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When Apple bought the Workflow app, they renamed it to Shortcuts and made some significant improvements and adjustments. The most important thing that Apple did is they gave a possibility for people to create custom shortcuts and even program them. Today, we gonna take a look at the best shortcuts ever created, which will be useful for every iPhone and iPad user. Now, once you got the app, we can start with Shortcut number 1. This shortcut allows you to save battery on your iPhone, select what to disable eg: Bluetooth or WiFi, or cellular data, lower the brightness and activate low power mode — all at the same time. Intelligent Power. As every iPhone user knows, downloading process is super complex. However with that Shortcut you can get the native downloading experience. Download File. With this shortcut you can unzip and save file in one click. Unzip and Save. Newer iPhone models iPhone 7 and up have a water resistance rating, but they are not waterproof. So, with this shortcut you can eject water from iPhone speaker if you ever drop it in the water, this will not only protect speakers but the iPhone from the inside as well. Water Eject. Emergency Shortcut. Ultra Power Saving Mode This shortcut allows you to save battery on your iPhone, select what to disable eg: Bluetooth or WiFi, or cellular data, lower the brightness and activate low power mode — all at the same time.

Best iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts for Productivity to Get The Most Out of iPhone and iPad

I shared one of my own yesterday, a quick little trick to get Siri to generate directions in Google Mapsnot Apple Maps. The first looks something like this:. Obviously, you can customize it as you see fit to pull in whatever calendar you want or selecting from a list when you open the shortcutas well as whatever mapping application you want and how you want to get to an appointment. Now, whatever you enter once will get duplicated to both calendars. Ta da. These actions now take exactly two clicks, the first is pressing the shortcut widget in my today view, the second is selecting where I want to go. Saves a few clicks and some scrolling. I believe Andrew is doing a trick like thiswhere his list actually pulls up URLs for the specific pages or playlists he wants to visit:. Great Kinja name. Very fitting. This one was fun. Also, I gave you a six-minute window for sexy time, after which your device turns off Do Not Disturb mode and your epic soundtrack. I set up multiple shortcuts for different times and locations that I am at daily and want to enable or disable things. Then I set up a shortcut that runs the correct one based on the time and location. Oh god. Could you pass some along? These are all the major shortcuts I saw in the comments to my post. And if you need some inspiration to get started with Shortcuts, here are a few helpful resources and some shortcuts to try :. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. David Murphy. Filed to: iOS David Murphy Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.

The most useful Siri Shortcuts for iPhone

If you've yet to discover the new Shortcuts tool on your iPhone, you're missing out on something that can make your life a whole lot easier. Apple's newest software, iOS 12, was released to iPhones and iPads in September with lots of cool new features, such as an improved Facetime app for group video calls and a new app for tracking how much time you spend on your phone. But there's another new goodie included in iOS 12 that you may not have time to pay around with yet: Shortcuts. The feature lets you "program" your phone to automatically perform certain tasks and functions when you tap a button or speak a custom voice command to Siri. For example, you could program your phone to automatically turn on the lights and send your spouse a text when you tell Siri "I'm home. Read more: The 11 most useful features in iOS Creating a shortcut sounds complicated. Luckily you don't have to: You can just use the shortcuts that other people have already created. There are shortcuts to help you calculate tip on a bill, make anonymous phone calls, and convert playlists easily between Apple Music and Spotify. Here are 15 of the best Shortcuts we've found that will make your life on an Apple device a lot simpler:. Source: RoutineHub. Source: Business Insider. Source: AlexSwak on Reddit. Source: Apple Shortcuts. Source: laloz8 on Reddit. Source: vtboyarc on Reddit. Source: atomicsiren on Reddit. Source: Ndh4k4 on Reddit. Source: JaredButters on Reddit. Account icon An icon in the shape of a person's head and shoulders.

