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The local government said the band violated a city statute which forbids songs that glamorize drug trafficking. Any bars or clubs that played narcocorridos would lose its liquor license. In the past the city of Tijuana has tried to pass a similar ordinance. Los Tigres del Norte are no strangers to controversy. Many other narcocorridos raise similar questions about the line between describing the reality of drug trafficking, and glamorizing or professing support for it. Often described as the first narcocorrido, the song was popularized when Los Tigres del Norte recorded a version in The lyrics tell the story of a woman, Carmelia, who smuggles drugs into the US and then kills her lover. Gonzalez has said that Carmelia is fictional, which has not prevented some women from claiming to be the original inspiration. As the genre developed, many narcocorridos began paying homage to real life traffickers. See video, below. Long live the mob! Elizade was killed in when gunmen ambushed him after a concert in Reynosa. Ortiz later survived an assassination attempt in Investigation and Analysis of Organized Crime. The most extensive database on organized crime in the Americas. InSight Crime. Thu, Apr 9,

Narcocorridos: Ballads Of The Mexican Cartels

John Burnett. Musicians serenade curbside music lovers with corridos and other traditional songs on La Calle del Taco in Reynosa. Peter Breslow hide caption. CDs featuring narcocorridos are popular sellers at this record store in Reynosa, Mexico. The news of Mexico's bloody cartel war is reflected in a controversial folk-music genre called narcocorridosor drug ballads. They're like journalism put to song — telling stories of drug lords, arrests, shootouts, daring operations and betrayals. It's a slow night on Calle del Taco in the border town of Reynosa, Mexico. Lovers sit in their vehicles eating tacos and sipping bottles of cold beer while the trios warm up: musicians with scarred instruments, wearing cowboy shirts buttoned tight across paunches and open at the top, machismo-style. They're singing an older narcocorrido about the arrest of a Mexican druglord who is also under indictment in the U. The composer of "The Ballad of Caro Quintero" is one of Mexico's most prolific corridistas : Reynaldo "El Gallero" Martinez — a year-old fighting-cock breeder with a pencil mustache and a gambler's grin. He's with us tonight, listening approvingly to this rendition of one of his most famous corridos. Todo esta bien contralado senores hagan conciensia, ahora que ya tomo el mando el senor tony tormenta. Todo los grandes se juntan para escoger al mejor pero si se necesita tambien sabe usar las armas. All the big shots get together to choose the best man, But if it's necessary they also know how to use their weapons. He may be overstating it, but it's undeniable that the popularity of narcocorridos has tracked the spiraling cartel violence in Mexico. More than 13, people have been killed in drug-related violence since President Felipe Calderon took office in Standing nearby, guitarist Agustin Llamas says that if they don't sing narcocorridos out here on the Calle del Taco, they won't make any money. They want a narcocorrido. That's how it is here on the border. Corridos have chronicled life and death in Mexico since the time of the Mexican Revolution. Narcocorridos first came into vogue in the s, then exploded in the s. The more the cartels make news, it seems, the more songs there are about them. To make his point, Reynaldo Martinez took us to a music store on a busy downtown street in Reynosa. The manager pointed out her best-selling CDs. On the covers are musicians in cowboy attire gripping AKs — mimicking the traffickers they sing about. Afterwards, Martinez tries to explain Mexicans' enduring fascination with stories about smugglers. He compares the popularity of the narcocorridos with that of bullfights. And that's how we see the narco-traffickers. But now that drug mafias like the Sinaloans, La Familia and the Zetas have grown more powerful than the police or even the army, they're not the underdogs anymore. The romanticizing of traffickers and the glorification of the drug trade has irritated the Mexican government to the point that narcocorridos are banned from the Mexican airwaves. They're considered a bad influence on young people. It's one of the stations along the U.

