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Rising Star Brad DeBerti: Design Inspiration and Wild Custom Builds

Last week, we got a chance to sit down with Brad and Doug Deberti and talk to them about their new show, Twin Turbos that airs tomorrow February 28 on Discovery. The father-son duo are gearheads through and through, and make a unique pair in the automotive world. Their new show follows them through their daily routine around the shop, racing, and on Brad's road to the world of NASCAR after a nearly career-ending crash two years ago. Upon seeing Brad's racing talent. Joey Logano has gone out of his way to mentor Brad as he chases victory in the oval. We sat down with the Deberti's to get an inside look at who they are and what they do. Doug: We actually do a lot of kind of crazy stuff. Mostly, it seems like we end up working on newer vehicles. It all started a while back when I built what I call the hype vehicles for Ford and GM, and a few things for Dodge here and there. I think I'm best known for taking these vehicles and making something that you either love or you hate. I did a six-door truck when no one was doing a six-door. I've done a lot of product development with a company called Trends. That was anything out of aluminum, and I did that until there was about 6, products that nobody had. Brad: We were talking about that earlier, and it definitely would be illegal now for how young I was at the shop. I used to make all kinds of stuff. If my brother and I wanted stuff, we always had to work for it. We were always selling stuff [that we made], so we were always in the shop. Given that you have a lot of experience building trucks, was racing trucks a natural progression for you? Brad: Three years ago, we saw an offroad truck commercial on TV. This truck was flying through the air, and we were like, "What the heck is that? It was insane walking through the pits and seeing everyone and the trucks. While we were there, we put a deposit on a truck that was for sale. We went home, finished up a couple of projects, sold them off and went back to buy the truck. We've never done anything like this, so we'd just go to the track and practice. Then we jumped into a few beginner races to get a flavor, and then jumped into the national series, and my first two races I won in the Prolite Class. It's the most competitive class. This was a very competitive time as well. You had to qualify to race in a 32 truck field.

Brad DeBerti Back in DirtFish Motorsports Rallycross Car for ARX of Austin

While they will be competing against each other on the track, McConnell and Deberti will be able to work together and collaborate on valuable information about the cars, competitors and the track conditions. McConnell will have key insights into the track in Austin from the previous year that will help Deberti achieve a successful result. He kicked off the season at Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course with a 3 rd place finish in his first-ever Americas Rallycross race. Following his inaugural success, he went on to compete in one more race at Mid-Ohio and two at Gateway Raceway the following month where he landed on the podium once again. With two podiums under his belt already this year, we expect Brad and Fraser to be up front working together for the win! Brad Deberti has a successful history of competing in off-road short course racing where he was the Rookie of the Year and quickly won his first championship the following year in the Pro-Light category. Working with DirtFish has been unbelievable. Next week will be fun! DirtFish Motorsports strives to develop well-rounded drivers and providing a team culture which fosters growth and development. Cross-discipline training develops skill, confidence, and huge. A professional racer is more than a driver behind the wheel, and as such our program touches on developing the complete athlete package in all aspects of racing including driving fast, health and fitness, personal presentation, business and finance, as well as understanding the power and presentation of social media. Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School is the only full-time rally school on the West Coast and boasts an impressive array of rally cars, rally driving programs and memorabilia to suit enthusiasts of all ages. Based at the former Weyerhaeuser Lumber Mill site, the property itself boasts a rich history, having been the second all-electric lumber mill in the country in Cross-discipline training develops skill, confidence, and huge rewards in the racing world. About DirtFish Nestled in the foothills of the Cascade Mountain Range in the scenic town of Snoqualmie, WA, DirtFish Rally School is the only full-time rally school on the West Coast and boasts an impressive array of rally cars, rally driving programs and memorabilia to suit enthusiasts of all ages. Winter Driving. DirtFish Rally School. Related Articles.

