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iOS 13 Shortcuts – 10 Must Have Shortcuts for iOS 13 Devices

Siri Shortcuts are the most exciting part of iOS The Shortcuts app lets you create complex automation shortcuts that you can run using Siri. You can import a shortcut from the Gallery or from the web. Here are some of the best shortcuts for the Shortcuts app that you can download to get you started on your iPhone or iPad. Visit this article on your iPhone or iPad. When you tap on the download link on your iOS device, it should prompt you to open the Shortcuts app. Just select the contact, and the shortcut will automatically contact your travel time to the selected place. Create a new shortcut, add the Wi-Fi shortcut and toggle the status to off. Then give it a name and you can even add it as a Siri shortcut. Next time, just say the phrase, or tap on the shortcut from the widget to turn off Wi-Fi. You can do a complex version of this as well that would toggle off Bluetooth and Cellular data as well. This shortcut takes the image and compresses it in JPEG format, making it easy to share at places like Slack. This is a great way to read the latest 5 stories from your favorite website. Add this shortcut, and just change the title and add the feed URL. Give a phrase to Siri and next time you say it, Siri will read you the latest 5 headlines from the website. A really useful shortcut for updating your favorite playlists in real time. Turn on Flashlight Siri Shortcut: Download. I have to use a third party app to convert it into a GIF. No configuration needed, supports both phones and both orientations, can also combine multiple screens together. There are shortcuts that will stitch images for you. But this shortcut will automatically put the iPhone XS or XS Max body around your screenshot and will create an image for you. If you choose more than one screenshot, it will create a side by side image! This is a great way to share multiple screenshots on the web, in style. This simple shortcut lets you quickly calculate the tip for your bill. From popup menus, you can input the bill amount, select the tip percentage and see the total amount due, with the tip. Calculate Tip : Download. This is similar. You can tap and hold the Shutter button to take photos in succession.

Some Handy iOS 12 Shortcuts and Other Tips and Tricks You Should Know

The Shortcuts app is probably one of the most exciting and the best additions to iOS Although there are already lots of ready-to-use shortcuts for iOS 12, the Shortcuts app is way better because it comes with many features and it is integrated with Siri itself with an aim to get things and tasks done faster. The app introduces the Workflow functionality to Siri so you can decide and create your own custom actions and voice commands, or choose from a list of available shortcuts. Other than using Siri, the Shortcuts app also allows users to edit photos from the Gallery. It also lets them swipe, scroll or tap through apps to translate phrases into different languages, of course, with the help of Siri. What the iOS Shortcuts app can do does not end there. You need not seek help from online photo editing services or have professional Photoshop skills to turn a series of images into a GIF. You can also use the shortcut to create GIFs, using your default camera. Launch your Camera app and hold down the shutter button to start taking a burst of photos. Once you have taken great photos, navigate to the Shortcuts app. If you are impressed with the GIF you created, feel free to share it with your friends on iMessage or social media. Do you want to level up your Instagram game? Shortcuts app can help you with that. Regardless of the number of photos you want to use, you can create awesome collages without having to open other third-party apps. Your device will work for you and organize your photos in a grid. Just activate Siri and say Translate Text. Follow the word or phrase you want to translate. Select the language. Because of this feature, many apps are slowly getting dethroned. No need to stress yourself out trying to use Google Translate and typing out the phrases you want to translate. Not certain what time to leave for work? You can count on the Shortcuts app. The moment you install the app, you will be asked for your office and home address. That way, you can conveniently check it to know what time you should leave for work every morning. Yes, you read that right. Simply navigate to your Today View and you should see an estimate. There are times when you need directions to a few frequently visited locations, such as your favorite restaurant, home, and work. If you find yourself in a situation like that, you can navigate to the Shortcuts app and create a list of all your key locations. You can even add a function like Show Directions so you can quickly tap on to your preferred mapping app to pull up directions from your current location to your destination. With the Shortcuts app, you can create custom voice commands for executing tasks.

