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How To Achieve Nice Bokeh [In Plain English]

Photographers sometimes deliberately use a shallow focus technique to create images with prominent out-of-focus regions. Bokeh is often most visible around small background highlightssuch as specular reflections and light sourceswhich is why it is often associated with such areas. Tobokeru [10] means playing dumb, and toboketa kao refers to a poker face. Though difficult to quantify, some lenses have subjectively more pleasing out-of-focus areas. Good bokeh is also important for medium telephoto lenses typically 85— mm on 35 mm format. When used in portrait photography for their "natural" perspectivethe photographer usually wants a shallow depth of field, so that the subject stands out sharply against a blurred background. Bokeh characteristics may be quantified by examining the image's circle of confusion. In out-of-focus areas, each point of light becomes an image of the aperture, generally a more or less round disc. Depending on how a lens is corrected for spherical aberrationthe disc may be uniformly illuminated, brighter near the edge, or brighter near the center. Lenses that are poorly corrected for spherical aberration will show one kind of disc for out-of-focus points in front of the plane of focus, and a different kind for points behind. The shape of the aperture has an influence on the subjective quality of bokeh as well. For conventional lens designs with bladed apertureswhen a lens is stopped down smaller than its maximum aperture size minimum f-numberout-of-focus points are blurred into the polygonal shape formed by the aperture blades. This is most apparent when a lens produces hard-edged bokeh. Minolta has been on the forefront of promoting and introducing lenses with near-ideal circular apertures sincebut most other manufacturers now offer lenses with shape-optimized diaphragms, at least for the domain of portraiture photography. In contrast, a catadioptric telephoto lens renders bokehs resembling doughnuts, because its secondary mirror blocks the central part of the aperture opening. Recently, photographers have exploited the shape of the bokeh by creating a simple mask out of card with shapes such as hearts or stars, that the photographer wishes the bokeh to be, and placing it over the lens. Lenses with 11, 12, or 15 blade iris diaphragms are often claimed to excel in bokeh quality. Because of this, the lenses do not need to reach wide apertures to get better circles instead of polygons. Some lens manufacturers including Nikon[18] Minoltaand Sony make lenses designed with specific controls to change the rendering of the out-of-focus areas. The Nikon mm DC-Nikkor [19] and mm DC-Nikkor [20] lenses DC stands for "Defocus Control" have a control ring that permits the overcorrection or undercorrection of spherical aberration to change the bokeh in front of and behind the focal plane. It is possible to choose between two diaphragms: one with 9 and another with 10 blades. An apodization filter is used to soften the aperture edges which results in a smooth defocused area with gradually fading circles. Those qualities made it the only lens of this kind on the market from its introduction in to It can be re-purposed for defocus control.

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Our collection of free bokeh overlays for Photoshop will help you enhance the mood of your photography. It consists of Bokeh overlays of different sizes, hues, and layouts. It should be noted, that different Photoshop bokeh overlays will suit different backgrounds. They can easily be applied to all of your projects and are most commonly used for web design, invitations, card-making. Add some magic to your photos with the help of free bokeh overlays for Photoshop elements. Regardless of the genre of your photography, they will beautify your images in a single click! Do you want more Free Photoshop Overlays? Check out what we have. Bokeh Overlays 1 "Lights" One of the most beautiful boken overlays to create a captivating photo with a pleasing background. Apply it to nighttime photos to achieve a wow effect. Bokeh Overlay. Bokeh Light Effect 2 "Motion View" Fill the background with colorful circles, using this bokeh overlay Photoshop filter. It is easy to use and can turn a common photo into extraordinary one. Ps Overlay. Free Bokeh Overlay 3 "Smooth Lights" The heart bokeh overlay is ideal for wedding, engagement and couple photos if you want to highlight the romantic mood of the occasion. Free Bokeh. Photoshop Bokeh Overlay 4 "Holiday" If you think that the background of your image is too monotonous and want to add some dynamics to it, feel free to use this bokeh light overlay scattering shiny lights across the frame. Bokeh Png. Light Overlays For Photoshop 5 "Party" Using a transparent bokeh overlay is the best way to decorate your shots with whimsical figures without diverting attention from the key element of a photo. Bokeh Images. City Lights Texture 6 "City Sparks" If you feel like adding a city vibe to your outdoor images, make use of this gold bokeh overlay. Bokeh Picture. Lighting Background 7 "Yellow-White" To create boken Photoshop effect, you need to devote some time, though the outcome is not always as you intended. Not to risk, just apply this overlay. Get Bokeh Free. Blurry Lights On Images 8 "Fall" How to add bokeh to photo, so that it looks balanced and eye-pleasing? Download and use this overlay to achieve that pop look without much effort on your part. Bokeh Effect. Bokeh Light Effect 9 "Mirror Glows" A bokeh prism effect can help make any image eye-catching even if the original file had nothing special. Then use this overlay and check by yourself. Bokeh Pattern. Bokeh Lights Background 10 "Unfocused" If you want to extend your portfolio with unique photos or develop your recognizable style, download this bokeh PNG file and start experimenting. Bokeh Image. Want to add such an effect to your works?

