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Avakhada Chakra

Swarga is the domain of Gods, and the Devas are said to live in the Swarga Loka. Prithvi Loka is the domain of Humans, and that is where they reside. Mrityu Loka is the domain of the demons and Rakshasas are said to live there. Each of the 27 nakshatras are said to belong to one of these three classes. Every class consists of 9 Nakshatras. These ganas are controlled by the situation of the moon present in the birth chart of the individual. All the 27 constellations are isolated into these three gana, which are as per the following nakshatra gana table. Every individual has their own Gana which shows their nature. Deva gana nature is humble, generous and kind-hearted. According to deva gana features these persons possesses good temperament, good behaviour and tends to follow all the cultural rules and traditions. This gives the person a human nature. Manushya gana personality will have mixed qualities. Sometimes they may be very kind, and at times they may become vindictive. The person who belongs to manav gana, will be religious and creative. In other words, natives of manushya gana phala like to make a living for themselves and their kin. This indicates the darker side of human nature. The one who belongs to rakshasa gana phala will be stubborn and rigid in nature. It is the rakshas gana nature that this person may even tend to pick fights over petty issues. Rakshasa temperament may be self-centred and not care about anyone else. However, the person with these qualities may not necessarily be bad. The person with this Gana will also have strong intuitive powers. Know about your all the query on how Gana should match for marriage? Can Manushya Gana and Rakshasa Gana marry? Can Deva Gana and Rakshasa Gana marry? Can Deva Gana Manushya Gana marry? Use the ancient technique of Kundli Matching, to help you take the right decision by selecting a compatible partner. Gana nakshatra can also be used as one of the tools to test the Astakoot compatibility. The calculation is based on the Nakshatra and gana of the bride and the bridegroom. To add further, the most points to score a Gana Koota is 6.

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Tantric techniques :. The ganachakra often comprises a sacramental meal and festivities such as dancing; the feast generally consisting of materials that were considered forbidden or taboo in medieval India, where the tantric movement arose. Hence it is called Cakrapuja. A Lord of the Cakra Cakreshvara presides sitting with his Shakti in the center. During the Cakra, there is no distinction of caste, but Pashus of any caste are excluded. There are various kinds of Cakra—productive, it is said, of differing fruits for the participator therein. As amongst Tantrik Sadhakas we come across the high, the low, and mere pretenders, so the Cakras vary in their characteristics from say the Tattva-cakra for the Brahma-kaulas, and the Bhairavi-cakra as described in Mahanirvana, VII. The ganachakraor 'tantric feast', can be seen as a mandala of sacred space. The power of sacred bonding in a temporary or virtual sacred space is an intrinsic, if normally invisible, component of a Vajrayana community experience. The community is that experience, and ceases to exist without it. To dwell in that sacredness requires not only that one perceive it, but to maintain that perception requires discipline, faith and a profound sense of love and respect for members of the mandala - that is, all living beings. Pettit links the importance of the group or gana to the manifestation of the ganachakra and the sacred space or the mandala in this sense cognate with chakra with the liturgical tools of mantra, visualisation and sacred architecture :. The potential for sacred space to manifest spontaneously is nowhere higher than in Vajrayana Buddhist practice, which employs the use of mantra and visualization to create an experience of sacredness. Through liturgical performances, or amidst the activities of everyday life, a yogi is to experience, imaginately imaginatively or better yet spontaneously, the presence of divinity - Buddhahood embodied - in his or her own person, companions and environment. These constitute a mandala or sacred architecture which expresses the omnipresence of enlightenment, that is the ground of both "secular" and "sacred" experiences and activities that are never perceived apart from its all-encompassing confines. The invocation of divine presence of mandala is especially effective when undertaken by several people in a ritual context, and it is incumbent for practitioners to do so periodically with a feast-offering known as tsok or, in Sanskrit, ganapuja. Pettit states that sacred space is created spontaneously wherever the Three Jewels cognate with the gankyil is manifest and that this sacred architecture or mandala is not dependent upon the built environment of monolithic cultures:. Sacred Space is created spontaneously wherever the Three Jewels - the Buddha or teacher, the Dharma teaching or its texts, and the Sangha community of practitioners - are found. A place that elicits reverence should be sacred, and wherever the Jewels are found, the pieties of lay and ordained Buddhists are bound to be expressed. In Hindu tantra, a ganachakra typically consists of five elements known as panchamakara or the "five Ms": madya winemamsa meatmatsya fishmudra lakshmi or rice or grainand maithuna sex or Bhog-vilash or yab-yum a form of tantra. These included the ritual use of sexuality, although it is not clear how far this was performed literally and how far symbolically. It was seen as an occasion to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Vajranatha associates the Ganachakra with the "higher tantras" or mysteriesthe anuttarayogatantraand associates a non-monastic origin and tributary of this Mystery Rite to the Mahasiddha tradition which has roots in a complex and coterie of esoteric traditions of numerous SiddhaYogiSadhu and holy peoples of Buddhist, Hindu and non-sectarian practices and views:. The Higher Tantras could not be a congregational practice of monks because Tantric sadhana, as well as celebrations of the High Tantric feast or Ganachakrapuja, required partaking of meat, wine, and sexual intercourse. At the very least the latter two would force a monk to break his vows. And so what came about in the eleventh century was a change in the external style of practice; the Anuttara Tantras, many of them freshly brought from India and newly translated into Tibetan, came to be practiced in the style of the lower Yoga Tantras. Although there is a great deal of ritual in the Yoga Tantras, there is nothing there that would require a monk to violate his monastic vows. The presence of a woman or Dakini is required at High Tantric initiation and also at the Tantric feast of the Ganachakrapuja, but in the eleventh century reform the actual Dakini physically present was replaced by a mind-consort yid kyi rig-maa visualization of the Dakini. One did the sexual practice only in visualization, not in actuality. In this way the practices of the Higher Tantras could be taken into the monasteries and incorporated into the congregations practice and liturgy of the monks known as puja. Generally, participants are required by their samaya "vow" to partake of meat and alcohol, and the rite tends to have elements symbolic of coitus.