The Top 5 Most Infamous Narco-Songs

The five band members of Cartel grew up in Rockdale County, Georgiaand Cartel was formed in late while they were attending Georgia State University. Cartel has noted it was an "amicable" breakup. An old friend of the band, Jeff Lett, joined as a replacement for Roberts. The band continued, re-releasing their debut album Chroma under Epic Records. It was also featured in the film John Tucker Must Die. The second, self-titled albumwas recorded and produced all in an MTV experiment called Band in a Bubble that was sponsored by Dr. The selected twenty-three cameras coincided with Dr. Pepper's promotion of twenty-three flavors in its soft drink. Cartel announced that they would be working on a new album during the summer of The group also announced their transition to Wind-up Records from their previous label Epic Records. The album's first single "Let's Go", was released digitally on July 28, The single off the new EP, "Lessons in Love", was released on July 26, ; however the single was leaked online on July The rest of the five song EP was released via iTunes, [32] on October 4, to good reviews. The band and Lett split on good terms and have left no grievances against each other. It featured the five original songs as well as acoustic versions and one unreleased track, "No Motivation". The band co-headlined a space tour in the spring. On January 20,the band announced that their new album would be titled Collider. The album was released on March 26, On July 24,the band tweeted that they are planning a year anniversary tour for their debut album Chroma. The band was announced as one of the acts to perform in the South by So What?! On February 2,the Chroma 10 Year Tour was officially announced on the band's official networks. Screenbeing available during the following 24 hours. On December 21,the band released an acoustic album titled Bare Essentialswhich included some of their more popular tracks, including "Honestly" and "Faster Ride". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Cartel performing in with their original lineup shown are Kevin Sanders on drums and Will Pugh on vocals. Main article: Cartel discography. Accessed Retrieved September 2, Archived from the original on Mammoth Press. Encyclopedia of Popular Music. Retrieved 26 October

Cartel (band)

Return to mobile? Yes No. Wasted Lyrics. Honestly Lyrics. I'll Get Through This Lyrics. Something To Believe Lyrics. By Albums By Lyrics Featured. Version Lyrics Misheard Lyrics Video. Know the lyrics to any of these songs? Yo Quiero Lyrics by Jacob Forever. Add New Lyrics. Save Us Lyrics. Runaway Lyrics. Faster Ride Lyrics. Uninspired Lyrics. Let's Go Lyrics. Say Anything Else Lyrics. The City Never Sleeps Lyrics. Only You Lyrics. Burn This City Lyrics. The Fortunate Lyrics. Perfect Mistake Lyrics. The Fotunate Lyrics. It Still Remains Lyrics. Lose It Lyrics. Matter of Time Lyrics. A Lyrics. Settle Down Lyrics. If I Fail Lyrics. Luckie St. All The Way Lyrics. The Minstrel's Prayer Lyrics. Q Lyrics. The Best Lyrics. Deep South Lyrics. Georgia Lyrics.


The label then released Chroma, Cartel's full-length debut, in September The album cracked into the Billboard Topas bloggers championed the band and the video for "Honestly" found moderate airtime on MTV. The majors noticed all of this activity, and in earlyCartel inked a deal with Epic. Touring continued through the rest of the year, as the band opened for acts like New Found Glory and the Starting Line. That same year, however, Roberts decided to leave the lineup. He was replaced by Jeff Lett, who joined just in time for the band's Warped Tour dates. Cartel's biggest marketing break came in May ofwhen the musicians were invited to do a four-part MTV mini-series called Band in a Bubble. The show followed Cartel as they lived in a giant bubble-shaped structure on Pier 54 in Manhattan, and filming commenced for 22 days as the guys wrote and recorded their self-titled sophomore album, Cartel. Although the album was planned for release in July to coincide with the band's exit from the bubbleit was postponed while they filmed a video to promote the single "Lose It," and the record didn't officially hit shelves until August 21, Cartel debuted at number 20 on the Billboard charts, selling nearly 30, copies during its first week. Critics remained wary of the album, however, and it fell from the charts soon after. During the year that followed, Cartel left the roster of Epic Records, partnered instead with the venerable post-grunge label Wind-Up Records, and launched work on a third album. Cycles was finished in and readied for release later that year. InCartel delivered their fourth studio album, the independently released Collider. Apple Music Preview. Sign Out. Sign In. Try It Now. Cartel View on Apple Music. Top Songs See All. Chroma Say Anything Else. The Fortunate. Cartel Burn This City. The Minstrel's Prayer. Albums See All. Bare Essentials. Cartel Bonus Track Version. Music Videos See All. Lose It. Honestly New Video Version. Uninspired - Single.

[English lyrics] Ariel Nuño - "El Mas Buscado (Chapo Guzman)" (10 best narcocorridos 5/10)

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