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Gender neutral baby names: 126 unisex baby names - and their meanings

When it comes to cool baby names, the very unusual names tend to get the most attention. Because many people want their little boy or girl to stand out from the rest of the kids, these types of names are making a huge splash lately. The hard part is picking a name that people will like and admire but not think is utterly ridiculous. There are so many names to choose from, it can be hard to know what type of name will fit the child best. For this reason, some parents wait until baby is born before making this huge decision. They want to first get a sense of what their little bundle of joy is like before they decide what they should be called. This is a wise decision, as a name can impact the course of your life and how people look at you. This means finding out the best way to spell the name, what its meaning is, its origin and possible associations it may have. Names can dictate what kind of personality a person will have, how they interact with others, and many character traits. Read on to find out what they are. The origin of this rare name is Hindu, Bengali and Indian. The original version of this name is Sabita. The last time this name was ranked back init was so far down on the list, most have probably not heard it in their lifetime. It ranked at 11, That means the percentage of the population of babies born was less than. People named Sabitha are said to be outgoing, intelligent and hardworking. They are family-oriented and favor strong traditional values. They have a mystical and spiritual inclination and love nature. Some similar names are Tabitha, Sabrina, Sabreenie, and Sabatia. Though some people have opted for this name for a baby girl, it is generally seen as being very masculine. The name has gained a bit of recognition recently because it is also the name of the Kardashian clothing store. Don't let that stop you from loving it, though! The name Dash currently ranks at of the top 1, names. It is up places from the previous year. All of these are short and unique, but Dash seems particularly snappy and unique. People with this name are thought to be very social, outgoing and love being the star of the show. Having met an adorably hip little boy with this same name, it seems to be a completely apt description. This name has not gained popularity in the U. People named Lilja are thought to be very feminine, sensitive and artsy.

38 Cute-As-All-Heck Unisex Baby Names

Some parents have also named their children after colors, countries, flowers, actors, and political figures. But now is the age of badass baby names. Giving your little one a badass name does not imply that he will grow into an evil kid. Below is our list of badass baby names. Some of these names are modern; some are inspired by our favorite celebrities, and others harken back to a time where badass was considered outrageous. So, keep reading. This feisty actor epitomized the bad girl by declaring her love for knives and wearing blood around her neck. Today, Angelina Jolie is an iconic actor and a humanitarian. The name is not every popular within the religious communities, but has blossomed through the pop culture as a name full of independence and strength. This name evokes not just the Ivy League elitism, but also high-stakes revenge schemes. With her icy stare and flawless hairs, Blair Waldorf commanded both adoration and attention wherever she went. And Blair can be used for baby boys as well. The name Lola brings to mind a sly temptress who does not like following rules. This name is a favorite in Hollywood right now. Aella was the fierce Amazon warrior notorious for wielding a double-edged sword in Greek mythology. Perhaps our Greek readers could help us with it. The name Luna is as powerful as the celestial object it is named after. This moniker shines as brightly as the moon enlightening the dark world. Plus, the Greek goddess of the Moon, Artemis was also a badass. She is also considered the first of the feminists. The name also brings to mind the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart. In nature, the eye of the storm is the region of calm weather in the center of hurricane, cyclone and tropical storm. The hissing sound of this name is reminiscent of a snake. And it also has a snobbish air to it. Along with these, Sadie also brings to mind the cool girl that everyone loves to hate. What makes badass baby names stand out is that it does not refer to the cute, little bunnies, but energetic and anti-social hares. A girl with this name would not be afraid to be herself. Tempest is a cool and evocative word name. The first part of Tempest, a moniker from England speaks of a temperate nature. But it also refers to the turbulent storm. This moniker is for girls who are passionate by nature, but would also come to reason quickly. It cannot get more badass than his. Tequila is a Spanish name for liquor that is obtained from the agave plant. This alcohol is believed to bring out the real person. So a girl named Tequila would also be a real thing. She will not try to hide her original self from anyone. Do you wish your daughter to become a famous activist and writer? Ida Wells-Barnett was a brilliant American suffragist, journalist, and anti-lynching campaigner. She wrote on history and law of lynching and worked with multiple associations and organizations for the advancement of the African-American women.

