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Camillo Caccia Dominioni

During his engineer's career in prewar Egypt, he developed a deep friendship with the Belgian expatriate Vladimir Peniakofflater to be known as Popski the creator and leader of a World War II Special Forces unit called Popski's Private Army "No 1 Demolition Squadron, PPA" with whom he had explored the Egyptian desert; a few years later the two friends would be facing each other as enemies, in Libya ,in the second World War. Joined the resistance against Benito Mussolini in Italy, was arrested by the Fascist Militia and the Gestapo who however released him, as an officer that had been personally decorated by Erwin Rommel. Caccia Dominioni devoted his postwar career to the retrieving of soldiers' corpses still on the Alamein battlefield and to the design and construction of a cemetery and a memorial building, located on a particular spot on the Alamein battleground named "Hill 33" where — thanks to his twenty years of efforts — thousands of Italian, German and British unknown fallen soldiers, were eventually identified and received a proper burial. The ossario holds the remains of Italian prisoners of war and interred civilians who died in while interned in Australia during World War II. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Il Globo. Retrieved 26 August Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Paolo Caccia Dominioni

Sale Price realised GBP 60, Licitra Ponti, E. Ritter, 'Terrazzi e scale', Mobili e interni di architetti italiani, the table lamp version illustrated p. Nelson, Display, Interiors Library no. Gramigna, RepertorioMilan,the table lamp version illustrated p. Crippa, Luigi Caccia Dominioni, Flussi, spazi e architetturaTurin,the table lamp version illustrated p. Bassi, Italian Lighting Design,Milan,p. These lots have been imported from outside the EU for sale using a Temporary Import regime. When a buyer of such a lot has registered an EU address but wishes to export the lot or complete the import into another EU country, he must advise Christie's immediately after the auction. Our removal and storage of the lot is subject to the terms and conditions of storage which can be found at Christies. Lots are not available for collection at weekends. Luigi Caccia Dominioni 'Sasso' lamps The rare series of Sasso Stone lamps, designed in by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, can be seen as amongst the most reductivist and forward-thinking designs of their time. The Sasso lamps are distilled to their essence, with nothing superfluous but still rich in a mechanical and a spiritual essence. The lamps have a poetic functionality, animating interiors and interacting with their human inhabitants as a character in a play. Luigi Caccia Dominioni emerged in the wake of World War II's devastation with an intense desire to make something new. Innovation in materials and new ideas proliferated in art and technology which lead in turn to conceptual designs and innovation in architecture and furniture. Caccia Dominioni was a brilliant designer whose work was conscientious of precedent but struck new ground by balancing design and function in his designs with a supreme attention to detail. Decades before, in and facing the turmoil of World War I, Marcel Duchamp combined a bicycle wheel with a bar stool to otherworldly effect, proclaiming a new art: the Readymade. In the Sasso lamps, Caccia Dominioni performs a similar alchemy converting found objects to functional design. Lampshades originally made for Singer sewing machines and carefully selected river stones of onyx are connected by a chromium-plated machined rod. The lamp has a dual role as a symbol of automation and progress, but also reflects the pulled-from-the-rubble nature of Milan as it rebuilt itself after the August Allied bombings. This dichotomy is clearly evident in the lamps as the viewer reconciles disparate forces: the lamp alternately conveys permanence and movement, refinement and decay. These elements, lampshades and armatures, are inserted into naturally contoured stones, a chunk of metamorphosed rock that emerges from deep in the earth in a transformed and beautiful state. The metamorphic design of the Sasso lamps which emanates from the ground through found materials and into mechanical function is nearly unique in the scope of modernist design.

Tribute to Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Item Status:. View Similar Items View More. Luigi Caccia Dominioni Light. Pendants by Caccia Dominioni for Azucena. Home Furniture Lighting Table Lamps. Want more images or videos? About Just lay this on the arm of your sofa, chair and presto Details Place of Origin. Excellent See Condition Descriptions. Los Angeles, CA. Buyer Protection Guaranteed. Our Promise To You: If you're not happy with the way an item arrived, we'll work with you and the seller to reach an optimal resolution. Read more. Shipping methods are determined by item size, type, fragility and specific characteristics. Shipping costs are calculated based on carrier rates, delivery distance and packing complexity. This item cannot be returned. See Details. About the Seller. Associations: 20th Century Specialists. More From This Seller. View All from Seller.

the saleroom

Pair of "Mirabeau" stools. Pair of side tables. Pair of low chairs, model no. CM Two-arm angled wall light with one "Lampadaire" and one "Casquette" shade. Table, model no. T21, and pair of benches, model no. Pair of "Advocate and Press" armchairs, model no. Pair of "Cachan" wall lights. Jacques Ruelland and Dani Ruelland. Ceiling light, model no. Pair of table lamps, model no. Rare ceiling light, model no. Set of five "Micro" wall lights, model no. Low table, model no. Pair of ceiling lights, model no. Set of fourteen door handles. Pair of "Tacchino" figures, model no. Gio Ponti and Paolo de Poli. Pair of "Gatto" statuettes, model no. Rare nine-arm ceiling light. Set of four wall lights, model no. Early "Fiorenza" armchair. Wall-mounted magazine rack. Pair of adjustable games tables. Floor lamp, model no. Adjustable floor lamp.

IL FUTURO HA UN CUORE ANTICO. Luigi Caccia Dominioni: Fulvio Irace ricorda l'architetto dei milanesi

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