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Modern Warfare M4A1 Best Classes & Attachments

If you're just getting back into the game ahead of the new season launch, you should be aware of what weapons work best. This will no doubt change with the big Season 2 patchso be sure to check back regularly. The MP5 is its next closest competitor, despite being in a different weapon category. The MP5 and M4A1 are by far the best weapon to use and are endorsed by pro players. Season 1's new weapon the RAM-7 is definitely a cut above some of the other assault rifles, despite not being as good as the M4. In the right circumstances, the MP7 and are just as deadly. The may have received a nerf since launch to bring it more in line with other weapons, but it can still dominate on small maps. The GRAU 5. It's adjustable and almost customisable iron sights, dependant on which barrel you choose, make it a nice weapon to use. There are plenty of situations where the M13 and Kilo are on par with the M4, but a slower fire rate puts the AR into the A tier. It joins the MK2 Carbine, which is a guaranteed 2-hit kill when accurate and aiming at the upper body - it also received a small penetration buff recently. With small nerfs being dealt to the M4A1, and MP5, although not enough to knock them off the top spots, have brought weapons such as the PP Bizon, Kar98k, Model up to the A tier. The Striker 45 only makes it into the B tier, one of Season 2's new weaponsalthough a decent weapon there are far better SMGs out there. This category is dedicated to the inconsistent weapons of Modern Warfare - sometimes they're hot and sometimes they'ree not. The AX is great for picking off enemies at long range, but it can produce hitmakers in unexpected scenarios. It's a similar situation with the FR 5. Once a dominant AR on previous CoD titles, the FAL still boasts good damage statistics but a high level of recoil makes it tricky to use with minimal attachments. Despite being semi-automatic, the low damage of the Dragunov makes it the unfavoured weapon in its class. The SA87 LMG packs a hefty punch and a steady rate of fire but the near-uncontrollable levels of recoil make it very tricky to use. Jonno Nicholson. Check out the definitive weapon tier list for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Raymond 'Kasing' Tsang is the subject of this first look documentary inside the ExCel LoL team, we got to know him a bit better. There are plenty of flashy guns to use in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, but as players have quickly discovered, the humble M4A1 is one of the best available. Want to know more? Try them out, feel free to adjust attachments if needed and find which M4A1 class is the best for you. Prefer sneaking around out of sight to catch your enemies off-guard? Try out this setup for stealthy flair. So far at least, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is pretty flexible when it comes to your perk choices, especially in your first and third slot. Have your own preferred setup? Let us know in the comments below! He spent his younger life studying the laws of physics, even going so far as to complete a PhD in the subject before video game journalism stole his soul. Confess your love of Super Smash Bros. Join Our Newsletter and keep up to date on the latest from HyperX. We promise to handle your information in line with our privacy policy. This site uses cookies to provide enhanced features and functionality. By using the site, you are consenting to this. Read more about our cookie policy. Feature Kasing opens up about food, parents and life outside the Rift Raymond 'Kasing' Tsang is the subject of this first look documentary inside the ExCel LoL team, we got to know him a bit better. November 01 Find out if you can team up with a friend in multiplayer while playing Luigi's Mansion 3. Henry Stenhouse Associate Editor. Memory Shop Now. Mics Shop Now.

Best M4A1 class, attachments in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Sort of, since a few nerfs have already been deployed to the popular shotgun and M4A1 assault rifle. As with all online games, patches and hot fixes are always right around the corner, usually making articles like these somewhat outdated quickly. This combination forces the player to often adapt the best weapons in their play style, which in this case are the M4A1 Assault Rifle, and the Shotgun. The M4A1 is by far the best Assault Rifle in the game, and is unlocked right away at level 1. This weapon is a laser beam at range akin to the ACR from MW2, and has the highest fire rate to boot. The is also crazy overpowered, with more range than SMGs and is an instant kill if hit. Both of these weapons are due for more balancing changes, so be warned if they become a favorite. If sitting behind a door with two Claymores and peeking out one window camping for an entire game is too boring for you and it should bethen consider running around a bit. The best option for this would be the MP5 submachine gun and a pistol secondary, with the MP5 kitted out for maximum aim down sight speed. The MP5 has easily one of the best looking iron sights in the game, making forgoing a red dot sight very easy in exchange for another, more useful attachment. For perks, the Double Time, Ghost, and Battle Hardened make the player fast, hard to spot, and durable. This class is built for taking out campers without sacrificing too much range, as the MP5 can still take out targets from quite a distance if used correctly. If damage is still not enough, the MP5 has a 10mm ammo upgrade down the line, sacrificing a little fire rate for a bigger bullet, which means more stopping power. For equipment, a stun or flash grenade with a Semtex is always a good choice, or even a Stim if health is an issue. In this case, the choices are pretty slim, as the game only ships with three rifles, the Dragunov, the HDR, and the AX The last rifle offers insane stopping power and range at the cost of fire rate. As it is a bolt action, this requires the player to squeeze off a shot and then hiding or relocating before fire is returned. The handling is pretty good, so running and gunning with a different scope is entirely plausible. Ghost is an obvious perk choice, as well as Tracker or Shrapnel. Equipment can be anything for the most part. To put it simply, each weapon class has its overpowered entries, but only using one weapon because it is just a little better than the others will create a quickly tiresome game that is very repetitive.

