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Reviews : Best Post Hole Digger — Gas-Powered Earth Augers

These are one of the most popular types of augers around. Designed not only for creating space for fence posts, these highly versatile tools are great for general yard work and landscaping as well. Digging post holes is easiest with a dirt auger. With the perfect post hole auger, you can save time and effort while working outside with few disadvantages. Earthquake 2-Person Post Hole Auger. Landworks Electric. XtremepowerUS Auger. Southland One Man Earth Auger. Earthquake E43 1 Person. This 2 man powerhead from Earthquake can really get the job done. During testing we paired it with a 6 inch auger bit and it crushed holes like nobody's business. We really like the earthquake powerhead and recommend it as the best post hole digger. Super powerful motor that definitely needs two people to handle. When it grabbed bottom, it kicked back pretty good. Make sure that its completely upright and starting will be no problem. The quality build is obvious and this unit can get through 's of holes without any issues. During testing we dug through hard clay, gravel and some 1 inch roots. We are happy to report that it went through everything like a champ. We recommend it as the best post hole digger for clay soil. This unit does lack a reverse feature, which would come in handy instead of having to pull it out of the ground when digging deeper holes. Landworks is among the most reputable manufacturers of earth augers, so when it comes to quality, design, and functionality, you will never go wrong. This is an electric, cordless earth auger that runs through a rechargeable battery. It also comes with a battery life indicator to help you check the battery life of your auger.

Best Post Hole Augers Reviews & Ratings

If you buy an item via links on this page, we may earn a commission. Our editorial content is not influenced by commissions. Read the full disclosure. If you need to install a fence on your property, set up a mailbox, construct a deck, or plant a lot of trees, you need a post hole digger. A great tool for all sorts of digging applications, a post hole digger will help you to create the right size holes so that you can quickly complete your outdoor maintenance or gardening projects. Delivering an unparalleled powerful performance and featuring an extremely easy-to-use one-person design, the Southland digger is destined to be your new soil-busting buddy. In just a few minutes, the durable auger will blast away the dirt so you can erect a fence or plant fruit trees. Check the price on Amazon. A post hole digger sometimes called an auger, is the ultimate tool for smaller earthmoving tasks and it is a must-have tool for any DIY maintenance enthusiast or gardener. The digger, which can either be manually operated or automatic, has a solid metal head that is made up of two blades or a drilling bit that digs into the earth and loosen the soil so that you can remove the dirt and make the holes that you need for erecting fence posts or planting trees. If you are a first-time post hole digger, have a look at these helpful videos on how to use a manually-operated or automatic digger. One of the best things about a post hole digger is that this powerful and precise tool will make light work of what would normally be an extremely tiring job and it will help you to get all of your digging tasks done quickly so that can complete your projects. To be able to find the best post hole digger for your outdoor chores, you need to think about the type of digging projects that you have to do and what type of soil you will be digging into. A manually-operated post hole digger is primarily designed for light to medium-duty tasks, although there are some manual diggers that work well in tougher soil. The manual post hole digger can dig holes up to 4 feet deep and it works best in soft and loose soil. It has a simple design: two handles which you use to dig the tool into the ground and then pull the handles apart to break up the soil and then close the handles together to collect the soil. Once the soil has been loosened, and you have removed the soil from the hole, you can then fit your fence post or tree into the freshly made hole. This type of digger requires no gas or electricity to function and you do not have to worry about the noise level. Jackson Kodiak Post Hole Digger will get the job done. If the soil around your yard or property has some rocks in it or it is primarily clay-based, then you may want to consider a more heavy-duty manual post hole digger like the Seymour Structron Hercules PD48 Post Hole Digger. The best manual post hole digger is one that has fiberglass triple wall construction handles which means the handles are built to last and comfortable to hold. Jackson Kodiak Post Hole Diggeras it features an innovative handle design that protects your knuckles during the digging process.

