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We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and maintain normal business hours, 9ampm PST. Computer Antivirus may also need to be disabled for the installation process. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used. Customer understands that modifying their car bares certain risks including engine failure and both parties understand and agree to hold VF Engineering harmless of liability from installation and use of this product. It is therefore NOT legal for use on public roads in the State of California or other states with similar laws. By installing this product on your vehicle you assume all responsibility and consequences. Supercharger Systems are considered special order, and not returnable without written consent by VF Engineering. Components and sensors near the limit of their wear tolerance may need replacement. VF-Engineering is not responsible for trouble shooting, diagnostic costs or consequential cost. Not legal for street use in State of California. Menu Cart. Land Rover Range Rover 5. Contact VF Engineering Inc.

BMW Performance Chips & Software for BMW 3 Series E46 (1999-2005)

Modern engines have come a great distance in a very short amount of time. The combination of new technology and better components, such as, variable valve timing, Valvetronic, and forced induction result in better performance and increased fuel mileage as compared to the same displacement engines only a few years ago. All of these advances in performance and fuel mileage are running concurrently with stringent manufacturer emissions standards. These standards are very restrictive in nature; power output is greatly affected as a result. In the US, the EPA requires manufacturers to cover specified major emission control components for the first 8 years or 80, miles. A manufacturer cannot risk their reputation or their bottom line if they sell a car that has difficulty passing post-sale emission testing. To meet required standards, a significant margin for error is built into the calibration, which leaves power on the table. Engine sensors are built to read within certain tolerances. As these sensors age they will often degrade and the reading sent to the ECU will vary slightly. In addition to building in flexibility for ailing sensors, manufacturers are also forced to consider other wear items either from lack of service or neglect. Old spark plugs, dirty air filters, low grade fuel accidently or intentionally run through the engine are all taken into consideration when calibrated by the manufacturer. When calibrating an engine, manufacturers consider all of the above-mentioned factorswhich leads to a conservative end product. OEM calibrations must function in all environments and take in to account countless variables. This means they are restricted when it comes to performance. However, this also leaves great room for improvement when recalibrated in the aftermarket. As a result, we are able to remap the engine calibration settings and focus more on output. This translates to better drivability, more power output, and often, better fuel economy. As a car is modified from its stock form, the benefit from remapping becomes increasingly important and more beneficial. As restrictions are removed by adding cold air intakes, exhausts, headers, cams, et cetera, the amount of potential airflow is increased; as a result, the torque curve shifts and the ignition angle, valve timing, and the fuel curve need adjustment. Our performance calibration will maximize the benefit of your aftermarket parts and maintain drivability. Although manufacturing has become more precise there is still a large enough inconsistency from one engine to another affecting performance. It is simply the nature of manufacturing processes that some engines produce more power than others. This becomes more important and beneficial the more modified an engine becomes. Custom Calibration. Better part-throttle drivability is also obtained. Custom software modifications for larger cam shafts or other modifications are also available. Buy Now. The rev limiter can be set between rpms depending on cam choice. Optional custom software for larger airflow meters, headers, larger cam shafts and bigger injectors is available. Custom software modifications for headers or other modifications are also available. We can also add the SMG shift lights to your 6-speed car. Our Race software was developed through years of on-track data logging and dyno tuning to extract every last horsepower and remove all the common problems associated with running a S54 on the race track without compromising reliability.

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Future tiers will include "Advanced" and "Pro" which will include significantly more functionality, including custom tuning and the use of the Bimmerlabs tuning database. You may have noticed a lack of updates in - at least visible updates many upgrades happened in the background. I have simply been unable to be as responsive as I'd wish. For that, I apologize. Recently, our security certificate expired. Mostly due to an issue with missing admin notes, accidentally deleted a couple months ago when I discovered Azure had taken up all of the server's disk space with log files. Anyhow, that is now resolved we always take security extremely seriously. Bimmerlabs is not dead or going away anytime soon. But we've re-grouped, and this year, we'd like to realize one of the major goals this site always had - namely, eliminating ourselves as the middle-man, and allowing users some ability for self tuning for the most popular models of BMWs. This does mean we'll have to scale back our original ambitions. We'll probably never support anything past the E-series BMWs. That's fine - there are millions of E-series cars out there, waiting to be tuned. Also, we'll probably be sticking to WinKFP for flashing, as rolling a flash-app for a phone has proven to be basically impossible I have had many offers, but no follow through - it's always harder than it appears. For more than a year, we've have a beta stand alone flash app for the PC, but it would only be difficult to ensure it's as reliable as the factory BMW flash software - WinKFP. It does mean we'll be limited to flashing on PCs, and we'll have to work on improving the automated scripts that flash the DME for you. But given we can hardly keep up with the support requests we already have, that's fine too. You're always free to use alternative flashing methods with Bimmerlabs files as well. The primary goal in the next few months: complete support for the most common use cases of E-series BMWs. Enable self-tuning, including pre-selected tuning options. The idea is to make the site not rely on me or anyone else having to answer an email; instead you can pick what you want, and the site will develop the tune, or you could access the maps directly. This would cost a reasonable fee, but it will also allow us to continue to run this site. We want the site to be sustainable so that your tuning needs can be met at a reasonable cost, without us getting in the way; benefiting everyone. Expect some sort of major update here in the 1st quarter of Until then, I'll try to answer some of the 3 bazillion emails I've not been able to get to in the last couple months. The information was locked away, and something simple like coding out an error code would cost hundreds of dollars. A group of enthusiasts from all over the world got together and 'cracked' the DME - basically, we just figured out what made it tick. As we were working on the E46 M3 computers, we started to develop skills in things like disassembly and hex editing. WinOLS has more power, but it's locked up and expensive. At some point, we realized automated XDF generation made a lot more sense. But another issue is for each car, there could be 20 or more program variants - which means every one of them has different addresses, or 'offsets', for each parameter. Each parameter for each program version had to be found by hand - again, time consuming and nearly impossible to do manually.


