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Rising Star Brad DeBerti: Design Inspiration and Wild Custom Builds

Being a young upstart in any industry is tough. But the automotive industry? That can be a particularly tough nut to crack. Even a phenom like Brad DeBerti—talented, clever, full of potential, and a legacy to out-of-the-box thinking—has had to face his fair share of critics. Faultfinders seemingly irritated that one so young could not only recognize opportunity when it appeared, but seize it—with a graciousness that usually comes from years of character-building letdowns. Today, the father-son duo has its audience hooked, crafting some seriously jaw-dropping builds. Through all the success, Brad remains grounded and humble, recalling some of the earliest project cars that inspired his personal catapult to stardom. It had raw billet aluminum, unbreakable Mattracks, and flames shooting from the rollbar… long before anyone was doing that. While the painting was going on, the DeBerti design team was busy calculating, machining, and using a waterjet machine to fabricate each piece of the one-off suspension lift. Madera Brothers covered each piece of the lift with protective powder-coating. Other custom pieces include: aluminum door handles, door sills, a pedal kit, the steering wheel, the rearview mirror, bumper hooks, and grab handles. At the point in time that Deberti and his father took this build on, no aftermarket parts were available for this model year. That meant everything they used to transform this Raptor into a true luxury prerunner needed to be custom-made. Honestly, the closer you look at this build, the more amazing it becomes. The workmanship and the attention to detail. The fact that it features just about everything you could possibly dream of adding to a truck. Its flawless execution. To do that, he says they chopped up a brand new Raptor. We built a long-travel suspension, with bypass shocks that were four inches around, a custom roll cage, etc. He was out of the game for so long, and we show up with this truck. Soon after, Discovery Channel came knocking. And ever since, the duo has been going wide open on builds. Big tires? Long travel suspension? A rad paint job? How about all of that and a bag of chips—only the chips are from hell. This rig is seriously ridiculous. But the real showstopper of this DeBerti Design build is the Hellcat engine stuffed under the hood.

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At 24 years young, and only in his third year of competition, Brad DeBerti is one for the history books. With a late start, he may be considered an old timer in the world of competitive racing, but he proves without a shadow of a doubt that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Three years ago, we saw an off-road truck commercial on TV. It was insane walking through the pits and seeing everyone and the trucks. Then we jumped into a few beginner races to get a flavor, and then jumped into the national series, and my first two races I won in the Pro-Lite Class. You had to qualify to race in a truck field. As kids, we all fantasize about our future. Some grow up to be the surgeons and lawyers they always wanted to be, overcoming any obstacles that interfere with such an aspiration. With an intrinsic passion, natural affinity, and proven track record in off-road racing, Brad DeBerti now has his sights set on grandeur success with the NASCAR organization. Basically born with a welder in his hands, DeBerti was raised on a healthy dose of hard work. To accomplish a dream takes equal parts heart, grit, and practice. And what does practice take? That competitive spirit is innate in DeBerti, and his father knew it. He makes things happen and influences positive outcomes—with righteous intention in his heart and a smile on his face. But, he stays grounded by being visible at the fan and enthusiast level as well as volunteering his time and talents for the greater good. In the candid one-on-one interview below, get to know the man behind the success—someone chasing his dreams, not the accolades. A true young gun, force of nature, and positive role model. He represents everything I look up to. What junior finds even more admirable, is that his father has served as an inspiration to so many other kids as well. There are lot of distractions in life—you need goals and good role models. Instead, they opt for what DeBerti calls hype vehicles. This is the plan and you set out to build according to the plan. A: For DeBerti, social media serves as a platform of inspiration. Unlike many professional profiles, DeBerti operates his own account and takes pride in answering as many of the comments and questions as he can.

2019 Ford Super Duty - "Best of Show" SEMA 2018

While they will be competing against each other on the track, McConnell and Deberti will be able to work together and collaborate on valuable information about the cars, competitors and the track conditions. McConnell will have key insights into the track in Austin from the previous year that will help Deberti achieve a successful result. He kicked off the season at Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course with a 3 rd place finish in his first-ever Americas Rallycross race. Following his inaugural success, he went on to compete in one more race at Mid-Ohio and two at Gateway Raceway the following month where he landed on the podium once again. With two podiums under his belt already this year, we expect Brad and Fraser to be up front working together for the win! Brad Deberti has a successful history of competing in off-road short course racing where he was the Rookie of the Year and quickly won his first championship the following year in the Pro-Light category. Working with DirtFish has been unbelievable. Next week will be fun! DirtFish Motorsports strives to develop well-rounded drivers and providing a team culture which fosters growth and development. Cross-discipline training develops skill, confidence, and huge. A professional racer is more than a driver behind the wheel, and as such our program touches on developing the complete athlete package in all aspects of racing including driving fast, health and fitness, personal presentation, business and finance, as well as understanding the power and presentation of social media. Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School is the only full-time rally school on the West Coast and boasts an impressive array of rally cars, rally driving programs and memorabilia to suit enthusiasts of all ages. Based at the former Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill site, the property itself boasts a rich history, having been the second all-electric lumber mill in the country in Cross-discipline training develops skill, confidence, and huge rewards in the racing world. About DirtFish Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School is the only full-time rally school on the West Coast and boasts an impressive array of rally cars, rally driving programs and memorabilia to suit enthusiasts of all ages. Winter Driving. DirtFish Rally School. Related Articles.


