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We think we can all agree that in the right circumstances, a reliable gas mask can make the difference between life and death. And moreover, there are plenty of gas masks to choose from in order to pick a budget-friendly product. If you are in a hurry, below we have selected our TOP 3 choices for you to quickly view on Amazon. If you want a more in-depth review of these gas masks, just scroll down below and view our recommendations and full reviews. This offers threefold protection: nuclear fallout and chemical and biological warfare. It should go without saying that such a mask offers protection to a much higher degree than one fixed over your nose and mouth. In this sense, the Avon is reassuring, to say the least. The features, however, justify the price. A common issue with gas masks is that it can be next to impossible to speak while wearing them. The mask is made of high-grade rubber and plastic the screen. The rubber is virtually indestructible, having been treated against aging. Sure, this works for radiological fallout, but to a lesser extent than it does for the other types of hazards. This is the best Israeli gas mask you can find these days. This, too, like the previous mask, is a CRBN-type mask, which means that it offers protection against the entire spectrum of hazards. What you should know right off the bat is that this mask actually complies with the rigorous criteria of the NATO military. Another aspect that should give you a hint of how incredibly tough and reliable this mask is — this model is made by the primary manufacturer that caters to the IDF Israel Defense Forces. Whereas the common gas mask has only one filter port, this one has 3. The field of view that this model provides is quite generous, although a little smaller in comparison with that of the Drager. The face shield is extremely tough and resistant to shocks and chemicals. It is made of butyl rubber. Moreover, this mask can be used with a drinking tube but you have to purchase that separately and it requires 40mm cartridges. Another implementation that potential buyers will definitely find amazing is the carbon dioxide dispersion. When you breathe, the air is, believe it or not, passed through the visor and the mouthpiece. It is not any more expensive than gas masks that have half of its features. This Holulo features a double filter and a relatively large face screen. As mentioned in the name, this mask is meant to offer protection against organic chemicals. These include, among others, acetone, carbon dioxide, chlorine, chloroform, and anilines. This can be used at home, too, when you paint or spray pesticides, for example. The cartridges of this Holulo work with activated-charcoal, which traps the compounds of the aforementioned organic vapors and gases. It is surprisingly well-made, except for the attachments, which are made of cheap plastic and are highly underwhelming. The manufacturer made it clear that the life of the filters depends on the concentration of chemicals in the air. The more contaminated the air is, the less will the filters last. The mask feels comfortable thanks to the silicone linings. So, the silicone linings are a nice addition to an overall good product that more people should give a chance to.

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Military Surplus units that were issued and used in training exercises. Includes a set of filters previously installed. These masks have been cleaned and inspected for proper operation and are in excellent condition. Department of Defense to replace existing respiratory protective masks used by several branches of the military. The design and development by Avon of the M50 mask has resulted in the most advanced general service respiratory protection mask to date, offering significant improvement in comfort, usability, operational effectiveness and protection. The M50 provides outstanding protection from battlefield concentrations of CB agents, toxic industrial materials, toxic chemicals and particulate matter. The streamlined design offers unique twin conformal filters for low breathing resistance and reduced burden, excellent weapons integration and balanced weight distribution. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Description Additional information Reviews 0 Description Military Surplus units that were issued and used in training exercises. Additional communication systems can be attached via this ECP using an appropriate lead. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Footer Search Search this website. Choose an option Small Medium Large Clear.


