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16+ Best TH10 War Base **Links** 2020 Anti 2 Stars

These layouts are really good at defending various attacks like Valkyries, bowlers and miners. We have included a YouTube video on town hall 10 attacking strategies at the end of this blog post. So, without further ado, lets get level 10 war base designs right now. First in the list is an excellent layout. This is one of the layout in the list which has unique construction. Just observe how cleverly this base design is constructed. First of all lets look at how this layout design is compartmentalized. It makes really for ground troops to reach the inner compartment. All defensive buildings are outside the two inner compartments but the attackers assumption will be different they think exactly opposite to it. The Design Which is included below has clash of clan links which directly copies the base design to your base editor. This foundation here works good against Valkyries but also other assaulting compositions with golem. The overall design of these compartments will divide up the troops and down them merciless one until they could even get to the middle. This layout confuses the opponent to attack because this design is one sided, you can see on the bottom right side you can heavy concentration of main defensive buildings that makes it an anti 2 star base link design. Shravan is clash of clans player who likes to design various town hall bases. He is an aspiring entrepreneur and music addict. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I really wish I could get some credit I have been studying th9 and ten bases for the last two years and all of these bases are very easy two-three star bases. Anti valk not really 25 level 5 valks 2 jump and 3 rage with max queen and king would digest that base very very easy. May I know which clan r u, and if its a good clan may I join? I have a th 10 home made that is good for a war base but I do not wish to show whare traps are u can find me on fight to win we are a level 11 clan my name is talos in the game. English only. Related Posts.

12+ Best TH10 Base *Links* 2020 | Anti 3 Stars, Everything

Updated: 07 Sept TH10 is the farming heaven of the game as things are cheap and yet your farming becomes much easier than TH As long as you have […]. TH10 is the farming heaven of the game as things are cheap and yet your farming becomes much easier than TH As long as you have lvl barch, you can do well in TH10 for farming. I strongly recommend any new player to reach TH10 within the first months of starting the game and a veteran should be TH10 within the first month. Unfortunately infernos are a shell of what they were, they do almost nothing to your defenses right now. Still build them, but at lvl1 they are good for single mode only. Before stepping into TH10, be sure to prepare 8mil gold, 8mil elixir and just keep AQ upgrading. Prepare as much loot in your treasury as possible, rune of elixir is recommended but not needed I had one. These are done after a few days into TH Your CC, lab and spell factory will take up much of your time so you may not have enough builders. By this time you should actually be around a month old TH10, it is time to transition into being a mid TH Being a new TH10, lab is quite challenging because you need the elixir for troops and you need them for army camps as well. You just need to farm a little harder, always prioritize upgrading troops instead of buildings. Never leave your lab idle, so if you are tight on elixir, upgrade barbs and leave army camps for later. If you really cannot farm that elixir, maybe upgrade a DE troop instead. I suggest upgrading spells slightly now because you want to use them sparingly in your raids to help out at times. Rage spell lvl1 and lvl6 is almost the same, I chose lvl2 as a good middle ground between cost and power. Its better to have a handful of strong, high-level troops troops than to have a hundred weak, low-level troops. You realistically only need maxed troops to excel in all parts of the game, the rest are just alternatives or fillers. Just build walls as you farm and get a free builder. You should be able to upgrade a ton of walls in this phase of the game, just upgrade them as hard and as fast as you can. Once walls are mostly done, you can easily farm using miners.

Ultimate Town Hall 10 Guide

Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Barch at th10? Thread Tools Show Printable Version. May 27th, 1. Barch at th10? Is farming with barch possible when i hit th10? And if so what region? Originally Posted by Shaws. I think we should say no to everything above TH4! To heck with those pesky pekkas, funky freezes and other upgrades mixing up the strategy pool! Lets make this an all-barch game! May 27th, 2. Clashwithcam Barchs at TH He's in champions league, so the loot is pretty insane there, too. May 27th, 3. May 27th, 4. Originally Posted by UnknownShadows. May 27th, 5. Aha thanks guys will try farming with barch in C3 next month. May 27th, 6. I farm with barch at masters People with loot problems May 27th, 7. Originally Posted by Teflonsean. May 27th, 8. Dont need to wait May 27th, 9. It's a broad range but there's loot for th10 barchers in the whole range, 's easy as to stay in, slight challenge to get all loot and stay up but it's a little fun. May 27th, Originally Posted by lihou Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. All times are GMT. The time now is AM. All rights reserved.

