry leaders in artificial landscape grass for residential and commercial applications. SYNLawn are so confident that our artificial landscape turf is the best grass available we back up our word with a limited lifetime warranty. While SYNLawn may appear to simply be a company manufacturing and installing synthetic turf our products do much more than appear like natural green grass. At SYNLawn we offer a lifestyle to our customers they may not have experienced before. With our faux grass requiring virtually zero maintenance or watering our clients not only save money and conserve precious water resources, they also have more free time to enjoy life instead of the hassles of maintaining a lush, green yard. SYNLawn specializes in the installation and application of artificial landscapes for residential homes, commercial common areas and so much more. At SYNLawn we continue to improve our turf products and application processes to ensure that our grass products look and feel as natural as possible with a long-life span. Our expertise is unmatched in the synthetic grass industry as we have over 50 years of research and development invested in our products. SYNLawn not only makes the best synthetic landscape grass for residential lawns we also specialize in several artificial turf applications. Our artificial grass system for play areas and playgrounds are built with safety built in. SYNLawn also excels in the application and installation of artificial grass for pets of all sizes. Hypoallergenic and safe for both children and animals. SYNLawn also takes grass into places never thought possible in areas such as rooftops, decks, patios and once thought unusable spaces. With the versatility of our artificial turf SYNLawn transforms once unused places into lush, beautiful and functional living spaces. SYNLawn also lead the way in the world of amateur and professional golf with top quality synthetic putting green surfaces, rough, collar and fringe that perform just like real golf grass. With research and development by world-renowned golf instructor Dave Pelz applying his knowledge of physics to the creation of the golf products we create the most realistic artificial golf grasses available. SYNLawn are proud of our products and installations and look forward to helping you create the landscape of your dreams no matter how big or small. Give us a call today and see how SYNLawn artificial grass can transform your lifestyle! Affiliates and Memberships. Tell Me More. Biobased construction for longer life. SYNLawn are the industry leaders in artificial landscape grass for residential and commercial applications. Frequently Asked Questions.

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