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aries dark side.

Sylvia Sky is a widely published author of books and articles about spiritual matters. There are three negative Aries personality types: aggressive, passive-aggressive, and just plain passive. No one disputes that this first sign of the zodiac is gifted with energy and leadership ability. A positive Aries acts to fill a need, while a negative one fulfills Aries' needs. Ariens are almost always good-looking—or think they are. But even if not, people are attracted because of their energy and Fire Sign warmth. Romantics imagine that youthful athletic Aries is their knight or warrior queen in shining armor. Eventually, their true colors show. A positive Aries will grin and admit to being vain and sometimes selfish. A negative one will disguise her inflated ego and arrogance by saying she has "high ideals" or "radical politics," or insisting that her attitude makes for "good business. Along with Scorpio, Ariens are the motormouths of the zodiac, talking forever and insufferably, like Al Gore born March He smoked and drank himself to death— not unusual for Aries who, consciously or not, likes to be the agent of his or her own demise. An atheist lawyer named Madalyn Murray O'Hair April 13 stood up for the Constitution's separation of church and state and was for decades "the most hated woman in America. Traditionally the sign Aries rules the head and face, and an Aries Sun or Aries Moon person can often be identified by scarring on the forehead or face or these days facial plastic surgery, like Steven Tyler March The negative Aries or Aries Moon believes all truth is underground and he has a direct line to it. Takei later apologized and today scrapes along by issuing amusing or ironic tweets. Negative Aries people relish delivering bad news, and— no surprise— love to talk about how much other people want them. Ariens score and string people along for sport and ego, like Warren Beatty March 30more famous for his sexual affairs than his acting. Aggressive Aries prefers loud abusive arguments to sex. Passive Aries will avoid sex or just lie there, joyously aware that this annoys and frustrates their partner. They won't say, "Let's split up. Negative Aries people leave their valuables or purses out and open and lose them frequently.

The Two Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign

Always on a road to become less instinctive and more human, the mind of an Aries man will be preoccupied with words spoken and social contacts that made a certain atmosphere in his life. He will care greatly of his siblings, thinking about their wellbeing sometimes even before he thinks of himself, showing a bit more initiative than actually needed to fix their problems while neglecting his own. With a quick wit and a clear mind, this is a man of strong mental composition, who often gives into the dark side of his actions, words, and thoughts guided by his instincts. Once he incorporates them in matters of everyday life, his mind will clear up and his visions will become reachable. The fact that he is sometimes a bit inconsiderate towards others is what gives an Aries man special charm. He needs to embrace the opposing, tactful and fine sign of Libra with fall of the Sun on its hands. Relationships aren't the easiest thing in life of a man born in this sign, and partnerships least of all, for his Sun is strong, hasty, and often turned to personal issues rather than togetherness. Marriage doesn't exactly come easy to this man, and he has to fall in love deeply enough to feel like this is his only right choice. Once he makes a decision to get married, he will do it quickly and with little fuss, getting frustrated by his partner's attempts to have a large, fancy wedding. In married life he can be quite problematic, sometimes even aggressive, but prepared to overcome any challenge that comes along. He won't let outer influences affect his loving bonds and needs someone to follow in his lead, agreeing to be protected while at the same time readily protecting his heart. Being the sign of raw, instinctive sexuality, an Aries man often doesn't recognize the importance of emotions in his sex life right away. In many cases years have to go by before he realizes that true quality of physical contact hides in emotional bonding and tenderness, and while he knows he craves a gentle touch, he will often separate it from the act of sex itself. This is a man in search for an active intimate life and won't settle for relationships with rare sexual encounters. Still, he has a task to learn how to control his cravings and connect them with the state of his heart, and he will often choose partners who inhibit his expression, there to teach him an obvious lesson about intimacy. Passionate, warm, and extremely straightforward, this is a man who finds it easy to stay sexually active even in old age, uninhibited by the norms society promotes. An Aries man will do anything to fight off weakness and self-pity. His deepest emotional core is more sensitive than we might see at first glance, and strongly guided by his family, upbringing, and the love he got from his mother as a child. He isn't even aware how many of his choices and actions are ruled by this subtle bond formed early on. Mostly relying on his masculine strength and awareness that seem to grow daily, he craves a nurturing family and a home he can come back to after his battles are over. It is easy to visualize him as a warrior in need of a gentle hand of healing when his shield is down and his sword left by the door. If too many conflicts enter his home and his loving relationships, lack of inner peace will tear him apart and his professional life and health will suffer greatly.

