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Meet Dick and Liz Uihlein. They spell it like this, but they spell their company name like this. The Wisconsin-based company has grown to be much more than boxes. The family comes across as unassuming in these corporate videos. Candidates backed by Uihlein generally support the Trump agenda, sometimes veering even further to the right. She ran this ad against incumbent Bruce Rauner in the primary. Moore, because he was the district attorney. President, if you are watching right now, let me tell you: Your tweet was huge. Then Mr. The Republican Party has endorsed a different candidate in that race. But polls suggest that Nicholson is now a strong contender. The Uihleins spend the most in their home states of Illinois and Wisconsin, but they fund candidates across the country. These megadonations are helping to shape the elections, while pushing the Republican Party further to the right. By Stephanie Saul and Danny Hakim. Few political donors are as influential, yet little known, as Liz and Dick Uihlein. The Midwestern couple has joined the upper pantheon of Republican donors alongside names like Koch, Mercer and Adelson. Uihlein pronounced YOU-linea scion of one of the founders of Schlitz beer, underwrites firebrand anti-establishment candidates who typically defend broad access to assault weapons and assail transgender rights. He has also bankrolled partisan newspapers and backed Roy Moore in Alabama even after he was accused of sexual misconduct with underage girls. Uihlein is the hands-on president of Uline, the packing supply giant the couple founded together nearly four decades ago. They have spent millions remaking the small community and buying up much of its downtown. Inshortly before Mrs. Married for 51 years, both in their 70s, the Uihleins rarely grant interviews. They have their own brand of political engineering, with candidates and tactics sometimes audaciously distorting the truth. They backed an Illinois candidate for governor who ran a television commercial playing on a deep-voiced transgender caricature, and a congressman from Georgia, Jody Hice, who divines significance in blood moons that fall on Jewish holidays. They supported Representative Louie Gohmert of Texas, who has suggested that reducing Alaskan oil flows could diminish caribou mating. They have reinforced their message by supporting a network of broadsheets and websites that resemble news outlets but that make one-sided attacks against their opponents. Uihlein said in a email to an official at the Manitowish Waters Chamber of Commerce. Those who join them are well rewarded. Dan K. Eberhart added, referring to Stephen K. Bannon, the estranged Trump adviser who championed attacks on the Republican establishment. Called the Lodge, the headquarters looks like a rustic retreat made over as a corporate office. Men wear ties and tattoos are frowned upon. McDaniel said. He called Mr. The Uihleins were among the top donors recruited by Reince Priebus, then the Republican National Committee chairman, to close ranks behind Mr. Uihlein took on a prominent fund-raising role; Mr. Uihlein was at the White House the day the former F.

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It seems that David Keevins must have grown up with a racquet in his hand. At 18, he received a full scholarship to play tennis at the University of Kentucky. By the end of his senior year, he was ranked 37 nationally in singles. Someone suggested platform tennis so my dad and I went to our club Tennaqua and played. We both liked it. I was hooked. David knew Brian Uihlein from junior tennis. About ten years ago, Brian and John Hough began inviting David to play in their platform tennis practice games. They have been practicing ever since. Power has less of a premium, just look at the lobbing nature of the game. Not so in paddle. I have lost my share of sets after being up or There is nothing better than being outside in the winter time. Second is the people. Some of my closest friends I have met through platform. Third is the social nature of the game. Although everyone tries hard and competes well, no one seems to lose sight of having fun and sharing a drink after the game. Not a natural volleyer, David had to work hard on that aspect of his game. The first was my volley and the second was my lob. They were pressed along the way and wound up losing in the semi finals to their good friends Peter Berka and Ed Granger. We never got a good look at a drive because they were always hitting overheads two feet from the net. Brian suggested we take few lunch hours and do some lobbing drills. I was focusing on height trying to hit my lob sky high as opposed to depth five feet behind the service line. It just so happens that as they were drilling, the pro at Onwentsia Club, Rod Workman, was walking by the courts. Cup of water. Pretend you have a cup of water on the face of the paddle. Get the paddle below the ball, having the paddle face parallel to the ground. Cup of water, baby! More importantly, he became just as excited about a good, deep lob as he did a big forehand drive. Asked about the transition from tennis, David feels that tennis players should try as quickly as possible to leave their tennis instincts behind not their tennis skills, but their approach to the game. I see too many new and even veterans try and block hard overheads and drives from the baseline, as opposed to letting the ball hit the screen and have an easy lob back. Never in my wildest paddle dreams did I think I would ever be part of a team that could have that sort of a Cinderella season. I understand the logistics of this are challenging but having to play five matches on Saturday for many teams is extremely hard on the body. David concluded that he reads PTM religiously — particularly enjoying the features and instructional articles. In college, Brian was an All-american tennis player, ending up ranked 3 in the country senior year! Brian was intrigued by the strategy of paddle tennis. In tennis the rallies are so short. It is a very social game that really helps pass the winters by and make some great friends. I hope they continue to make decisions in the future based on the growth of the game. I would love to see the ball take spin even more.

