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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Eating Lunch with Them; Stampede!!! Well, you're not going to. In this collection of scenarios, you get to spend time with your boys and build the nicest relationship ever with them. And nothing could go wrong. Some of these may move faster than others, plus we throw some of our own headcanons in here, so if you need any clarification - just ask. We hope you enjoy reading these and have a beautiful day, heart emoji. Have you ever wanted to smooch a BNHA boy? Jokes aside, this is a little project between my two good friends and myself. Requests are open; however, it's only for all the students boys. This is also going to be posted on Quotev, so if you see this there, don't worry. Katsuki Bakugou - Transfiguration. The Reader is able to manipulate the Earth around them. This means they can control earthquakes, tornadoes, various traits of wind, and slight movement of the tectonic plates. Using this power too much or too frequently can wreck their equilibrium and cause some serious dizziness. Denki Kaminari - Thundercloud. The Reader can produce all types of clouds, whether they are storm-clouds or not. These clouds work like any other clouds, which means they can produce snow, rain, lightning, fog, etc.

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Your personalities just go so well together; you both have similar traits that matches well and there is never a dull moment when you both are together. As the two of you have quite feminine tastes, you frequently share beauty tips and fashion advice with each other, and shopping trips never get boring with each other as company. As Nejire is always very curious and straightforward, your patient and easygoing nature complements well with her character and you seem to be one of the only people on the same wavelength as her, definitely understanding her the most. She loves how friendly and caring you are with everyone and that you never get fazed by her constant stock of erratic questions, but is sometimes concerned that you do not put your well-being first and instead does it for you herself. She can sometimes be overprotective when she feels you are pushing yourself, but understands when you need personal time to rest and will give space, reminding you she is always there for you no matter what. Originally posted by cherriielle. He finds your interests and hobbies refreshing, and although he is terrible at such handiworks himself, he loves watching you at work and always sings high praises for your finished pieces, amazed at how talented you are with your hands. You frequently teach him how to cook and bake at his request, and although the results fluctuate each time, it is a precious quality time that you both enjoy very much. He finds it very cute when you get easily excited and always goes along with you—getting worked up himself, but thinks your calm demeanour is very cool and loves the contrast of both sides. He shares your love for hugs and does not hesitate to give you one whenever he sees you, regardless of the location or time. You both enjoy taking calming walks outside while linking arms and unknowingly spend hours strolling around as you are immersed in the conversation, sometimes getting lost as a consequence. Whenever he notices you getting anxious or flustered in public settings, he ensures to be by your side, holding your hand and squeezing it gently as an act of reassurance. Thank you! He finds it comfortable and relaxing to be around you due to the combination of your amiable character and strong sense of responsibility; the relationship between the both of you is filled with a healthy balance of trust between one another. He finds your soft voice pleasant and loves hearing your natural tone, but likes that you do not have any problem speaking clearly for yourself when it is needed. The both of you share very similar tastes in fashion, almost always couple-pairing in black clothes unintentionally, though many tease this fact and question if you had actually agreed on doing so beforehand. Your love for nerdy shirts gradually rubs off on Aizawa and it is a inside secret between the both of you to pair up in such matching shirts at home when you are spending time leisurely together; he loves your cats and has a good relationship with the, though you will always be the number one of course. He knows you inside out and can tell immediately when you begin to feel stressed, offering assistance in any way he is able to, and lets you know it is okay to rely and depend on him from time to time. He admires your hardworking streak and passions for art and gets inspiration from you at times to persevere and do his best. Matchups are open for Valentines ! The start of has been messy and I hope all of you are doing well! I hope this will cheer you guys up even a little bit and enjoy! I will do my best! Originally posted by pskyche. All the fright and panic that had previously consumed your being now dissipated in that moment as you realised the identity of your savior. The ends of his unique unruly hair that resembled the nature of his quirk faintly tickled your cheeks, the unexpected contrast of its soft texture surprising you greatly. As if in a trance, your gaze shifted to the familiar features that defined his visage; yeah, it really was him. Rough and brusque to a fault—sometimes even violent and ill-mannered, being ridiculously terrible at expressing himself; his more than unfriendly character was a well-known element to avoid even outside of their class. You knew he tried hard in his own way and always gave it his all no matter the situation, that he was simply exceptionally awful in conveying what he truly wanted to say. Your frame was no longer trembling, and the shaking in your knees had stopped as if it had never occured in the first place.