Last week, we got a chance to sit down with Brad and Doug Deberti and talk to them about their new show, Twin Turbos that airs tomorrow February 28 on Discovery. The father-son duo are gearheads through and through, and make a unique pair in the automotive world. Their new show follows them through their daily routine around the shop, racing, and on Brad's road to the world of NASCAR after a nearly career-ending crash two years ago. Upon seeing Brad's racing talent. Joey Logano has gone out of his way to mentor Brad as he chases victory in the oval. We sat down with the Deberti's to get an inside look at who they are and what they do. Doug: We actually do a lot of kind of crazy stuff. Mostly, it seems like we end up working on newer vehicles. It all started a while back when I built what I call the hype vehicles for Ford and GM, and a few things for Dodge here and there. I think I'm best known for taking these vehicles and making something that you either love or you hate. I did a six-door truck when no one was doing a six-door. I've done a lot of product development with a company called Trends. That was anything out of aluminum, and I did that until there was about 6, products that nobody had. Brad: We were talking about that earlier, and it definitely would be illegal now for how young I was at the shop. I used to make all kinds of stuff. If my brother and I wanted stuff, we always had to work for it. We were always selling stuff [that we made], so we were always in the shop. Given that you have a lot of experience building trucks, was racing trucks a natural progression for you? Brad: Three years ago, we saw an offroad truck commercial on TV. This truck was flying through the air, and we were like, "What the heck is that? It was insane walking through the pits and seeing everyone and the trucks. While we were there, we put a deposit on a truck that was for sale. We went home, finished up a couple of projects, sold them off and went back to buy the truck. We've never done anything like this, so we'd just go to the track and practice. Then we jumped into a few beginner races to get a flavor, and then jumped into the national series, and my first two races I won in the Prolite Class. It's the most competitive class. This was a very competitive time as well. You had to qualify to race in a 32 truck field. Doug: We didn't have any sponsors, and we couldn't go out on the track [with a blank truck].

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A quick jaunt to the grocery store. Off to the ballpark for another Saturday game. For most Bakersfieldians, the vehicles we drive every day serve a sole purpose, getting from point A to point B. But for others, vehicles are so much more than a way to get around. He is one of Ford's top go-to guys when it comes to tricking out vehicles that are showcased on the auto show circuit, which kicks off each November with the Specialty Equipment Market Associations SEMA show. It is the world's premier venue for those in the auto biz to show off the newest and hottest technology, trends and products. All we do is create hype on the vehicles. Recently, he claimed Ford's Best in Show honor with his towering Ford F entry, beating out other customization teams from the likes of Rouch, Saleen, and Foose. Also called the "DeBerti 6x6," the massive truck features a six-wheel drive running off a horsepower Caterpillar. The ride is managed by an air suspension and Fabtech 4. Like many success stories, DeBerti's began modestly in Butte, Mont. He says one of his childhood highlights was going to the dump with his grandpa to gather bike parts to make his own custom bikes, which laid the groundwork for bigger and better customization projects. After high school, with not much more than the shirt on his back, DeBerti jumped in his beat up '59 Chevy truck and headed for California. ByDeBerti had saved enough money to buy a new Chevy truck, for which he had visions of personalizing to set it apart from the masses of other trucks on Kern County roads. Discouraged by the lack of parts available, DeBerti started to fabricate parts on his own, and so began his passion for accessorizing vehicles. This hobby would soon turn into a thriving career. His clientele consisted mostly of teen-agers wanting to soup-up their rides, and local dealerships wanting to customize brand new vehicles. The response was so great he introduced a new company called Trenz inan endeavor started by maxing out five Visa and MasterCards. Putting together a team of people and buying his first Haas mill and lathe, he started to invent billet accessories that no one had ever seen before for the automotive aftermarket. Over the years that small shop was expanded to include in-house manufacturing with numerous mills, water jets, robotic welders, lasers, polishing department, and powder coating which quickly became one of the most advanced aftermarket auto accessory manufacturing plants in North America. Doug and his team invented more than 6, parts. DeBerti sold Trenz in to pursue another endeavor. Enter "Radical Inventions. Website Design by Saba Agency.

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