Aries man dark side

Dark Side of Aries Man

Aries are a walking dark side to certain signs. Especially sensitive ones like Cancer, Leo, Taurus etc. The first Aries dark side is that they can be harsh critics of others. Aries is a fire sign, fire signs value honesty and openness from others even if they can be liars themselves. Things have to be clearly expressed to them and they try to do the same back with you. However even with how harsh they criticise others, they do know to restrict it with their close friends and loved ones. They may still express themselves but let it come out as banter rather than full on criticism like they do with others. This is because they also place an importance on their loved ones happiness and value having them in their lives. Aries may find themselves losing friends because of this. It can come across as bitchy and sometimes insecure. Their criticism of others does not stop there. Aries are heavily self critical, especially in friendships and relationships. As touched upon in the previous Aries thread, Aries are heavily self conscious. Throughout life, many Aries find themselves being repressed emotionally or left or even shared w someone else. Aries being first of the zodiac want to be 1 in every aspect, however people they come across rarely know how to satisfy that. It leads to them constantly feeling insecure, undervalued and not actually knowing their self worth. Aries personalities can be too much for some to handle as well, and result in people not having patience and leaving them. Which also has the same result. Aries find themselves picking faults in others to feel better about themselves or picking faults in themselves and comparing themselves to others which is toxic. However this is not the approach to take. Sometimes even accepting sharing someone. Not when it aids in removing self esteem. The second dark side is their inability to emphasise and sympathise. Aries can be unable to understand or even just feel the emotions of others. They can be heavily selfish in the choices and decisions that they make and very self interested and self motivated. Their symbol being the ram is symbolic of their approach to life. Head first, impulsive, unrestricted and reckless. Aries see their gain and move first without second thought. Their lack of ability to empathise and sympathise is hard for others to handle as they expect that from you. Aries can be hypocritical in that they are sensitive and want their emotions protected and their best interests to be at heart w everyone before doing anything. An Aries dark side is how egotistical they are. Even with their underlying insecurities, it does not stop them from being heavily arrogant. They constantly overtly self compliment and share self appreciations and how great they are. Self appreciation and confidence differs from arrogance and neon conceited. Their egotistical ways mixed w their selfishness can make them force others to also view them the same way. It can come as forceful mixed w aggression, they can expect you to be attracted to them especially the males, you NEED to get w them and appreciate that they even approached you and took an interest in you. Anyone who does not do as the Aries wants or see the Aries the way they see themselves gets the aggressive childish side out of them. Which links to the aggressive side of Aries. A dark side many have seen.

The Negative Personality Traits Of The Aries Zodiac Sign, According To Astrology

Being a Piscean, you are the one who is known as a lost spirit and having a personality who loves too deep. But you should not forget that you have the shining stars with amazing mystical power cast over you, and that it throws light on the dark shades of your personality around you, so that they can shine with an amazing light and also save you from all the negativity around you. Others will call you as the one who has a volatile nature, but nobody applies their intelligence to see inside these dark shades of being volatile as a Pisces. You are the one who will never ever forget to finish the task given, and also the one who will fulfill all the promises on time. With the blessing of Purva-Bhadrapada Nakshatra in you, ypu get the understandingabout when and how to do multiple tasks based on need or time. As a Piscesyou love to depend on the peoplein and around them because being in the last zone of the zodiac sign, you know that the secret of the universe is in integrity-in-unity. Pisces has Revati, the twenty-seventh and the last Nakshatra in the Zodiac belt, which gives the mindset to execute the plan and to finish the project without any halt or presence of a bug in the mind. Utilize the power of the Revati Nakshatra with your dark shades being a Pisces, and implement the co-dependence like the chain that works to run your company. Jupiter will show you the deep dark and positive secret of being a Piscesand having a Sell-Centered thought of VasudhaivaKutumbakam. Yoga and meditation experts, counselors, etc. Healthy gossip will make things more transparent, and also give awareness of what is happening around us. The work of an Hr-manager, auditing, a teacher, therapist, and a healer, will be good for you with the mystical power of Pisces, and also with intellect to canalize the dark energy of Pisces. Pisces is ruled by the planet of finance and wealth, known as Jupiter. Jupiter gives the intellect to manage bank balance. You might get called as a miser among your friends, but at the time of need, you are the only one whowould help your friend with money. All the Nakshatras present in Pisces are very mystical, and have the dark energy in it, which will get manifested as the dark side in you. Because these stars want you to protect your wealth and energy, so it is given thatthey will be utilized at the time of their need. No need to be worried about the various names given to you by others. Charity work, import or export work, travel industry, religious work, etc. Pisces might be known as the lazy one among their friends and family, but is also the only who has the idea on how to make things done right in one attempt. Join Us - As a Panel Astrologer ccare indastro. Login Sign Up. Ask Question. The Dark Side of Pisces. More Articles.