Badass Boy Names for Your Tough Little Love

Traditional names have become popular for baby names, but a new trend is starting. One of the latest trends is to give babies a badass name. These names tend to have a more modern take on them than more classic options. To figure out the perfect name for your child, check out these badass baby girl names. Willow is a beautiful name for a baby girl. A willow tree is strong and resolute. Over the years, it has often been a representation of loyalty and faithfulness. Lilith comes from Hebrew. In Hebrew, it is often translated as night monster, storm goddess or ghost. In Jewish folklore, Lilith was the first partner of Adam. She rejected his marriage proposal and was turned into a demon afterward. Maya Angelou was known for her poetry, autobiographies and work as a civil rights activist. Ruby is a beautiful stone as well as one of the badass actresses who stars in Orange Is the New Black. It is one of the few Disney princesses who actually does something important. In the movie, Mulan saves all of China by disguising herself as a man and joining the army to defeat the Huns. Lola is often a name of temptresses in Hollywood movies and is a popular name in Hollywood at the moment. Blaze could also be spelled as Blaise. The original name came from Latin and meant someone who stutters. In an Arthurian legend, Blaise is the secretary of Merlin the Magician. Luna means moon, but the name Luna can also represent the Greek goddess of the moon, Artemis. Rosie the Riveter was a major feminist icon during and after World War II, so Rosie would be an awesome name for a little girl. Jane would be a wonderful name since Jane Austen is one of the most famous female novelists ever.

Badass Unisex Names That Work For Boys Or Girls (Gender Friendly)

Is there anything cooler than badass boy names? Edgy, raw, and full of grit, badass boy names are perfect for your little tough guy. Aroma; strong. Little fire. Defender of man. Man's defender; man's defender, warrior. Ready for battle. Man, warrior. Manly and powerful. Messenger of God. Eagle ruler. Great, magnificient. My father is peace. From the ash town. The All-Powerful. Created name. Young warrior. Strong, brave bear. Knife, sword. Peasant farmer. Small; battle glory. Rough, unbroken horse. Dark skinned. Illustrious; butcher. Head of hair. Battle; rock.

100 Unique Unisex Names And Their Meanings

Unisex names, names used for both girls and boys, are an ever-growing category in the English-speaking world, especially in the US. There are several unisex baby names among the US Top for each gender, and unisex names from a range of origins are being added to the lexicon every day. Unisex names can be established first names traditionally used for both genders but they can also be surnames adapted as firsts, nature names of all types, place-names, word names such as Justice, and invented names or spelling variations. Nameberry classifies gender-neutral names, for the most part, as those given to at least 10 percent of the minority sex. Browse and search different types of androgynous baby names below. Unisex names have been popular for both genders for many years now. This exclusive Nameberry popularity list for unisex names is based on the official US data for total number of babies born in given gender-neutral names. The Number 1 unisex baby name Avery, for instance, was given to nearly 11, babies in the US in80 percent of them female. Invented names and names derived from other sources like animals or cities have not been associated with either gender over time and so are more free of a specific gender identity. All the names in our database that have entries for both genders and include individual commentary can be searched by first initial, below. These include popular unisex names from Avery to Zion as well as unusual unisex names from Abbott to Zuri. Nameberry includes many curated lists of unisex names of different types, from surnames to place names, nature names to literary names. There are also hundreds of user-created lists of unisex names covering every imaginable category. But what about the names that are truly unisex, those that are closest to ? Here are the Top 10 names split nearly-evenly between girls and boys:. For more information on the history, gender transitions, and full menu of unisex baby names, these blogs cover the subject from many different angles. Go here for the top unisex names with their gender splits. Logout My Stuff Login Register. Popular Unisex Baby Names Unisex names have been popular for both genders for many years now. These are the 50 most popular unisex or genderless baby names in the US today. Need help finding the perfect name? Try our baby name generator Hunt Me Some Names.

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