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Uncomplicate your Life. Be more informed. Take better decisions. Incredibly Accurate. Limited Period. Ask Now. Kundli prediction is probably the most important step that families take before getting someone married. Astrology has been an area of interest for ages now. Sometimes astrologers can match the janam kundli of the boy and the girl just by using their names. There are plenty of aspects related to astrology kundli matchmaking, as an astrologer has to evaluate zodiacs, time of birth, the lunar constellations etc. A lot of astrologers also use the Ashtkoot chakra or Avakhada chakra to check the marriage kundli and the compatibility of the bride and groom. Janam kundli milan is a way that Indian families use to check the love compatibility if the bride and groom. There are two ways to do that, one is kundli milan by name, and the other one is where the horoscopes are matched using birthdays and the exact time of birth. While most families trust the birthday horoscope matching more, the result of both these methods is actually the same. If the results are not quite good, then he checks for the compatibility using the current name. The astrologer checks the Dosha Pariharam or Dosh cancellation factor while checking the kundlis using names. Dosha or faults, is a situation where after performing the kundli milan by nameany of the matched merit result comes as 0. That is what compatibility actually means. Life span - It is important to check the life span of both the boy and the girl ifit is long enough. Individual health - Couples with poor health conditions will suffer for most of their live. That is why it is important to check in advance in there is any possibility of any fatal or incurable disease in either the boy or the girl. Finance - Money is an important factor to lead a peaceful married life. Children - This aspect is checked to see if there is any resistance to childbirth. Mutual understanding - No point in having the rest if there is no compatibility among the couple. Varna Koota - This tests the amount of spirituality in the girl and boy. This is based on the oldest forms of caste system, that is, Brahmins, Kshatriya, Vaishyas and Sudras. Tara koota - This focuses on the mental and emotional compatibility of the girl and the boy. Both the janam kundli and name compatibility methods give utmost importance to this koota. Emotional compatibility is what keeps a marriage going. Yoni koota - This examines the sexual compatibility of the girl and the boy. For this, the yoni kootas of both the boy and the girl has to be the same. The most auspicious kind of marriage is considered when the boy and the girl are of the same Ganas. If you do not have a kundli yet, you can always go to a kundli maker or use an online kundli generator. Else, there is always the option of kundli matching by names too.

