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Black Desert Gardening and Farming Guide

When you basically know everything in Black Desert Mobile and already reach the middle game. You probably looking for ways on how to earn silver for free, especially when you already have done will all of the daily chores in the game. However, the Black Spirit Mode automatically locates the best farm location, so picking the suggested location is still the best choice. There are farming spots locations in Black Desert Mobile where you can earn drops from the monster you eliminated and eventually sell those drops to exchange for silvers. So far, the best area to loot is in the Troll Defense Outputyou could get as much assilver within 5 hours. Below is the list of location that fits in your level that you can earn more silver in 5 hours of farming, the calculation is at 2. Also to let you know, farming in the map with below the CP level of your character will disable the earning of experience, so it is the best way to stay farming in the suggested CP requirement to earn both experience and loots. Now you have the drops, you can now sell those to any merchant in the nearest town. You can teleport to the nearby town to easily reach those merchants. The estimated rate per silver is still ongoing, you may check back this post for the latest update. For more tips like this, check our Black Desert Mobile Ultimate guide. Farming Spot Locations There are farming spots locations in Black Desert Mobile where you can earn drops from the monster you eliminated and eventually sell those drops to exchange for silvers. Selling the Drops for Silver Now you have the drops, you can now sell those to any merchant in the nearest town. So far, the best area to loot is in the Troll Defense Output, you could get as much assilver within 5 hours. Erwin Bantilan. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Troll Defense Outpost North Calpheon.

Black Desert Mobile Farming Spot Locations, Fastest Way to Earn Silver

It satisfies the basic element of an RPG levelling up your characterand is a much more efficient method of earning silver compared to other content. The high income obtained from PvE is very helpful in helping characters gear up and become stronger. However, not all grinding areas have the same efficiency. Each area has different features - some provide miscellaneous items that can be sold at the market, and monsters in other areas may drop some items that are quite valuable, but not viable for bulk sales due to the low chance of dropping. There are not a whole lot of grinding areas you can choose from until you reach level 56, around when you do the Black Spirit questline, but it is wise to select the area that best suits your playstyle after level Two birds with one stone - from general items to high class accessories. Yellow accessories generally become part of a supreme equipment setting due to their excellent stats. They are therefore very popular and traded at high prices. You will be able to earn a handsome amount of silver when you obtain this type of item, and there are a couple of grinding areas where you can profit from various aspects such as levelling up, making income from selling miscellaneous items, and obtaining high class accessories. Many players visit these areas for steady income and an opportunity to obtain some items that can provide a big fortune. In addition to that, the levelling is fairly efficient, thus those areas are recommended for players who would like to earn some silver and level up simultaneously. Visit the Crescent Shrine for a chance to get a Ring of Crescent Guardian, one of the most popular accessories. You may make some profit by selling general items from the Crescent Shrine at the market, but the place also drops the Ring of Crescent Guardian, one of the most popular high class accessories. The accessory possesses considerably high AP and is traded at approximately 40 million silvers. It is usually equipped as part of the final set of equipment. Even without a Ring of Crescent Guardian, you can still make profit from general items like the Token of Crescent or Scroll Written in Ancient Language that are constantly dropped in the area. Note that the monster is quite difficult to deal with on your own, so it is better to party up with other players. You need to know the skills used by monsters in advance if you are to grind in this area. Some of them use skills that can knock players down, and it is possible that you will then be surrounded and killed by a group of monsters. Elixir of Resistance may also reduce the chance of being crowd-controlled, and it is better to consume a 10 minute party elixir for easier grinding. Recommended specifications and main item drops in the Crescent Shrine. The accessory is quite popular and is traded at 50 million silvers. It is also considered a part of the final set of equipment, just like Ring of Crescent Guardian, thus transactions of this item are pretty active on the market. Aside from high class accessories, players can obtain other items such as Basilisk Scales or Rocaba armor and make some profit from those. Note that it is recommended to hunt demihuman Basilisks rather than a human type if you are aiming to gain profits in this way. Players tend to prepare Elixir of Demihuman Hunt in advance for this purpose. Monsters in this area have slow attack speed, thus it is not as difficult to manage health. If you hunt a pack of monsters for efficiency, it is normal to attack from the back by doing sidesteps rather than facing them directly. The area specialized in accessories only - for players who want to make it big. There are also some areas that specifically provide expensive accessories rather than EXP or silver.

