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Group 1: Amy, Lisa, Gerry and Eric. Group 2: Marcellas, Lori, Chiara and Roddy. Group 3: Josh, Danielle, Tonya and Jason. The houseguests were given a stack of cards and a wheel with their names on it. Roddy was randomly selected to go first. The cards had questions on them and Roddy had to choose two and answer the questions on the cards with the name of two houseguests. They then spun the wheel. The final two remaining in the competition were Lisa and Lori. The houseguests then voted on which of the two they wanted to be Head of Household. Votes for Lori 2 : Jason and Roddy. It was announced that the veto gives the holder the power to take someone off of the block, saving them from eviction. Each week all of the houseguests will compete to earn the veto. The holder can save one of the nominated houseguests. The HoH cannot nominate the veto winner. If a nominee wins the PoV, they cannot save themselves but they can save their fellow nominee. If the HoH wins the PoV, they can leave the nominations how they are or change one of the nominees. The houseguests will play in order of random drawing. When it is their turn to take control of the ball launcher, the houseguests must take aim and fire at the cut out of the houseguest that they would like to eliminate from winning the PoV. Before shooting, the houseguest must announce who they are shooting at. Each houseguest will get four shots per round. When your tube has three balls in it, you are out of contention to win the PoV.

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Jeff Schroeder is an American television and online talk show host, currently for Daily Blast Live, a daily entertainment and news program produced and distributed by TEGNA, which is seen on-air on local stations across the U. Though he had dreams of playing football professionally, he switched his focus to other passions, including traveling and acting. After earning his degree, he saved enough money to take a month-long trip backpacking across Western Europe. A few years later, he ventured out west to California to pursue a career in acting. He lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years before moving back home to Chicago. Upon his return, he began a career in advertising at a radio agency. Over the years, Schroeder continued acting in Chicago and has appeared in many commercials, and even began to book modeling jobs for print. He was born on June 5. Jeff is 41 years old as of Schroeder was born in Norridge, Illinois and is of German and Italian descent. He graduated with a degree in Marketing from Aurora University. While pursuing his education at Aurora, he played 4 years of college football. Jeff and his wife Jordan Lloyd currently own a YouTube channel with over 25, subscribers. They have two sons together. Jordan Hailie Schroeder is an American reality television participant and the winner of the 11th season of Big Brother. Now, after nearly a decade together, the longtime couple has two kids. The Chicago advertising exec and the North Carolina native first locked eyes in and they quickly struck up a close friendship and partnership during the season. He has a huge family. In an interview with TVGuide. Although Schroeder and Lloyd had originally planned to wed in Mexico in September, they decided to tie the knot a few months early after finding out that they were expecting.

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What's the unfunny version of that Community meme where Donald Glover walks into a room holding pizzas, blissfully unaware the entire place is ablaze? That would be what's happened to Big Brother contestants in Germany, Canada, and other countriesall of whom have been kept in the dark about the coronavirus pandemic while inside the reality franchise's signature houses. The houseguests were only recently informed about that, according to Canada's Global News. Contestants on the German edition of Big Brotherhowever, have not been notified yet. Instead, on Tuesday, the houseguest will be told during a live broadcastat which time they can ask questions about the coronavirus pandemic, which has hit Germany with more than 8, cases and at least 20 deaths. On Monday, the country closed its borders. In a statement to The Hollywood ReporterBig Brother production company Endemol Shine said the coronavirus pandemic forced all of the Big Brother shows to change the way it treats providing outside news to contestants. The majority of Housemates have already been briefed, and this process will be complete [March 17]. CBS airs Big Brother in the United States as well, but the newest season of that edition was not expected until the summer. While the franchise normally has strict blackout rules when it comes to events that happen outside the house, breaking protocol over the coronavirus pandemic has some precedent. Induring the second season of the U. Looking for more? Sign up for our daily Hollywood newsletter and never miss a story. Will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. HWD Daily From the awards race to the box office, with everything in between: get the entertainment industry's must-read newsletter.