Reviews : Best Post Hole Digger — Gas-Powered Earth Augers

The bigger question is why? If you live in the country, you probably know why. Fence posts, gate posts, mailbox posts, porch posts, barn posts, stable posts, etc. In rural America, PHD stands for post hole digger. Learning to use one is not so much an education, but an experience that offers real-world moments from which to understand the value — and satisfaction — of hard work. Probably in six out of 10 rural households, you will find a post hole digger. Essentially, a post hole digger consists of two long-handled, narrow-point shovels that face each other, connected by a hinge that allows the two halves to close together on dirt, pick it up and release it when the user has lifted it out of the ground. Using a manual post hole digger is hard work. There are no two ways around it. Below is a review of some of the best post hole diggers available on the market. The list also includes a sampling of the best powered earth augers that work faster, but still offer no free pass from the rigors of hard work. There are two crucial factors to purchasing a post hole digger: strength and sharpness. The need for each should be obvious. The blades have to remain clinched when pounds of soil are lifted straight up through the hole. Any bending or separating of the blades during this process greatly reduces their effectiveness. Likewise, the handles have to carry the load being lifted up, and the pressure exerted on them by the user. For years, handles on manual post hole diggers were hardwood, but the strongest units now have fiberglass handles. The steel used in the blades needs to be tough, and the cutting edges sharp. Dull-edged post hole diggers are exercises in futility, and easily-dulled blades are a waste of money. Manual post hole diggers are not expensive. The fiberglass handles have a reinforcing fiberglass core that combats bending, especially at the head, where it connects to the blades. This is the critical stress point with any post hole digger. This unit has cushioned handles, which pay dividends over the course of a day-long, or weekend-long project. This is important in that the greater the spread, the better its ability to release compacted dirt, like clay. This post hole digger comes highly rated. It has inch fiberglass handles and cushioned grips. The blades are clear-coated steel, and are able to retain their sharpness through tough conditions. This comes in two blade sizes — 5. This is listed as commercial grade, but it is not over the heads of average homeowners. It has extra-strength fiberglass handles and strong, sharp gauge steel blades. Six feet deep.

Best Post Hole Diggers (manual & machine): Reviews and Complete Guide 2020

It is much easier to use these tools for digging a hole than it is to use a shovel as they are much more precise and you will be able to dig deeper much more easily. Even though you may not need to dig often, you really notice your need for one when you do. There are many kinds of diggers on the market today. They are one of the few tools that are still popular to use even though they are manually operated. When you are looking for the right digger for your needs, there are a few things that you should consider that will make the decision-making process much easier. This guide will help you identify the good quality models from the lower quality models and will give you the information you need to make a decision that will be efficient no matter what the situation. Buying quality tools is really important. This guide can help ensure that the post hole digger you choose is well-made and of good quality. It is designed for professional use and is constructed from heavy duty materials. The handle is made of fiberglass and is bright yellow so it is easy to find amongst your other tools. The grip on the handles is cushioned and comfortable for the user so that you can dig for extended periods of time without pain. If you are in the market for a good quality digger that will get the job done while being easy to use, this is the one you are looking for. It has triple wall construction that makes this tool great for planting, putting up fences and other garden jobs that require the use of a post hole digger. It has been designed to reduce strain and increase the leverage you get when digging holes. Digging post holes can be very physically demanding work so having a commercial grade digger, that has been designed to easily break through densely packed soil, will help tremendously in getting the job done. The larger head scoops up more dirt per scoop which makes the overall job take less time. The longer, pointed head is designed to remove the dirt from your post holes without it slipping off and falling back in. A flimsy digger is a disaster on the job and will likely end up breaking under the strain of digging through dirt, roots, or rocks. It is wise to purchase the best quality tool you can afford especially if it is a tool you regularly use. With all the choices on the market you are assured to find the right one for your specific needs. If you have ever dug a hole with a regular shovel you know how physically taxing the job can be. A post hole digger can make this job much easier and faster due to its design which grabs the soil and pulls it out of the way, so easy that even a kid can use it. Below we listed some things you need to consider before you purchase. If you are not sure that the manual style model is right for you, read the following instructions on how they are used. It is a very simple model to execute, so much so that kids and older people can use this style to successfully dig the holes they need. Having the best quality post hole digger that you can afford will make your planting, fencing, and all other hole digging jobs much easier. If you are a serious gardener or DIY enthusiast, you will be glad that you purchased this useful and efficient tool for your collection. Even though there are two main types of diggers, manual and gas powered, there are different designs among those two types that you can choose from. Manual models are much less expensive and are easier to use than gas powered models but the gas-powered models are faster at digging the holes. Our information on handle construction, blade size, materials used in construction, and other factors will help you sort through the different models available to choose the best design for you. Once you have narrowed the field you can see which models meet the requirements you are looking for and choose the one that best fits those needs and preferences. Having the correct knowledge and the best information will enable you to make an informed decision that will be a good value and will last you a long time. With proper care and storage, your post hole digger will last you for years to come. Darius is our Electronics, Tools and Music writer. He's a self-proclaimed music geek who loves laying down tracks in his spare time. Darius worked for a well-known tool company for 7 years before joining the ThoroughlyReviewed.