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Midoriya was starting to get worried now. As he reached the hallway, he noticed a Third-Year student cornering you against the wall, it seemed like he was whispering something to you. Once he actually got over there, he heard what the Third-Year was saying. Midoriya turned towards you and gave you a soft smile. Oh boy, he gets jealous all the time. Inuyasha : starts to feel insecure. He insults the person, yells at them and even threatens them but is too proud to blatantly state that he is jealous. He then tells you that he will fight the other guy if he gets too close again. Sesshomaru : commands you not to talk to him again or it would result in consequences. Originally posted by realstraykids. He hesitates but does as you say, opening your snapchat to reveal a picture of you hanging upside down off your bed, your head fashioned into a makeshift spike. Can you do a soulmate au with Mark Lee where they both have the first words they say to eachother inked into their wrist or something like that. It would be great if it was kinda fluffy and funny. Sorry for bothering you again. Are you up? Keep reading. Are you feeling well? Have you eaten yet? Its getting cold please wear a jacket if you leave the house ok? He would come over after a long day of practice and sit with you watching a movie. Next thing you know he is trying to be smooth and does that dumb yawn-stretch-the-arm-put-it-around-you move. The first time he said I love you it was an accident. He always tries to hold your hand. Like randomly you just feel his pinky wrap round yours. His ears would turn red and he would swing your arms lightly. And immediately he is like right next to you waiting for you to finish. Next thing you know his arm is casually on you shoulder as you explain to the other guy how everything needs to go about being set up. Then not even five seconds go by and he is pulling you close and moving behind you to give a back hug. And I shit you not picks you up and carries you away. All he wants you to do is go put on the outfit he picked out for you. But when you see the outfit… it is literally a mini him outfit.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Originally posted by stevenstarphase. It was nearly 2am when [First name] Bakugou was met with what may be the most terrifying thing she had ever seen in her 24 years of life. The harshness of his gaze chilled her to the bone, and she could only imagine the cruel and terrible thoughts going through his crazed mind. Without hesitation she ran towards her bedroom, her feet moving swiftly over the tiled floor as she made her way to the bed. Katsuki groaned and turned on his side, now facing his panicked wife. Her husband immediately focused, pushing sleep to the back of his mind, he sat up and looked at her worried face. The wife looked frantically back at the door, and bit her lip before turning back to Katsuki. Katsuki put his head in his hands and groaned loudly. He dragged his face down his hands dramatically and laid himself back down. Just hit it with a sandal or something. This thing is huge. The spider is not plotting your death, and even if it jumps who really cares. For me to live in constant fear only to die an unnecessary death, all the while knowing you could have stopped it by just getting the hell up and killing the spider? Is it worth all of the regret and sorrow it could cause you and me? Is it? Katsuki sighed again and pulled the covers off of himself. He stood up and began walking towards the bathroom, pausing briefly at the bedroom door to speak to his wife. Now go kill the bug. Katsuki muttered something to himself as he grabbed his slipper and entered the bathroom, shutting the door behind him. A few moments later she heard the sound of the slipper coming down on the mirror, followed by a stream of profanities from your beloved husband. Shortly after he reappeared and crawled back into your bed. He wrapped his arms around her waist and let out a contented sigh. So I may have been a bit dumb to assume the next relevant thing to include in this diary would be entrance exams. The same hell I was working in back home. So when she threw her hand towards me, a bigass glob of slime get hurled into my face and drenches it and my hair. Swear to god I nearly blacked out and beat this woman. My coworker had to escort her from the fucking store, because if she was in my face for one more minute I was gonna mcfreaking lose my shit. But yes, I am a working gal now. And since I am out and about on the regular I have seen some of my potential future classmates in public. Bitch I nearly fainted at the sight of this man. Lemme tell you, your girl was shook. Boy was not a snack, but a whole meal. A thanksgiving dinner.

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First off, let me say that this blog is still on indefinite hiatus. However, I do have a backup on my computer of all the headcanons, scenarios, headcanons games, and text messages. In the unlikely event that tumblr does ban my content, I will post all of this on AO3 within a week, under my username HappyLamp. Thank you everyone, for all your support while I was an active writer, as well as for the support after. I wish you all the best. Again, when he realises how nerve wrecking presentations are for you, he draws up a plan to help you feel a little bit more at ease! But Bakugo? That said, it is not abandoned: from time to time I will get a burst of inspiration and write something on the bus - as I did today - so I hope you can continue to enjoy the things I write! I also want to thank everyone for the birthday wishes I received on August 28th! I did not reply to them personally, but I have every single one of them saved along with my other favourite comments! Thank you so much! As for the 2k follower fic I promised you all-? I… I have started on it, I swear! Will I be able to finish it? I hope you understand. There are a couple comfort drabbles left in the askbox. Thank you for your patience! Requests are still closed, the ask box is full. However, it is always open for chats and kind messages! Those tend to motivate me. Again, thank you all so much. They seem more vulnerable that way after all! Perhaps Aizawa lives in a teacher building in the area, but not in the same dormitory as his class? The teachers live in their own apartments on the campus! Evidenced when chapter goes down and my poor boys Baks and Deku get house arrest. Hey thanks! Would you believe I followed your blog a while back because of your amazing Magi stuff? Everyone, please check out xoaces wonderful work! From bnha to magi to noragami, her writing is simply amazing! Hey thanks!! Posts Plus Ultra! Masterlist rules In alphabetical order. Tumblr Ban Hello my lovelies!

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