Notify me when this product is available: Notify me when this product is available:. With on-going revisions and updates being made continuously both on our Race and Forced Induction programs, they have made possible the refinements needed for a true hi-performance street tune. Within specific ares of the MSS54 DME, the algorithms have been altered to achieve more usable horsepower and torque by re-working features such as the engine VANOS dual variable valve timingfuel and ignition maps and torque dampening. Other noticeable r esults are better warm starts, with a crisper and a more responsive throttle. So w hether you enjoy you car as a daily driver or enjoy the weekend track outings our BMW M3 tune software will be able to accommodate your needs. Through careful, detailed remapping to the entire DME we have been able to increase your S54's output by 14 HP and 11 ft lbs of torque on a stock BMW E46 M3 with factory settings for a normal street car. We also have different upgrades available for off-road use like sport button modification, SMG shift light feature to your 6 speed model, 02 Simulation, etc. This engine has been running almost two years with no issues, which I find remarkable, considering the amount of track time it's seen and a rev limiter set at 8, Thanks to Active Autowerke, where engine-tuning is the one area I leave to them The CFM flow rate is much greater than the factory paper element. As such, we strongly believe that the performance tune should take into account the style of air intake installed on each specific M3. You will receive a specific tune to accommodate your specific air intake at no additional charge to you. These systems require that the factory mesh baffle within the factory air box be removed. As such, the air turbulence created is much different and can influence the CFM flow rate as well. We strongly believe that the performance tune should take into account the style of air intake installed on that specific M3. You will receive a specific tune at no additional charge to you. Having installed a CSL style intake system dramatically changes the air intake charge set-up. Not only is this radically different, but the software to operate with the CSL style is also different. You will need to run a Alpha N tune configuration. There are also different configurations of CSL airboxes, from the genuine to aftermarket replicas. There is an additional cost to run this set-up. Our tune was made primarily for this set-up. You will receive a specific tune to accommodate your header configuration at no additional charge to you. You will receive a specific tune to accommodate your header configuration as well as satisfy the fault code. Just make the selection to reflect your header with the number of 02 sensor holes. Example, the CSL headers has only two 02 sensor holes and not four. We perform this upgrade through the software at no additional cost to you. Please call us to add your 6 Speed Shift Lights feature. Our Data Logger gives you the capability to log data from your vehicle in real-time. It is simple to use and will allow for a more accurate and personalized remote tune. Delivered to you electronically via e-mail. If you have a defective air pump, you may notice a check engine light on your dashboard, or may also notice the pump is consistently noisy for 30 seconds to 2 minutes after startup. Replacing this pump often quiets noisy startups, turns off check engine lights caused by certain codes, and keeps your vehicle running perfectly. Most racers prefer to eliminate this part for weight savings and create a cleaner engine bay layout. We can satisfy this fault code through the software configuration. Menu 0. Exception is the Z4M with the S54 motor.

BMW Performance Chips & Software for BMW 3 Series E46 (1999-2005)

Enter your email address below and instructions to reset your password will be emailed to you. Add to Wish List Add:. Choose a wish list to add product to:. Add Cancel. The product has been added to your wish list. Thank you! Continue Shopping. New Customer Create an account to be able to build Wish Lists. Create Account. Have an Account? Forgot Password? Sign in to your account for an easier and quicker checkout experience. Could not verify your account. Please try again, or Reset Your Password. Account Locked Out. Too many invalid login attempts, contact Turner Customer Support. New Customer Unable to create account, make sure you enter a password and a valid email address. My Account Sign In. BMW 2 Series. BMW 3 Series. BMW 4 Series. BMW 5 Series. BMW 6 Series. BMW 7 Series. BMW 8 Series. BMW Classics. BMW X Series. BMW Z Series. BMW i Series. Home Engine Software. Performance tuning for your BMW gives it more efficient and effective ECU mapping which favor power delivery over comfort. BMW tuning legend Jim Conforti produces incredible software tunes for nearly every model to give drivers a noticeable upgrade in their car's capabilities. Sort By:. T : In Stock. Add to Wish List. View More Info. Show More Show Less. A ZHP automatic will always have a lower rev limit than a manual in the interest of preserving the automatic transmission.

BMW M3 E46 SMG2 gearbox on CSL software

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