Best Post Hole Auger

A post hole auger is a DIY staple and will come in handy for a wide range of activities around the house. As well as ice fishing, a post hole auger is an ideal tool for installing a new fenceerecting a mailbox or signs and digging up holes in the garden or yard for planting trees and crops. Their versatility, high-end and sturdy construction, and effortless performance makes them a must-have tool for any serious homeowner or DIYer. The market is home to a wide array of post hole augers. You can elect to go for the simplicity of a manual model or a powered one if you prioritize speed and ease of use. For greenhorns who lack the requisite information and knowledge to facilitate making an independent and informed choice, this buying guide is for you. A manual auger comes with the advantages of affordability, lightweight and highly portable design, and outstanding simplicity in design. The only downside is that it requires some serious muscle and upper body strength for pushing down into various soil types. Under motor-powered post hole augers, you can choose among battery- electricity- and gas-powered models. This boils down to the size of the motor and the blade. For better, quicker, and easier results, choose one with a bigger motor and larger blade. Large blades are ideal for piercing through tough or densely-packed soils as they have a knack for scooping copious amounts of soil. If they feature a pointed design with tapered ends and wide tops, their performance will be more impressive. A big motor also translates to more power which in turn takes the time and effort away from digging through tough soils. For occasional hole digging around the house, consider going for a model sporting reasonable motor and blade size. A post hole auger should be all about performance. One feature that substantially enhances ease of use is cushioned or ergonomically designed handles. As well as enhancing comfort, they also facilitate a secure, firm, and non-slip grip and minimize the likelihood of knuckle collision, hand fatigue or strain. As for versatility, the post hole auger should be compatible with a wide range of auger blades for effortless drilling on a wide range of soil types. A lightweight design augments manoeuvrability, controllability, and portability. Drilling holes through tightly-packed soils exposes the blades or bits to loads of attrition. If the post hole auger is poorly made, the blades and even the handles can easily give in after just a few uses. Tough soils require that the blades be forged from high-end materials to withstand loads of attrition and heavy, extreme use. A handle made from fibreglass or steel offer superior resilience, strength, and durability compared to those made from wood. If possible, ensure the model comes with a warranty. A: The advantages are manifold. As well as offering superior control and versatility, manual post hole augers are also incredibly safe, cost-effective, longer lasting. Also, use both hands to give you superior control, which is important considering the speeds at which the blades can rotate. A post hole auger is a solid and indispensable tool for any serious DIY enthusiast, homeowner, or professional who wants to plant, fence, ice fish, and dig holes without putting in too much time or effort. So long as you work within your budget and keep an eye out for the essential features we discussed earlier, finding a post hole auger that best suits your needs should be a breeze. Our list features the best of the best. Choose prudently. Get up to 4 free estimates. Our Top 3 Picks. Southland 4. Symour 4.

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