Uline CEO tarnishes family name with ugly Chicago political race

This post was contributed by a community member. The views expressed here are the author's own. What I didn't know is how deeply involved Mr. Uihlein is with some pretty nasty Chicago politicians. I have some cousins in Illinois and believe you me there is a dirty race taking place there that Mr. Uihlein is involved with. The election is between a Republican candidate named Ron Sandack who changed his position on gay marriage and his opponent, Keith Matune. Matune has s ome real problems. He has been arrested about four times on things like felony larceny, resisting arrest, crawling into a ladies dorm and trespass. He was convicted on a charge of public nudity and there was a warrant for his arrest when he fled Virginia for Illinois. The real problem is that Mr. Matune has lied over and over again about his criminal record. He is a teacher also and lied on his application to be a teacher and that is also a crime. Uihlein has put more than a million dollars into a group so that people who support Matune can attack his Republican opponent. My cousin showed me some of the mail she has received and I don't think I have seen anything so ugly or foul in my life. One of the groups Mr. Proft also has a history that few would want to be associated with. According to the Chicago Tribune, Proft helped Larry Dominick of Cicero win election and re-election as town president. Dominick reminds me Rob Ford but worse. He has been in the news for hiring 20 of his relatives on the town payroll and paying out millions in tax dollars to settle several sexual harassment claims against him for pawing and groping female employees in Cicero.

Player Profiles: David Keevins and Brian Uihlein

Uline Shipping Supplies. Companies in which he has a work history include Uline Shipping Supplies and Director-merchandising. Boca Raton, FL. Bhu Consulting Inc. New Hyde Park, NY. Jim Thorpe, PA. Brian Uihlein. We Found Brian Uihlein. Holly Michelle Brown - holly. Brian Murphy - Brian-Murphy. Brian Marshall Uihlein - brian. Brian Uihlein - brian. Brian Uihlein - BrianUihlein. Brian Uihlein - nooobkiller Brian Uihlein - brianuihlein. Brian Uhlin - luvisthelaw. Brian Uhlenhake - Brian Uhlenbrock - Brian Uhlenhop - Com formerly PureCountryMusic. Brian Uihlein: 1 the omietrixe was made by asmithe who is a glaven and the omientrixe is the most poreful wepon in the uineverso and its it holds dna of every The most powerful alien in the Omnitrix is Alien X. To provide a sort of checks and balances on to the Cetelsapien race, they Richard Uihlein. Personal life and education. Uihlein graduated from Stanford University with a BA in history in He lives in Lake Forest, Illinois and is a descendant of the brewers of Schlitz beer. UntilUihlein worked in international sales for General Binding Corporation, a company co-founded by his father, Edgar Uihlein. That year, Uihlein and his wife founded Uline, a shipping Lynde Bradley Uihlein. Lynde Bradley Uihlein was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in Her mother was Jane Bradley Pettit, a philanthropist. Explore jbrookston's photos on Flickr.

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Vince Vaughn may have a star on the Minnesota Walk of Fame, but technically, he's barely one of us. The actor, getting some of the best reviews of his life for "Hacksaw Ridge," was born in Minneapolis, but his family moved to Lake Forest, Ill. The outdoor life is very nice. The Twin Cities are very beautiful. I never analyzed it much. I just like it. Vaughn is the kind of actor you approach warily at a cocktail party, if only because of his intimidating height and on-screen roles that suggest you may not be hip enough to be in the same universe as him, let alone the same hotel bar. Because one of his shows features Buck doing interviews with notable athletes like Pete Rose and Dennis Rodman, the conversation naturally turned to sports. He name-dropped long-time friend Brian Uihlein, a Big Ten singles champ during his time on the University of Minnesota tennis team, professed a soft spot for Bud Grant and agreed that Adrian Peterson would make a great guest on Buck's show. Vaughn doesn't have any plans to come back to Twin Cities anytime soon. He just recently sold his home in nearby Chicago and is now in Los Angeles full time. Welcome to Artcetera. Arts-and-entertainment writers and critics post movie news, concert updates, people items, video, photos and more. Share your views. Check it daily. Remain in the know. Home All Sections Search. Log In Welcome, User. Coronavirus Minneapolis St. GOP senator opposes Walz's order. Senators block new virus aid, Pelosi decries 'stunt'. Former St. Paul schools chief Patricia Harvey, champion of accountability, dies at Twins catcher Garver moves to Twin Cities to stay sharp. Anderson: Lying low during pandemic, Grant sees history repeating itself. Brooks: Minnesota volunteers coming to the rescue again. Blog By Neal Justin. More from Star Tribune. Coronavirus Top Minn. GOP senator opposes Walz's order pm. Coronavirus Tracking coronavirus in Minnesota pm. Coronavirus Why, exactly, is toilet paper in short supply? More From Star Tribune. More From Artcetera. Music April 7. Our critic looks back at the great American songwriter, all the way back to Prine's first concert at the Guthrie Theater in Variety April 7. In announcing the delay of his new album and tour, the country superstar inadvertently mentioned his Xcel Energy Center show. Variety April 6.

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