Modern Warfare Season 3: Weapon And Gun Tier List - The Best Setups And Attachments

The Gunsmith offers so many options and attachments for your setup, so we're here to make your life easy and pick the right combinations. Every player is different and every playstyle is unique, so you can find a few options to help compliment you. When you factor in its high damage output, the M4 is near-unbeatable in every possible scenario that you will come across in multiplayer. When fully equipped with a Stock M16 Grenadier, Granulated Grip Tape and a Commando Foregrip, recoil becomes a minimum at close to medium ranges but at longer ranges, it still requires some trigger discipline to secure the kill. This is probably the best all-round setup for the M4, combining versatility, power, accuracy and control. This is a setup that a few pro players are using, including Clayster and Crimsix - it's worth noting that some also use the Operator Foregrip. D will increase your resistance to explosives, Hardline will allow you to score killstreaks much faster which will allow you to be more aggressive and Battle Hardened will increase your resistance to those pesky flash and stun grenades. This killstreak combination is with high-kill matches in mind. The VTOL Jet kills all enemies with ease while White Phosphorus can damage enemies all over the map, making them easy pray for you and your teammates. This combination of attachments will allow you to be aggressive against the SMGs and often outgun them thanks to the minimal recoil and increased movement speed from the barrel. This perk setup will allow you to play more passive and act as an anchor for your team on the map. Semtex is ideal for throwing into a crowded area and it could stick to an opponent and a flash is great to pop when about to rush into a building. Add insult to injury and give your M4 some additional firepower to take down the enemy with ease. Playing more aggressively will mean that the higher killstreaks are out of reach so aiming for lower, yet powerful, killstreaks is the way to go. Aggression not your style? It is very easy to be sneaky on Modern Warfare thanks to the numerous buildings located on every map. Follow this class setup to rack up kills while staying hidden. This loadout conceals any noise when firing and unmatched range which is perfect for the bigger maps. Choice of lethals and tacticals is again down to personal preference but if you are hiding out in a building then a Claymore is definitely the way to go, along with a smoke grenade to escape any sticky situation. Being more passive and sneakier will likely yield higher killstreaks so choose ones that you think you can score! Jonno Nicholson.

'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare' Best Early Class Setups & Loadouts - M4A1, P90 & More

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has a slightly complicated system for class setups and loadouts that may be intimidating for new players. With that confusion in mind, we've assembled this guide with eight of our favorite loadouts to suit all play styles. Whether you want a more balanced game with the M4A1 or want to run and gun with the P90, we've got you covered. This loadout combines two of Modern Warfare 's best early-game weapons to form a great pairing. Pelt opponents from medium range with the Kilo and shred from up close with the AUG. This one is great for an all-purpose approach that doesn't involve sniping. For those who want to purely run and gun, this is one P90 offering that may suit your taste. SMGs are one of the better weapon classes in Modern Warfare right now, and this loadout allows you to make use of one of the best ones in the game. The M4 is nearly universally praised as one of the best early-game weapons in Modern Warfare. With this configuration, players are able to take advantage of the gun's high damage output and insane precision. The M4 will likely be nerfed in future updates, but this setup of components will take away the sting of those future changes. Shred with the MP5 from up close, and attack with a little more distance using the M4. This is another all-purpose concept that will likely be helpful to new players who are still trying to figure out which gun to main. If the FR 5. You'll likely notice many of the same parts used in previous builds leveraged once again here. For the M13, the situation should feel familiar except for tacking on a slightly more tailored barrel. Beyond that, the usual suspects show up here. You essentially want a build that prioritizes accuracy and power above all else. If the prior P90 build doesn't feel quite right to you, maybe try this one. Just like the other, however, this setup is absolutely designed for run-and-gun play. It prioritizes quick action while also adding a unique healing element that may be helpful for keeping new players in the game longer. If you like to snipe but don't have a ton of patience, this is the class setup for you.

Modern Warfare: The OVERPOWERED AK-47! (Best Class Setup)

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