Asus router limiting speed

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Greetings, I'm having an issue with speed But and this is a big but My question is: Whaaaaat??? Am I missing something here or am I stroking out The Hitron is running the latest firmware, I just got the modem last night and all features are disable, ie wirelss etc. I am not running in bridge mode though, just the default gateway mode! I'm using all CAT6 cables I use the Asus router for all the other wirless devices in the house, i. Plus, I like the features of the rt-r66u! Any suggestions? Thanks, X. Go to Solution. While you most likely won't notice this unless you've got an internet connection approaching Mbit, be aware that you may loose some performance for that functionality. View solution in original post. Given your setup I would be running the CGN3 in bridge mode as just a modem. A gateway on top of another gateway will not perform as well given the double NAT translation etc. Your RT-N66U is a terrific router and can perform very well but it's best to just give it a modem to connect to. I assume that when you say you're on the latest firmware on the CGN3 you are on 4. The previous version had many issues. Ok, just to confirm, you have Version 4. It should read 1. While that panel is up, select the details button and have a look a the Description of the ethernet controller. Please paste in that description for the controller. I'm wondering if you have a Realtek controller, which seems to have issues interfacing with other equipment. That should take care of any possible address conficts that might be arise out of your current configuration. To do this, go to the Advanced Setting LAN IP tab and set the address. Once complete, reboot. As sugested. There are people on here, who have the CGN3, and the N66U, and have had it work with the speed package though i think most of them had it in bridged. I have swapped all my CAT6 cables around but to no avail I've come to the conclusion that this combination of cable modem and router do not work well together! I guess if I want the fastest speed possible, I'll just plug my pc into the CGN3 and set something up for the Asus to privide wireless to the rest of the house hold because the wireless signal in the CGN3 sucks! But when you plug the router in, it drops, and cable swaps have no effect. Crazy question, but just checking.

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Once I had already figured out the answer on my own, I was able to find the instructions buried on various forum threads, but that only worked once I knew the command to run so I could search for that particular command. Note that of these three steps, the last one is the only mandatory one, for reasons that will become clear. As I noted above, this thumb drive trick is actually all you need to do if you already know the robocfg command you need to run. Thanks for this post. It turns out it was a 2-pair cable, and I never noticed it! I have no option to replace all the cables with cat6 which seemed to fix the issue for some seeing its an old house with terrible accessability to the wires, still this should work just fine. Same issue here. Cannot successfully auto-negotiate to FD. Very frustrating as direct connection to cable modem from desktop results in FD every time. Has anyone found a solution? Has anyone found out what is going on with this routers? I have been looking finding lots with the problem and know knows how to fix it. IDK if this will help you but I get the same problem when I hook my source ethernet cable to a unmanaged switch. It is locked at up down. So can it be an issue with the ISP? I have two similar Asus routers, the cheap ACG from my ISP, one running as the main router connected to my gateway, and the other as an access point for extra ethernet ports and wireless. If I were to try and generate heavy traffic by starting up a couple of bittorrent connections, unplugging the second router before allowing auto-negotiation to take place, it will reconnect at 1Gb and stay that way for several hours without dropping. This tells me there is no issue with the cables whatsoever, and the problem lies within the routers themselves. So pretty much i have created a folder: asusware Inside this folder i created a file named:. Is there any similar command in my router? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Put a script on a USB thumb drive so that the port configuration can be persisted across router reboots. Get yourself a USB thumb drive. Please post a comment if you found this posting useful! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Authenticate this comment using OpenID. Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress. Skip to toolbar About WordPress.