Big Brother ruined my life

By MailOnline Reporter. Ellis Hillon has been removed from the Big Brother house after racist tweets emerged allegedly posted by the fast food worker. In a statement posted to the Channel 5 shows Twitter account, bosses said: 'As a result of our investigation into offensive and unacceptable posts on social media, Ellis Hillon has been removed from the Big Brother House. Announced: The news was confirmed in a statement posted to the Big Brother Twitter account, which said Ellis was removed following an investigation. It was reported that tweets posted by Ellis in a now-deleted account saw the teen make various comments about the September 11 tragedy, with some coming in on the anniversary of the tragic event. The account was reportedly deleted just hours after Ellis entered the house on Friday night, joining 13 other housemates on the show's last even launch. Representatives for Big Brother declined to comment when contacted by MailOnline. People just talk absolute rubbish and make fake things up. Good night!!!! Shortly after tweeting she liked a comment from a fan who said: 'Wasn't she 15 when she tweeted that? No true: Miss Hillon's sister, who is currently running her new Twitter account, has said the tweets are fake tweeting: 'People just talk absolute rubbish and make fake things up'. After the tweets resurfaced, a spokesman for Channel 5 told the Mirror: 'We are currently investigating the authenticity of a number of historic social media posts. Since her departure even more controversial posts have resurfaced reported to be from Ellis' Facebook account. Unreal: Since her departure The Mirror reportedly uncovered even more posts from Ellis, including some from her Facebook account. Next to a picture of Stone a post read: 'Hands up if your sic going to be sectarian today. On her way into the house Ellis nearly suffered a nasty wardrobe malfunction, as she sported a tiny checked mini dress. Could you get Irn Bru in the BB house? This isn't the first time producers have removed contestants from the Big Brother house - civilian and celebrity - for their use of homophobic or racist language. InTila Tequila was kicked out of CBB mere hours after arriving, when pictures emerged of her dressed as a Nazi concentration camp guard. It was then reported that the Brazilian plastic surgery fan was removed for 'inappropriate behaviour,' though the star insisted he left of his own accord. And long-standing Big Brother fans may remember the first such incident came inwhen civilian housemate Emily Parr was removed for using the n-word while talking to housemate Charley Uchea while they were chatting in the garden hours before, as she said: 'Are you pushing it out, [N-word]?

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It's hard to describe what it feels like to experience hatred like that, especially when you have been shielded from the public's reaction for three weeks. For me, it was like being crushed, and I struggled to keep a smile on my face. Presenter Davina McCall hugged me as I joined her on the stage, whispering: "Don't worry, it's all a pantomime. But it felt very real to me. All I could think, as I walked with her to the studio, was that the public hated me. If I'm honest, I feel that same lurching realisation in the pit of my stomach now whenever I walk out of my house. For me, appearing on Big Brother has resulted in nothing but cruel words, vicious criticism and heartache. Earlier this year, it got so bad that I attempted suicide. Using the handle of my hairbrush, I crushed a whole bottle of paracetamol tablets into a potentially lethal powder. I had every intention of swallowing it, but my mother came in and found me lying on my bed, sobbing. I was there for two days, under hour suicide watch, dosed up on Diazepam to help me rest. As I lay in bed on the psychiatric ward, staring at the stark white walls, I started to wonder if I would ever fully return to the real world after my cruel experience of 'reality' TV. It's so strange to think that just over a year ago, when I applied to be on the show, I felt much like any other teenager. I've always been an extrovert, but I didn't have any ambitions to be famous. My parents had recently sold the large detached house in Emley, Huddersfield, where I grew up, to move into a luxurious bungalow that my father, Paul, a construction manager, had designed and built himself. And though I wouldn't say I was spoiled by my mum, Heather, 39, I didn't want for anything. But I have to admit my head was turned when I saw an advert inviting applications for Big Brother. I'd grown up on a diet of reality TV shows and it just seemed too good an opportunity to miss. As far as I was concerned, it was a guaranteed ticket to fame and a fabulous life. I've always admired the past winners of these programmes - they've been ordinary people like me who just had the good fortune of getting a lucky break - just think of Girls Aloud, Pop Idol winner Will Young or former Big Brother winner Kate Lawler. So I put all my efforts into the application. My entire family went with me to the first round of auditions in Newcastle. Within minutes of arriving, I'd been picked out of thousands of hopefuls and whisked to the front of the queue by a production assistant.

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