Captain sim 737

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Captain Sim Boeing 737 P3D V4 Compatibility

Board Index Help Search 1 alert 'You can login at the bottom of this page. B Driver General Discussion. C X-perience - General General Discussion. XLoad General Discussion. Space Shuttle General Discussion. Legendary General Discussion. Legendary C General Discussion. L, MiG, F, Yak The forum contains a total of posts within topics. There are a total of registered members. Keep me logged in Register Forgot Password? Caps lock is activated. This character in the Password is invalid:. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please 1 alert 'You can login at the bottom of this page. Yesterday at am In: Re: Problem with B By: bpap. Apr 8 that pm In: Re: adding info to the ca By: Ryz. Apr 4 that pm In: Re: Sound Problems. By: LeoBib By: EY. By: Miguel S. Feb 21 stat pm In: Re: Install problem! By: Captain Sim. Feb 13 that am In: Re: Radar - How to turn o By: Markoz.


Pages: 1 Send Topic Print. Problem with B after reinstallation Read 61 times. Problem with B after reinstallation Apr 7 that pm. Hi I've reinstall after a long time few products from your company. Some works perfectlyfor example BB and Ci've no problem with those ones. But the B doesn't work. I meanno wheelsno effects and can't take off or fly. I've seen the topics already published and followed all the instructions step by step un-installstop antivirusreinstalletc. I've verifiedall the files are well copied in the right folder. The strange thing is that some works and some not??!! Impossible to pilot those planes. Thanks for your help regards. IP Logged. Re: Problem with B after reinstallation Reply 1 - Apr 7 that pm. How offline activation went? Customer Support. Re: Problem with B after reinstallation Reply 2 - Apr 8 that am. But when I re-install the planeI don't have the message to choose "off line activation". The program install automatically the plane. And the problem is the same. There's a file probably hidden somewhere to delete but I don't know where it is. Thanks for your help. Re: Problem with B after reinstallation Reply 3 - Apr 8 that pm. Pls run Re: Problem with B after reinstallation Reply 4 - Yesterday at am. It doesn't workthe program refuses to run. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. Pages: 1.

737 Captain

Highly detailed and accurate digital replica of Boeing Original aircraft. Highly detailed and accurate digital replica of Boeing aircraft. This expansion requires the base pack described above. Highly detailed and accurate digital replica of Boeing ADV aircraft. The most significant exterior features of the -ADV are the extended engine nacelles by 1. This expansion pack requires the base model described above. It without a doubt outperforms my old boxed edition. The title means we are getting the first "real" glimpse of MSFS. I take back not a single thing I've ever said! Does anybody know of any good FSX add-on deals? In particular, I'm looking for a good and realistic panel and flight characteristics Airbus A Advanced Search. If this is your first visit, welcome! Please note that you will need to register to use many of the site's best features, including downloading files and posting messages. Until you register you can read any of the articles on this page and also read messages in the forums. Need help getting started? Please read our Help For New Flightsimmers. This will give you the info you need to get started flying and using this web site. Categories: HNPrepar3D Tags:captain, boeingcaptain sim. Tag Cloud. Recent Forum Activity. FSX:SE scenery installation? All times are GMT The time now is PM. All rights reserved. Image Gallery provided by DragonByte Gallery v1. Com Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Login history. Your browser security is set too high and blocks Captain Sim web site JavaScript navigation menu. If you are using Nescape or Mozilla, please check your JavaScript settings. Company Our Clients Contact Us. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Download, install and use them at your own risk. Copyright policy is subject to change without notice. Got a new livery or mod? Publish it here. The Captain II. All liveries. Therefore they are not listed in this catalog. It allowed the bomber to launch the missile against its target while still outside the range of surface-to-air missiles SAMs. The missile proceeded to the target at speeds up to Mach 3, and would trigger within m of the pre-defined target point. Blue Steel entered service inby which point improved SAMs with longer range had greatly eroded the advantages of the design. The supplied files contain the model plus code to add to the CSWeapons. Please read the 'Readme' file for instructions and information. Works for all the expansion packs as well, simply follow the instructions : -Ollie Download.

The forum banners. Sound Problems. Problem with com, nav, ndb and GPS. FanMod BF. CS Cruzeiro do Sul Livery. V Speeds. Navigation using flight plans. Update to P3D V4. Wanting an Alaska Airline livery for c. Update from 1. All Rights Reserved. Welcome, Guest. Please Login or Register. Topics: Posts: Last Post. The forum banners Started Sep 2 ndat pm by Captain Sim 2. Sep 5 that pm By: Pinatubo. Started Feb 21 stat pm by Guus. Apr 4 that pm By: LeoBib Apr 4 that am By: LeoBib Apr 1 stat am By: Jotaedo. Mar 19 that pm By: Captain Sim. Feb 19 that am By: PeteFly Feb 19 that am By: centurion Feb 6 that pm By: HSuarez. V Speeds Started Jan 8 that pm by Fatback. Jan 23 rdat pm By: Fatback. Jan 23 rdat am By: qb Navigation using flight plans Started Jan 19 that am by TheLogan. Jan 19 that pm By: TheLogan. Jan 16 that pm By: Hayden. Jan 6 that pm By: Captain Sim. Dec 27 that am By: topejoan. Dec 15 that pm By: dleitao. Started Oct 13 that pm by joaoaviao. Oct 13 that pm By: joaoaviao. Sep 29 that pm By: Ikedaman.

First Look - Captain Sim 737-200 in Prepar3Dv4

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