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Upgrade to AsusWRT Merlin firmware if you can find your router in the list of available firmware files. And besides that you will have many new features over the stock Asus router firmware including the original features. If you have problems with the ASUS router port forwarding, here is a quick fix. Other alternative recommendations. Hi, You are right, even Merlin firmware had issues with the port forwarding, but we switched back to the latest Asus firmware and it seems to work. Can you please tell me what Asus firmware worked with port forwarding? I am using the latest at this time and no luck with port forwarding. Hello, You need to turn off the firewall in your router, it seems that it is the cause of this problem. Recently the router has been very spotty, and now it has stopped working, both for WiFi and wired connections. I do have internet service; I am able to connect directly through the modem. I upgraded the firmware to Merlin and installed it. However, the router is still not working — neither wifi nor hardwire. I followed the instructions — downloaded, extracted and installed the Merlin firmware, and then I re-uploaded my settings from my saved file. Any further suggestions? Hi Alex, Asus routers are very good, the problem is in their firmware, there are many bugs in Asus Router firmwares. But once you get them working you will not have problems. They have many apps in routers which some are buggy and may slow down your router. If the router gets slow only on WiFi connections and over LAN cable works ok, then you should try to raise the TX power of the WiFi signal and make sure that there are no other devices near the router which may nterference with the WiFi signal. I have to kill and reload the web page then it works again. Hi Paul, If your computer hangs then it can be a problem with your computer. Time scheduling on my RT ac just doesnt work. I set specific android boxes to shut off at 10pm and they just keep going. Any ideas? Have you checked you have correct system time? Mine has just reset itself to 1 August after firmware upgrade and hence time blocking not working as it should. When it reboots, it can sometimes straighten out again. Not sure if it will help in your case but just helped me out after spending 2 weeks going in circles. I contacted asus support and they blame the latest firmware. I was unable to downgrade and now I have to send the product in for them to fix the issue. Good luck all. Only way to fix the problem is to unplug the router and restart it. These problems seem to regular issues with many people while searching on the internet. These routers are garbage! I have the same router and the same problem, cant find any fix on the internet either, however there are a lot of people with the problem on forums. This partially relates to what I am experiencing: I have a cat and he loves to sleep on it, but when he does its seems that disconnections occur more often.

HOWTO: set the link speed / duplex of a port on an ASUS router

Hello all. I recently moved and signed up for 15 Mbps high speed internet from Time Warner Cable. I've had the Belkin wireless router for two years or so. I was only getting 5. Thinking it might just be a fluke on my desktop, I checked the speed on my laptop. The speed was about the same. I also checked the speed on my smart phone and again, it was in the same area of 5 Mbps. Naturally, I started getting frustrated with Time Warner Cable. I started thinking that I had signed up for 15 Mbps but they were only giving me 5. To make a long story short, I spent some time on the phone with a Time Warner Support Representative and he told me that more than likely, my Wifi router was the cause of the problem. He did not see any issues on Time Warner's end. He recommended hard wiring the Time Warner router to a computer. So, being that my Time Warner router was in a separate room from my desktop computer and being that my laptop doesn't have a Ethernet port, I went to my local Best Buy and purchased a Dynex 25' Cat-5e Network Cable. I came back home, connected it straight from the Time Warner router to my desktop computer and did a speed test. Checked it again, 24 Mbps. I then reconnected the Time Warner router to my Belkin wifi router, and then hard wired my Belkin wifi router to my desktop computer. Did another speed test, back down to 5 Mbps. Now it's clear to me that I'm getting above and beyond the correct speeds from Time Warner and my wifi router is killing my speeds. I called Belkin to have them help me configure the Wifi router so that I can get the right speeds, but of course, they wouldn't help me because it had been over 90 days since my purchase and my complimentary customer support was expired. I tried resetting the wifi router and even changing channels to try and get my correct speeds but I didn't have any luck. Go to Solution. Interestingly enough, I am having the same issue but with Verizon and a Linksys router we purchased a while ago from Best Buy. I think it has something to do with surrounding Wifi networks i. We used to never have this issue when we lived out in the burbs. We now live in the city in a highrise with a lot of surrounding Wifi customers.

Router limiting my internet speed

I found out this incident when I made a test comparison by manually dialing PPOE from my laptop and speed test connection directly in the router. I suppose to get mbps but the actual test from router is 14mbps download and 25mbps upload. Please advise guys:. Seems like a common issue. Guys both of you are correct, i might look for better router device model. Can you advise which model is cost effective for my use? I am considering one that supports netflow. Martin that is the coolest idea, i will try that openwrt. I connected directly to ethernet port but still getting too low bandwidth, almost 4 times higher when i do manual ppoe dialing from my laptop. Thanks IT Pros! Your WAN port on the router, can it do Gigabit? Turns out the WAN port was hard-set at mbps. Changed it to gigabit and the floodgates opened. You may also want to take a look at any QoS that is being applied. Make sure that these numbers match if they don't and the QoS is lower you have found the culrpit. The trick is that MP needs to be correctly configured once and then enabled and disabled. After that you can decide if MP is needed. This initializes the QOS system properly. My home network has never been more rock solid. I also, used to be a Linksys guy, but have gone away from them. Netgear is the way to go. Whenever my home or small business customers need a new router, I typically end up with something Netgear. Brand Representative for Linksys. If there was anything you'd like to share here or via PM, we would appreciate any of your insights and experiences that made you go away from Linksys.


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