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The examples linked below all show off usage of the Bokeh server. The Bokeh server provides a place where interesting things can happen—data can be updated to in turn update the plot, and UI and selection events can be processed to trigger more visual updates. Source code: movies. Source code: weather. Source code: sliders. Source code: crossfilter. A reproduction of the famous Gapminder demo, with embedded video added using a custom page template. Source code: gapminder. Source code: stocks. An updating 3d plot that demonstrates using using Bokeh custom extensions to wrap third-party JavaScript libraries. Source code: surface3d. The best place to immediately experiment with Bokeh in notebooks is in the live tutorial notebooks hosted online by MyBinder. Static versions of these may also be viewed online or downloaded and executed locally at the Bokeh NBViewer Gallery. All of the examples below are located in the examples subdirectory of your Bokeh checkout. These plots still have many interactive tools and features, including linked panning and brushing, and hover inspectors. Interactive weather statistics for three cities Source code: weather. A basic demo that has sliders for controlling a plotted trigonometric function Source code: sliders. Explore the "autompg" data set by selecting and highlighting different dimensions Source code: crossfilter. A reproduction of the famous Gapminder demo, with embedded video added using a custom page template Source code: gapminder. Linked plots, summary statistics, and correlations for market data Source code: stocks. An updating 3d plot that demonstrates using using Bokeh custom extensions to wrap third-party JavaScript libraries Source code: surface3d. Click on an image below to see its code and interact with the live plot.

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The FE mm F2. Already owns the 90 2. Can't decide if the STF is really worth it I'd give the orange "G" a premium. If the STF is anywhere near the "original" mm STF for A-mount, it may not be exactly "value for money", but it will be exceptionally excellent. It would be great to have comparison shots between the mm STF and another mm lenses to see how the bokeh looks like. I'd still prefer the mm but I'm tempted with this STF. Professional sites need to stop mispronouncing bokeh. It has always been "bo-KAY. Mispronunciation over time becomes the correct pronunciation Let language evolve Just like photography has They also mostly say Nigh-Kon. Prouncing things incorrectly doesn't make one right When I asked about it, he said this is a knee-kon FM. Perhaps in these days those guys learned American English, however in Australia, it is knee-kon. Bo as boring and keh as Kenneth. When speaking at normal speeds and saying "bokeh" in conversations, it'll will end up sounding like "bo-kay" to most people. It's only when you pronounce the word by itself slowly that people will hear it as bo-keh. But you're right, it's technically "bo-keh," not "bo-kay. This is all much to do about nothing So many people call it bocah not bokay Just get over it There are bigger fish to fry Why knowingly repeat a mistake and have it proliferate? What would be the point and the benefit of making a mistake more popular? Yes, there are plenty of bigger things I care about and fight for, but this small thing is a pet peeve of mine, just as you probably have your own pet peeves. If we stopped caring about the little things, they will accumulate and encroach upon us and that's when one day you wake up and realize there are just too many mistakes in the world. Just look at the example of how the ignorant masses have butchered the English language, to the point that illogical mistakes like "for all intensive purposes," or "nip it in the butt," or "irregardless," or "hone in" or "I could care less" are now everywhere. They all started as "little thing not worth caring about," until they start to add up and pop up everywhere. Bocah versus will bokay will not cause the butterfly effect The world will not come to an end because the pronunciation of a word changed over time I've said before, we don't speak old English anymore. The north won the war Take down the flag The list goes on and on

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All the same Lynda. Plus, personalized course recommendations tailored just for you. All the same access to your Lynda learning history and certifications. Same instructors. New platform. And to get a sense for what it looks like,…I'll scroll down to the bottom layer in the stack,…here inside the layers panel, and I'll ALT or Option click…on the eye in front of mirror world so that we can view it…independently of the other layers. Are you sure you want to mark all the videos in this course as unwatched? This will not affect your course history, your reports, or your certificates of completion for this course. Type in the entry box, then click Enter to save your note. Start My Free Month. You started this assessment previously and didn't complete it. You can pick up where you left off, or start over. Develop in-demand skills with access to thousands of expert-led courses on business, tech and creative topics. Video: Light Bokeh and Bokeh Color. You are now leaving Lynda. To access Lynda. Visit our help center. Preview This Course. Course Overview Transcript View Offline Exercise Files - [Instructor] In this next project, we'll take this…fairly harmless looking guy from the Dreamstime…image library about which you can learn more and get deals…at dreamstime. Resume Transcript Auto-Scroll. Author Deke McClelland. This is the third course in a comprehensive Photoshop training series by industry expert Deke McClelland. In this installment, Deke helps you attain mastery at the premiere image editing program by familiarizing you with some of its more advanced features. Learn new shortcuts, how to assign and convert color profiles, how to customize the Photoshop toolbox and menus, and how to create trendy, dynamic Twirl art. Plus, Deke explains how to turn a photo into a dot drawing, eliminate halos with the Minimum filter, edit videos in Photoshop, and much more. Topics include: Top-secret tricks for shortcut enthusiasts Assigning and converting color profiles Turning a cityscape into a tiny planet Hunting down seams with the Offset filter Distorting an image with the Glass filter Using the Libraries Panel Batch-processing an entire folder of images Adding motion to text, or any other layer Adding soundtracks and voiceovers Actions and batch processing. Skill Level Advanced. Show More Show Less. Related Courses. Preview course. Deke's Techniques with Deke McClelland. Creating Icons with Photoshop with Justin Seeley. Photoshop: Customizing Brushes with John Derry. Search This Course Clear Search.

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