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SBC is a unique technique for prediction based on the Nakshatras. It is an ancient system because it takes into account Abhijit nakshatra which is now not referred to in matters pertaining to methods that are generally employed for making astrological predictions. Abhijit nakshatra is located between Uttarashada and Sravana, it is the last quarter of Uttarashada and the first half of Sravana nakshatra. Sarvatobhadra Chakra is based on the 28 nakshatras including Abhijit nakshatra forming part of the sidereal Capricorn sign, along with the twelve Zodiac signsthe thirty Tithisthe seven days of the Week Vara and the fifty Aksaras or letters of Alphabet. Abhijit nakshatra is not used in fixing the benefic nakshatras. The available standard texts do not deal with the construction of this Chakra. The outer square or ring of 32 boxes depicts 28 nakshatras 7x7 with the four corners remaining allotted to four vowels, the immediately inner two rings — the aksaras i. Its use involves the concept of Vedha. In this method the nakshatras aspect each other i. Mansagari tells us that one vedha results in conflict, two vedhas result in loss of wealth, three vedhas indicate defeat or failure, and four vedhas indicate death; one vedha of a papa-graha results in misunderstanding, jealousy, ill-feelings etc. In case the Janam nakshatra suffers vedha then travel or meaningless wandering is indicated, if it suffers Akshara-vedha — loss, if it suffers Swara-vedha — illness, if it suffers Tithi—vedha — fear, if it suffers Rasi-vedha — great opposition or grave calamity, and if it simultaneously suffers from all five vedhas death is certain. The vedha caused by the Sun indicates - grief, by Mars — loss of wealth, by Saturn — pain and ailments, by Rahu and Ketu — obstructions, by the Moon — good and bad happenings, by Venus — fear from foes, by Mercury — sharpening of intellect, and by Jupiter — many good happenings and gains. At the commencement of journey or initiation of an auspicious work if the Janam nakshtra the nakshtra occupied by the Moon at birth suffers vedha it indicates death or failure, if Karma nakshtra the 10th counted from Janam nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates difficulty and suffering, if Adhana nakshtra the 21st nakshatra counted from Janam nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates affliction of the mind, if Vinasa nakshatra the 23rd nakshatra counted from Janam nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates strife with relatives and friends, if Samudayika nakshatra the 18th nakshatra counted from Janam nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates various difficulties, if Samghatika nakshatra the 16th nakshatra counted from Janam nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates losses, if Jati nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates destruction of family and if Abhijit nakshatra suffers vedha it indicates incarceration; this is with reference to the Nadis. The planets in direct motion at normal speed possess the front-vedha or opposite-vedha aspect, at accelerated motion the left—vedha and in retrograde motion — the backward—vedha relative to their normal direction of movement. The Sun and the two lunar nodes have fixed front—vedha and vedha to the right and the left. Sarvatobhadra chakra is used for determining auspicious mahurata for good luck and to ensure success in undertakings and happiness. All possible queries at individual and national levels can be successfully answered using this method, which is based on astrological norms, whenever horoscope is not available and which method can also be used to verify the correctness of predictions made by using other methods. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Phaladeepika Bhavartha Bodhini. Motilal Banarsidass. Mystics of Sarvatobhadra Chakra and Astrological Predictions. Janampatra prbodhsamhita Mansagari ed. Savitri Thakur Prakashan. Hindu astrology. Categories : Technical factors of Hindu astrology Sanskrit words and phrases. Hidden categories: CS1 errors: missing periodical. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. New millennium astrological chart. History of astrology Astrology and science Astrology and astronomy Traditions, types, and systems. Natal Electional Horary.

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