Farming spots for level 50 +

Taming a horse in BDO is a fun element of the game and absolutely necessary if you want to save your silver and breed higher tier horses. Kama locations added! You can get a donkey for a small price at any stable, or you get one through beginner quests in Velia. To make sugar lumps, you need to buy raw sugar and mineral water. Other cooking NPCs around the world also sell these items. Taming a horse takes practice, and can also just be difficult in some locations, so I recommend having 8 sugar lumps and 6 capturing rope in your inventory for your first time. No-Sugar Method: You may have heard you can tame horses without sugar. What we can say for sure is that it is indeed possible to tame a horse by just standing close to the horse and waiting at least 45 seconds before trying to mount. Once your horse is tamed, it is yours — BUT you must go register it at a stable with an open spot. You can ride it back to a stable, or it will follow you on your other horse. Go slowly, as it will not run fast. Eight different types of horses in Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 see exactly which ones here can be found in the locations shown below. When a horse is captured by a player, a new horse will respawn 2 hours later. Some areas are more popular than others. The three locations south of Glish are also good. The first circuit is the easiest because there are more locations and they are closer together. Taming horses in Mediah is not very convenient, but I have added a circuit which is good if all the horses in other areas are taken. Here are the individual location maps, along with a screenshot of horses in the location for reference. This can help really pin-point where the horses are when you are running through dense shrubbery. Just need the maps? Jump to that section below! Your character will begin swinging a lasso and will now move more slowly. Do not stop until the timer is at 0 and the mini-game is off the screen! Now you can interact with the horse. You could try to mount now, or you can feed sugar lumps. Feed the horse sugar lumps we recommend 4 in succession, watching the cooldown. Give it a couple of seconds between each lump before you give the next. Carefully walk to the side of the horse and press R to mount. The horse will either accept you, or kick you in the face. Wild Horse Locations Eight different types of horses in Tier 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 see exactly which ones here can be found in the locations shown below. BDO horse maps black desert horses black desert online catching horses in bdo horse spawns taming horses wild horses. Next Preparing for the Epheria Sailboat.

Farming spots for level 50 +

Dulfy Comments Mar 6, To get started, all you need is some contribution points. To start farming, you will need to rent a fence from some NPCs using contribution points. The rental is permanent as long you keep using it. There is a NPC in Northern Guard Camp north of Heidel that will give you an introductory quest for farming and give you a Weak Fence which can field only a single corp. It is rather useless but better than nothing if you just want to try it out. There are three types of fences you can rent Small, Plain, and Strong. Beware that some seeds take up 2 crop spaces and can affect how many of them you can plant per fence. Strong Fence can be rented from Flaviano inside Heidel. He is also the material vendor so just click on Material button when you are in Heidel to find him. Once you find the NPC, click on [Rent] button in the dialogue window and a new Contribution Item Rental window will pop up, allowing you to rent the item and get it in your inventory if you have enough contribution points. There is no limit to how many fences you can rent from the same NPC so you can go rent multiple ones. When you right click on your fence in your inventory, you will see a placement mode being activated. Move the fence around the area to see places where it lits up blue. That is where you can plant your fence. Obviously you want to pick some place that your alts can reach easily as you may need it to tend to your farm later on while taking into consideration of the temperature and humidity of the area. Once you have placed a farm, press R to enter placement and place your seeds. Garden usage at top left corner of the placement window tell you how many crops you have planted and the max number of crops. Once your fence is setup, you will be able to view its location on the world map by a dark blue icon. Groundwater distribution can shift with rains so the pattern always changes. Temperature is different in several regions. The area around Olvia for example is a bit warmer represented by yellow than the rest and some plants like Grapes and Sunflower have a high growth rate there. You have to use some real world knowledge to deduce if a plant will like a warmer area or colder area. Humidity can affect the blight rate of a particular crop. The regions with more intense reds are more humid than rest and may change as rains come and go. You can breed crops in Black Desert to get more seeds so once you have acquired a single seed, you can plant it and then get more.

Leveling 1 – 62 Guide

Hover over an item to view more info. I found the most density of Tree Spirits where on the hills. Right-click the item in your inventory to show his location on the map. Once you reach level 13, make sure you go back to Western Guard Camp and pick up a quest from Jarette Domongatt inside the tents and complete it before moving on. This is a very important quest which will awaken your Black Spirt and enable you to Enhance items. These mobs are very easy to deal with. They are easy to aggro and easy to round up. Be careful of the Small Mine Imps because they have a ranged attack. There is also a Violent Imp Elite that has a ranged spell, inflicting a burning debuff on you. It spawns at the bottom of the hill. The mob density at the top and bottom of the mine is good enough that you can keep doing continous large pull from top to bottom. This spot is perfect for earning a large amount of silver early on so consider staying for an extra level if you want to collect more silver. Be careful whilst hunting here because these mobs deal quite a lot of damage and might hurt a lot if you only have starter gear. This spot is good but quite out of the way and. Outside the castle and inside the castle you will find many camps filled with a mix of ranged and melee monsters as well. Bronze Daggers are the best in slot daggers for Rangers so hang onto it if you get one. I personally recommend grinding inside the castle itself as the mob density is amazing and all the mobs are melee. All mobs in this spot also drop Heavy Armor Fragments, crystals and decent starter weapons. This will amount to a good sum of silver by the time you are finished here. I recommend only moving here if the castle is too busy. The mobs drop really good items and you can even get Blackstones. All the monsters here are melee and the density is enough that you can keep pulling large packs around in a circle. There is a Violent Elite monster in the center of the island that drops blackstones so he is worth killing if you think you can take him in a fight. The Blood Monastery has a massive amount of mobs in the center courtyard. Whilst these mobs are easy to deal with, you might find yourself quite overwhelmed if you are not careful. There is a Violent Elite monster in the courtyard but he is easily dealt with if you AOE him in your normal pulls. I recommend staying here until at least level 29 so you can go right to the Bandit Camp. You can move at level 28 if you wish to but really this spot is so good you can stay all the way up to 32 and go straight to khuruto caves. If the courtyard is busy when you get there move just outside the castle. When I hunted here, I continuously pulled the camps up to the Bandit Treasure camp.

Best Grinding Spots for lvls 2019 -- Black Desert Online.

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