To some TH10 is farming heaven, to others TH10 is farming hell, so which is it? The best farming throughout the entirety of TH10 is simple barch, nothing fancy needed. But particularly during beginning TH10, barch is even more important. As a new TH10, collector farming should be your sole income, either through barch recommended or goblins. Instead of wasting DE just to farm elixir, it is much more practical to use the DE you earn to work on heroes AQ in particular instead. I will not cover goblin strategies but they are valid in doing trophy drops, just not as a primary farming army. Goblins cost more elixir when you use things like goblin knife because a lot of spells are used. If minimal spells are used, you will drop trophies like a rock and will drop out of optimal league. Simple barch is all you need for the entire TH10, if progress is your priority you should use this all the time. The additional wiz is to allow you to hit things one layer deep more easily, so DE drills behind one layer of walls are easily hit by the wizards. The higher you go, the better DE is but the less collector raids become. So adjust and titrate accordingly. As you can see, you can easily gain a ton of elixir and DE at the same time if you barch. This will allow you to farm for your army camps and lab upgrades while you work on heroes at the same time. As you can see, most of my raids do not require heroes so you are not handicapped when you keep both heroes down like a good farmer. No tutorial needed for this army, should be quite easy to just collector farm. Barch variants. These combine the main essence of barch but add some other complimentary army. The key role of these sorts of armies is to allow the player to hit premmie bases or bases with collectors inside the base. Here, you let your imagination run wild and adjust. Sometimes you can concentrate your troops from one side and punch deep into the base as well. But once AQ is dead, you need to wait 49min before able to use her again. Be aware of the costs and training times for these armies, they may be more expensive and take longer time to train than simple laloon, so its up to your own judgement. These armies are also invariably train longer and cost more than barch, so they are less efficient in that regards. This is the army you can choose to use after you finished all your elixir intensive upgrades. There is actually no advantage to this army compared to barch except for slightly less nexting time. Its a decent army to use when you cannot log in for extended periods of time, but pales in comparison with barch. The good thing is that this is one of the only storage raiding armies that do not require heroes to be good, so its an alternative to barch. Seems good right? But when you factor in cost per raid and training time, it pales in comparison to barch. Its actually a simple spam attack, no skill really needed. The best loot comes from bases like above, where there are fully storages and collectors at the same time. Be aware of where the air sweepers are and take them out of they are at the edge of the base, if not then try as much as possible not to head directly towards them, come from their blind side. Haste at the perimeters and rage when you approach infernos and the core in general, heal and haste as necessary once you passed the core. Be sure to lure cc if it is lurable if not then have your poison ready to stop them. There is a failure rate for this army so be aware of that. There is nothing you can really do sometimes and when you fail, just suck it up.

A big thanks to you mate! This guide is aimed at helping those who have decided to make the jump to the dreaded Town Hall 10 and not for those who are questioning whether or not to upgrade. This guide is a matter of personal opinion and preference but hopefully will guide others on their Town Hall 10 journey. The button has been pressed. TH10 here you come baby! The following is a list of what you should do to be Boy Scout ready. Use a couple builders to start upgrade on gold expense, raid to fill storages, and then cancel upgrades so you get that extra gold at TH For elixir start a elixir upgrade and cancel it to get half back at TH Now it is dependent upon number of builders i. Do 2 elixir 2 gold upgrades right off the bat. I recommend getting your Archer Tower and Cannon up to existing Th9 level. Here some will advocate holding off on Cannon and Archer Tower and taking Infernos right to level 3. If you want the Inferno challenge that would be up to you! Level 3 Inferno Towers are awesome! This is your core defense, Your base will be much weaker If you upgrading 2 or more Teslas together. Upgrade the troops in the order that benefit you the most depending on what your goals are for the game. There is no right or wrong here since it is your game. My tip here for elixir expenditures is to use war loot to replenish elixir once it is expended on an upgrade and not to use it to reach a certain amount. The worse thing is having to wait on collectors while waiting for enough elixir to raid. New defenses are built and ready to go.

Clash Of Clans - TH10 Barching tutorial

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