The mask was designed to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies to protect US and allied forces from current and anticipated CBRN threats. It is an above-the-neck, chemical-biological CB respirator that protects against battlefield concentrations of CB agents, toxins, toxic industrial materials, and radioactive particulate matter. There are two mask variants: M50 ground and shipboard use and M51 ground vehicle use. The program managers gathered information from all viewpoints, to include:. Reports from the field indicated that the M40 series mask was described as too bulky and heavy for modern military operations. The decision to move to the large external C2 and C2A1 filter elements for the sake of NATO standardization made the mask bulkier although lighter than its predecessor, the M The M40 mask carrier earned the derogatory nickname, "the suitcase" due to the large size and cumbersome handling in the field. When the mask is worn, the filter element stuck out of the face blank of the mask and became a natural "lever arm" that could break the seal of the mask when working in confined spaces or simply through the rigor of combat operations. The field of view of the M40 series and other masks were deemed inadequate for sustained operations and the mask's ability to interface with current sighting and other optical devices was poor. Intelligence agencies were growing increasingly concerned with the development and proliferation of 4th generation nerve agents--the so-called Novichok agents. These agents were developed specifically to defeat western detection and protection systems and it was not clear whether current filter technology could adequately deal with the threat. Developing filter systems that could address these newcomer agents was a top force protection priority. From an operational aspect, it was clear from Operation DESERT STORM and subsequent conflicts that servicemembers were increasingly being exposed to toxic industrial chemicals and materials on the battlefield from which current masks systems had an unknown protective capability. A mask that could filter out common industrial hazards would greatly assist sensitive site exploitation and other military operations. Accountants complained that the complexity of the M40 series was increasing the life-cycle costs of the M40 to an undesirable level. Simplifying the design by lowering part counts and increasing the reliability of the next mask system would go a long way to decrease the life-cycle costs of the next mask series. Additionally, economies of scale could significantly lower costs if all armed service could use the same mask system instead of having many models spread out among the services. Program managers, industry partners, and end-users from all services contributed to an ambitious set of design goals for the new M50 protective mask to include: [2]. XM50 with the clear silicone rubber nose cup assembly and bright orange internal valves. The production M50 mask had a black nose cup and valves. Computer-aided design and airflow computer models were used extensively in the design of the mask. Consequently, there were few actual prototypes used in the development of the mask however, there were several mockups to illustrate different features for decision-makers. The XM50 was the first fully functional prototype used in the testing phase of the mask. The XM50 looks nearly identical to the M50, however, the XM50 can be distinguished from actual production models due to its clear silicone rubber nose cup assembly and the use of orange-colored rubber for the internal valves. In the development of the M50, the XM50 was put on a unique and innovative modeling and simulation test fixture that was developed to allow a more realistic form, fit, and function of the mask during evaluations using live agents, ensuring maximum real-world protection. The M50 is the actual production model produced by Avon Protection Systems, Incorporated, in their production plant in Cadillac, Michigan. While other masks have been produced in larger quantities, the fielding of the M50 mask series is the single largest Department of Defense DOD mask fielding effort since The FM50 is identical to the M50 and intended for allied military sales. The M50 and C50 are identical except that the C50 accepts standard 40mm NATO filter canisters as well as a variety of special-purpose filters. The facepiece assembly, head harness, eye lens outsert assembly, front module assembly, M61 filters, and drink tube coupler and housing are the principal operating components of the M50 Field Protective Mask. The M51 FM51 foreign military sales designation is designed for crewmen of armored vehicles with a ventilated facepiece-type collective protection systems. The mask is the same as the M50, but has a few extra items to interface with the vehicle's communication system and collective protection system:. M51 showing hose assembly and fire-resistant hood. Image from PS Magazine. The M50 series mask accepts the twin M61 filters; a specially designed low profile filter that improves the service member's ability to interact with equipment such as a shoulder-fired rifle or night vision goggles. In a throwback to the M17 series mask, the filters are mounted to either side of the mask to provide an evenly weighted balance to reduce the wearer's fatigue of the neck and upper back muscles. Unlike the M17 series mask, the filter elements are located on the outside of the mask and can be changed in a contaminated atmosphere due to the self-sealing filter mounts. The filters have a small shelf life indicator patch on the underside of the filter where the element connects to the mask.

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There is simply no better CBRN glove engineered specifically for military and first-response forces. Injection moulded using bromobutyl, the AirBoss glove fits better, dons faster, and lasts much longer than dipped gloves. This is the ultimate in CBRN hand protection, the operational standout worldwide. Excellent Fit. With its unique sizing system, the AirBoss Moulded CBRN Glove is manufactured to fit more than the 95th percentile of the population, both male and female. High Dexterity. Tear Resistance. Despite being only 0. Extended Protection and Ease of Decontamination. It can be decontaminated easily in the field. Wearers are able to ground themselves and remained gloved, thus uncontaminated, when fuelling vehicles or aircraft. Accurate Sizing. Proven High Performance. Chemical and Biological: hours of continuous protection against CW agents based on stringent military test methods; impermeable to all biological agents Toxic Industrial Chemical: Excellent protection against a wide range of TICs list available upon request. Weight: g 4. Shop Our Categories. These Quick Doff hoods are U. Military Surplus, made right here in the US of A. They are the highest quality you can get. Because of their design they are compatible with nearly any mask on the market as demonstrated in the images. Sizes Small, Medium and Large available. Some include cotton glove inserts, some do not. All are in original packaging. Labeling may differ slightly from image but that was one of the pairs from this lot. This canteen adapter will fit on standard U. These adapters are brand new in the package and include the retainer ring and protective cap to keep contaminates out of the drinking chamber. The MA1 is an upgrade from the M chemical agent detector kit. This upgrade to the MA1 Detector kit allowed for a more accurate reading and also prolonged storage life.

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Manufacturers Minimum Allowed Price is Displayed. Use Request Quote for special pricing. The Avon C50 protective mask is based on the U. The C50 offers high protection, outstanding field of vision, and superior comfort. The innovative design features optimize the user's time in the operational area. For more information go to www. California law requires this warning to be given to customers in the State of California. PayPal checkout is disabled for carts that contain products with restrictions due to PayPal's acceptable use policy. Until now we have been padding the sale price of our products to cover the free shipping cost. You will see overall savings when purchasing a single product but even bigger savings when purchasing multiple products at the same time. Our ordering system will not charge sales tax for the above exempt states, but if you are tax exempt for any other reason check the NO SALES TAX box in the order form, sales tax will be removed prior to final billing. All Footwear Adidas Outdoor Socks. Recent Posts. EOTech Giveaway …. Request Quote, Quantity Discounts, or if you wish to purchase more than current stock. Use the Request Quote Button Below. Current Stock:. Qty: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Request Quote, Quantity Discounts, or purchasing more than current stock. Use the Request Quote Button. Frequently bought together:. Add all to cart. Additional Information Product ID:. If you wish to use PayPal for part of your order please use separate shopping carts. Choose Options. FM53, The multiple mission mask. Avon Protection's revolutionary FM53 multi-role Respiratory Protective Equipment RPE System has been developed specifically for specialist applications where the user needs to respond to ever On Sale. Add to Cart. The C50 facemask can provide enhanced communications and make sure you stay in constant contact by attaching voice accessories to its Electronic Communication Port ECP. Nylon storage bag for Avon C50 Mask. Customers Also Viewed On Sale. Out Of Stock. It has been developed to counter the multiple

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