30 Cool iPhone Shortcuts You Should be Using

This shortcut allows you to search for any image on Google. So you will have like an image that you want to find on the Internet you want to have a link of that image or something like that you can do it simply by copying it and running the shortcut and it will find that exact image on the Internet. Download Shortcut: Reverse Imager Search. This one allows you to manage your clipboard. Download Shortcut: Clipboard Manager. The auto message is the next shortcut for this article. So if you tap on the create individual message option and then from here you can go ahead and just search the name of the contact and it will find the name of the contact on your contacts list and then you can just go ahead and enter anything you want on the message and then of course you can also attach a picture if you want to then from here you can go ahead and set the date and the hour when you want to send that message. Now the way it works is that once you tap ok right there then it will basically give you a reminder when the time comes and once the time comes all you gotta do is just tap the shortcut once more and it will automatically send the message that you have scheduled. Download Shortcut: Auto Message. Now this works similar to the water eject feature that we have on the Apple watch. Download Shortcut: Water Eject. The next one is battery manager, if you tap on the shortcut then you will see a list of things. Now with the fast charge that will help you to charge your iPhone faster by disabling a lot of things on your iPhone in order for the battery to be preserved and the iPhone to charge faster and then you will have ultra-low power mode. Download Shortcut: Battery Manager. Charging notification is another one that has to do with the battery. Download Shortcut: Charging Notification. This one is similar to battery manager, what it does is that it will make your iPhone charge faster. Download Shortcut: Fast Charge. Auto Safari scroll is a shortcut for the Safari app. So if you choose that one then it will automatically scroll. Download Shortcut: Safari Auto-Scroll.

Best iOS 12 Powerful Shortcuts for iPhone, iPad 2019

When Apple bought the Workflow app, they renamed it to Shortcuts and made some significant improvements and adjustments. The most important thing that Apple did is they gave a possibility for people to create custom shortcuts and even program them. Today, we gonna take a look at the best shortcuts ever created, which will be useful for every iPhone and iPad user. Now, once you got the app, we can start with Shortcut number 1. This shortcut allows you to save battery on your iPhone, select what to disable eg: Bluetooth or WiFi, or cellular data, lower the brightness and activate low power mode — all at the same time. Intelligent Power. As every iPhone user knows, downloading process is super complex. However with that Shortcut you can get the native downloading experience. Download File. With this shortcut you can unzip and save file in one click. Unzip and Save. Newer iPhone models iPhone 7 and up have a water resistance rating, but they are not waterproof. So, with this shortcut you can eject water from iPhone speaker if you ever drop it in the water, this will not only protect speakers but the iPhone from the inside as well. Water Eject. Emergency Shortcut. Ultra Power Saving Mode This shortcut allows you to save battery on your iPhone, select what to disable eg: Bluetooth or WiFi, or cellular data, lower the brightness and activate low power mode — all at the same time.

iOS 12 Shortcuts Hands-On: Put Your iPhone to Work

So far, so cool. So much to taking shortcuts. The pickings then were slim, to put it lightly. After you give Shortcuts permission to access Apple Music and give the new playlist a name, the Shortcut works its magic. The handy Do Not Disturb Timer ensures that never happens again. And as no Shortcuts are truly automated, you still have to actually send the video file through Messages yourself although the Shortcut will prepare the message for you. Even better, you can choose the quality of the video before you download it, or you can simply download them as audio files. There are Shortcuts that make GIFs from burst photos, too, such as this one. After choosing, the Shortcut pulls up the video along with a slider that lets you crop the footage to the desired frames. After that, though, be sure to save the GIF through the options button in the upper right. This Shortcut lets you categorize your receipts in up to four folders in your Dropbox accounts. With each use, the Shortcut asks which folder the receipt should go in, what it was for, and how much you paid. After it asks you to take a photo of the receipt, it creates a PDF in your chosen Dropbox folder with the price and purchase reason in the file name. On the literal bright side, you simply need to refresh the page if you want to see an image properly. My favorite is easily the Remind Me at Work Shortcut. With this Shortcut, you only need to enter your address for home or work once during setup After that, any Reminder you make with this Shortcut will trigger at the programmed location. Mobile Apps. Closed captioning available on our YouTube channel. Note: When you purchase something after clicking links in our articles, we may earn a small commission. Read our affiliate link policy for more details. Related: iOS iOS

Top 5 Shortcuts For iPhone You Might Actually Use

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