30 Cool iPhone Shortcuts You Should be Using

One of iOS 12's most talked-about additions is Shortcuts, a set of tools that allows you to automate certain tasks that you perform every day on your phone. Using Shortcuts, you'll be able to get more done on your iPhone in less time — at least, that's the aim. Shortcuts carries almost unlimited potential, because you could theoretically use them to streamline so many things — from optimizing your daily commute to sharing memes. Third-party apps are being updated to support shortcuts, so that even processes like ordering coffee or jumping into a Pandora playlist can be triggered with custom commands. However, getting started with Shortcuts might be something of a head-scratching process, especially if you've never used the old Workflow app Apple bought last year. You might also be confused since it's not immediately clear whether the Shortcuts feature is baked into iOS or sequestered to a separate app. As it turns out, there are two manifestations of this feature: Siri Shortcuts and the Shortcuts app. This feature will suggest that you automate common tasks by associating them with a trigger phrase, which you record and can relay to Siri in the future. As for the Shortcuts app, essentially the Workflow app updated for iOS 12, it offers more granular control. In a sense, the app is almost like a coding app with a graphical interface. Thankfully, the less-technically inclined don't have to fumble their way through building their own Shortcuts, because Apple provides a gallery of popular premade ones that cover a wide variety of subjects, from creating playlists, to writing, even to ordering a pizza. Music lover that I am, one of my favorite shortcuts I've found thus far is Play One and Shuffle, which pretty much does what it says. I typically shuffle my Apple Music library most of the time I listen, but lately I've been in the habit of listening to a cut from the new Wild Nothing album before I surrender the rest of my listening experience to fate. Play One and Shuffle allows me to select a specific song followed by my entire collection, randomized. Combine Screenshots is another shortcut I've gotten a lot of use out of in these early days of Shortcuts. It lets you set a predetermined number of recent screenshots you've taken and direct the app to combine them in a collage of sorts, side by side. It's a great way to share what's on your screen, but it can be made even more powerful in tandem with the redesigned Photos app and its greatly expanded search-and-image-recognition capabilities in iOS There are already tons of Shortcuts live in Apple's app, and the number will surely grow as users are now only scratching the surface discovering ways to automate common tasks. Additionally, we're excited to see what happens when more third-party developers integrate their apps with the service. For example, the Heading to Work Shortcut I've been using during my morning commute calls up Apple Maps directions to my office, provides a dialogue box about an estimated time of arrival and begins an Apple Music playlist.

Best iOS 12 Powerful Shortcuts for iPhone, iPad 2019

Time to double down on efficiency! Pick out these top 10 iOS 12 Siri Productivity Shortcuts to carry out some most important tasks quickly. Having snapped the overall best Siri ShortcutsI would like to set my sight on the best iOS 12 Siri Shortcuts that can bolster productivity. Often forget to start your work in time? A workout reminder would be the need of the hour to keep you on the charge. Many a time, we get into some random activities and forget to remember that something else was needed to be done before a stipulated time. Therefore, our essential work gets delayed. No longer! With such a useful alert always there, you would be reminded of the task that you have to do. Get the shortcut. I make sure to spare time for a detailed look at everything that is expected to take place. One of the main advantages of it is that it helps me get prepared and also offers better insight into how to encounter essential things. It will be a well-timed act both for your time and the big meeting! Suddenly, your eyes fall on your Apple Watch, and you feel that you might get late. Aside from showing the expected time, it will also allow you to view the location. This shortcut works with Calendar, Maps, and Location. Ten to one, you would like to have them. Besides, you can plan yourself to perfection to impress your boss! You guessed it! This one is for the folks who love browsing the web, tracking down all the trending stories and collecting every appreciable piece. I also belong to that group. I often find myself sharing some cool posts with friends and followers. Whether you are a fun-loving person who has a huge liking for GIF or a pro who has to promote products day-in-and-day-out, this shortcut can light up both your time and productivity. So, the next time you find your post not getting a lot of traction, unleash a hilarious GIF to garner both attention and praise! Still using the old way of zipping the files before dispatching them to your colleagues via email?

Top 10 MUST HAVE iOS 12 Shortcuts - 2019

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