Dark Side of Virgo: Backbiting, Gossipy, Critical, Blaming

In life, nothing can exist without both light and darkness. So, the same can be said about your zodiac sign. Each of us possesses both positive and negative qualities, but we must learn to use both our strengths and weaknesses to grow and prosper in life. We hope you will learn some valuable information about your sign so that you can use your strengths to shine some much-needed light in the world. Aries have an abundance of energy and a zest for life. They are driven, passionate, motivated, and ambitious. Aries simply light up the room when they walk in. However, on the flip-side, Aries can become easily irritated, moody, domineering, and aggressive. However, if Aries can learn to tame this side of themselves, they can use their fire to shine the light for others. Taurus is devoted to the one they love, and will remain faithful in a long-term relationship. Taurus love the finer things in life, and work extremely hard to ensure they can provide for themselves and their significant other. They are lovable, reliable, and down-to-Earth. However, just like your typical bull, Taurus can be stubborn, rigid, and uncompromising. They also have a tendency to become possessive in relationships, and may overindulge from time-to-time. One on hand, Geminis are known for being friendly, open-minded, outgoing, social butterflies who never seem to have a frown on their face. They seem to float through it, not letting anything weigh them down. Geminis have tons of friends and are usually up for any kind of adventure. However, the other twin gets restless easily, can seem superficial at times, and makes decisions impulsively. The dark side of this sign comes out when the Gemini is under stress, depressed, or anxious about something. Cancers have many positive traits, even though they tend to have low self-esteem and forget about what makes them amazing people. They are endlessly caring, empathetic, devoted, loyal, deep souls. They are also excellent listeners and will let you cry on their shoulder even if they barely know you. Though they have problems opening up to people, they will sit and listen to you all afternoon and drop what they were doing to help you. Cancers are very creative, genuinely kind, sensitive, beautiful people who are often misunderstood and treated like a doormat due to their purity and giving nature. Because of their hypersensitivity to the world around them, they are very prone to anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. They just feel as though no one understands them, which leads to isolation and self-pity. Many people view this sign as self-absorbed, and this may be true to an extent. However, Cancers are not obsessed with themselves in a prideful way, but rather, a deeply contemplative, even overly-judgmental way. Cancers have very turbulent emotions that weigh them down often, so they have to take quite a bit of breathers just to get by in life. Being a crab can be quite tiring, as this writer knows from personal experience. Leo the Lion is a natural-born leader, and excels at anything where they get to have the spotlight. Leos are also ambitious, outgoing, funny, charming, confident people, much like their fellow fire sign, Aries. Leos are very friendly people, but can seem superficial at times. Virgos have an eye for detail, and will overanalyze something to death if it means finding a solution. They are methodical, meticulous, analytical, and logical.

Dark Side of Aries: Arrogant, Aggressive, Hotheaded, Vain

Aries are a walking dark side to certain signs. Especially sensitive ones like Cancer, Leo, Taurus etc. The first Aries dark side is that they can be harsh critics of others. Aries is a fire sign, fire signs value honesty and openness from others even if they can be liars themselves. Things have to be clearly expressed to them and they try to do the same back with you. However even with how harsh they criticise others, they do know to restrict it with their close friends and loved ones. They may still express themselves but let it come out as banter rather than full on criticism like they do with others. This is because they also place an importance on their loved ones happiness and value having them in their lives. Aries may find themselves losing friends because of this. It can come across as bitchy and sometimes insecure. Their criticism of others does not stop there. Aries are heavily self critical, especially in friendships and relationships. As touched upon in the previous Aries thread, Aries are heavily self conscious. Throughout life, many Aries find themselves being repressed emotionally or left or even shared w someone else. Aries being first of the zodiac want to be 1 in every aspect, however people they come across rarely know how to satisfy that. It leads to them constantly feeling insecure, undervalued and not actually knowing their self worth. Aries personalities can be too much for some to handle as well, and result in people not having patience and leaving them. Which also has the same result. Aries find themselves picking faults in others to feel better about themselves or picking faults in themselves and comparing themselves to others which is toxic. However this is not the approach to take. Sometimes even accepting sharing someone. Not when it aids in removing self esteem. The second dark side is their inability to emphasise and sympathise. Aries can be unable to understand or even just feel the emotions of others. They can be heavily selfish in the choices and decisions that they make and very self interested and self motivated. Their symbol being the ram is symbolic of their approach to life. Head first, impulsive, unrestricted and reckless. Aries see their gain and move first without second thought. Their lack of ability to empathise and sympathise is hard for others to handle as they expect that from you. Aries can be hypocritical in that they are sensitive and want their emotions protected and their best interests to be at heart w everyone before doing anything. An Aries dark side is how egotistical they are. Even with their underlying insecurities, it does not stop them from being heavily arrogant.

How You Show Your Dark Side, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

And as nice as the Capricorn personality can be, for people close to this zodiac sign, everyone knows there's some truth to that RBF. If you know a Capricorn, they're either your best friend or someone you can't stand to be around. There are even a few who are both at the same time. It takes a lot to put up with them. Caps are notoriously unforgiving. They can hold a grudge longer than most people can hold onto a job. They can patch things up and be civil, but there's no going back to how things used to be once they've gone sour. No amount of apologizing or trying to right your wrongs will restore your friendship back to where it was percent. It sounds intense, but Capricorns are very guarded people. If they find out you're capable of hurting them, they won't let you get close enough to do it again. It's not that Capricorns think they're better or smarter than you, they just think they're better and smarter than everyone. The people around Capricorns usually go to them for advice since they're known to knowledge, which can boost their egos. A Capricorn will do their best to retain some self-control when it comes to blurting out random facts or correcting people, but don't count on it. If you don't know something they know, they can be a bit condescending. Say something that's not true about a Capricorn's favorite show, movie or artist, and they will school you like you've never been schooled. So, they don't even give their real name anymore. Capricorns won't believe something just because someone says it's real. Like Virgo, they have a tendency to always research points other people make, because proving them wrong brings them great joy. With their skepticism, they not only prove that you were wrong, but that they were right and saw through your nonsense. Her work has been featured on The Tab. Sign in. Join YourTango Experts. Photo: getty. Josephine Fuller. Zodiac December 15, It isn't all fun and games for the seagoat.

The DARK Side of Aries Zodiac - Astrology Negative Personality Traits

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