Take Five with Brad and Doug Deberti

The finale exclusive preview is here, and Twin Turbos ends on a high note as Brad DeBerti cleverly navigates a hairy speedway and pulls from third place to first in the clip from Discovery. Only the fastest drivers will make it to the final. Whoever comes in last in this heat goes home. The better I do here, the better my start position in the final race. Man, if I can beat this guy, I am on the right path. Brad goes lap to lap in third place as his nervous dad watches. Finally, he hears there is a break in the race, and he can move forward and ace Connor and take the lead. In the series, the DeBertis push the limits of racing innovation, and stars Brad and Doug DeBerti have continued their family tradition of designing and fabricating some of the best custom cars the world has ever seen. Along with the family business, Brad DeBerti dreams of becoming a professional race car driver as demonstrated in the clip. The father and son are innovative designers and creative engineers and will take on any vehicle, new or old, and transform them into one of a kind, viral sensations. But the transformation is easier said than done, and with SEMA just a couple months away, tensions rise as they feel as if they may have gotten in over their heads on this one-of-a-kind DeBerti build. Tonight, check out the action as Doug and Brad feel the heat as they only have 45 days to finish their ultimate race truck prototype and move out of their old shop. Opinion Recaps Reviews Interviews Explainers. Pic credit: Discovery The finale exclusive preview is here, and Twin Turbos ends on a high note as Brad DeBerti cleverly navigates a hairy speedway and pulls from third place to first in the clip from Discovery. In a voice-over, Brad DeBerti explains his strategy for this race. This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of.

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Doug is the owner of the world-renowned DeBerti Designs and has spent the past 25 years building ridiculous custom cars and trucks just check out their hp F Fighter Jet-inspired Ford Raptor. Brad, meanwhile, grew up helping his dad with the custom builds and is also an up and coming racer: With his dad as his coach, the year-old won the Lucas Oil Off Road Pro-Light Championship and Pro-Light Rookie of the Year but was sidelined after a brutal crash. As stock car racing is a costly career, the father and son are now creating cars to fund it. Custom builds and high-stakes racing make for pretty compelling TV viewing, so the Discovery Channel decided to document them for a series. Called Twin Turbosit debuts February 28 th at 10 p. Fatherly spoke to Brad and Doug about their lifelong passion for building cars and how they handle working together. Doug: Brad was born in a car! Not literally but he may as well have been. Cars have been my passion since I could afford a vehicle and so Brad grew up with nothing but vehicles. His passion comes from being in the shop his whole life. My big thing was I would never let my boys play video games or watch TV when it was light outside so they would be riding around on their bikes or working with me in the shop from a young age. And we love building these crazy one-off vehicles and that one went on to win a lot of awards, including a designer award from Ford. That got us some attention and then Discovery Channel came on and loved the concept. Now people get to see all the fun and work that goes into a build. Has it always been this way? And somehow we never get sick of each other. We spend most of our waking hours together and we both have a blast working together. Doug: We also work really hard. But I think we just have a positive energy that sets us apart from a lot of the dramatic relationships you might see elsewhere [on TV]. We are always looking for a challenge. We fix it. Of course, sometimes we have disagreements. Doug: My favorite is a drift truck we built from the second episode. It is awesome. Doug: I had no idea. I just started with passion. Working hard and finding what you really love and care about can lead to unexpected things. So I was mentally and physically ready to get back out there and that became a part of the show. Parenting during a pandemic is hard. Sign up for our daily newsletter full of tricks, tips, and relevant medical information. Please try again. Give us a little more information and we'll give you a lot more relevant content. Your child's birthday or due date. Girl Boy Other Not Sure. Add A Child. Something went wrong.

Brad DeBerti: Dream Big or Go Home

Back to News. Drive Motorsports International, the motorsports marketing division of Automatik Agency, has signed a deal to represent one of the biggest names in the automotive scene, Brad DeBerti. He makes things happen and influences positive outcomes—with righteous intention in his heart and a smile on his face. DeBerti is a world-famous vehicle designer, builder and fabricator who has built numerous high-profile and viral vehicles for major auto manufacturers and industry organizations to the likes of the SEMA show, Ford, Toyota, GM and Dodge etc. For the father-son duo custom car building isn't just a hobby, it's their life. Together, they push the boundaries on each build to create outrageous, state-of-the-art vehicles for some of the biggest names in the industry. The DeBerti's have been building one-of-a-kind cars and trucks for more than two decades, winning over twenty awards, and turning the family business into a household name. Combined with Automatik Agency, Drive Motorsports International is a boutique motorsports marketing and sponsorship agency with an analytical team of individuals, who strive to not only develop innovative marketing solutions to meet client goals, but to exceed those goals in ways never thought possible. The two agencies partners craft authentic campaigns and experiences for both properties and brands around the things that people are already the most passionate about — automotive, motorsports, action sports, entertainment, fitness, lifestyle markets even video games. I look forward to the future. Please visit drivemotorsportsinternational. More About Automatik: Automatik is a next-gen marketing communications, brand development and media production agency specializing in automotive, motorsports, action sports, outdoors, lifestyle markets and new emerging industries. Please visit, Automatikagency. Sign In Register reports only. Air Transportation. Consumer Products. Financial Services. Fine Arts. Green Technology. Information Technology. Legal Services. Public Administration.

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