Aries Characteristics – Bright And Dark Sides

You are an independent and courageous person who usually behaves in a determinative way with enthusiasms, but often gets angry with some silly arguments. If so, you are a typical Arian, in general. Those born from March 21 to April 20 will come under the first Zodiac sign, Ariesin the cycle of Horoscope. Is your dream man or woman an Aries? For any Arian who wants to widen their self-knowledge and for those who uncontrollably fall in love with the Arians, the basic understanding about the Aries characteristics in both bright and dark sides is very practical. Take the Ram as their spiritual symbol; Aries people are born many eminent personalitiessuch as a strong sense of bravery and determination. In that sense, they are likely to take the voluntary and pioneering position in any adventurous journey. Initiate and make things happen actually rather than merely speculating, your Aries men or women are action-oriented. Being as the energetic and self-confident individuals, the Fire-grouping Arians have the tendency to live for excitement and discovery. Their adventurous interest will never be dismissed throughout their lifetime so that they never shy away from taking risks or challenges. Thus, dating or even getting married with an Aries man or woman will never lack excitement and fires as long as you know the ways to keep the love fires burning all the time. When it comes to Aries Zodiac Compatibilitythe Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius can nurture, boost the fires, and fly together with joy. Likewise, the Water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces will easily extinguish the fires. As other Zodiac signs, Aries will be happy when it is united with its compatible signs. Fill themselves with vitality and lively appearance; you may feel your room is lightened up whenever the Aquarians are close to you. With the high degree of energy, the Ram can run around you and please you with their confidence and positive words. Besides, they are compassionate enough to disclose your innermost troubles and comfort you with some realistic advice afterwards. In a social circle, your Aries partner will definitely stand out. In some cases, the Arians turn to be arrogant and stubborn. At that time, be patient to help your Rams realize their weaknesses. With some silly arguments, they cause others find it quite awkward to make acquaintance with them at the beginning of the stage. People claim that the Arians are not easy to talk to. Moreover, your fiery Aries partners are impulsive and impatient from birth. Hasty decisions are the direct results of their indiscipline and confrontation. Hence, they may not spend minutes considering ups and downs of an event carefully before taking action. More negatively, their confrontation leads them on the way to have conflicts with the others by some challenging questions that potentially damage the relationship. Furthermore, the lack of concentration and patience drives them to leave the projects mid-way.

The Dark Side of Aries

Email address:. Sagittarius people are the most forgiving natives of the zodiac. For this last-mentioned reason, boring people are annoying them. People born under Sagittarius are trying to be positive all the time. They love to take risks, to be happy and to be friends with everyone, but this is making them agitated. At least they believe in the future. Many see them as true philosophers because they seem to live in their world of originality and are most of the time, leaving reality behind. These relaxed natives are never taking things personally. They belong to the Fire elementso they can express themselves very clearly when angry. These people hate being betrayed and lied to, so when mad, they can act in strange ways. However, they can feel embarrassed by their own temper and hold their anger in, so that no one is noticing how upset they actually are. For instance, they could be called liars or manipulators. Therefore, if looking to annoy them, it would be enough to have these natives doing something boring. They can surely become angry and upset. People who are wondering how they can make Sagittarius natives angry need to just be ignorant. Sagittarians are live wires who should be paid attention to when upset. They can become demons when angered, not to mention they can physically assault people who are doing them wrong. When hurt very badly, they no longer know what reaction to have and their anger gets out of control. This sign is known to not like deceptive ways, its natives being all the time honest. They hate sneaky people because this is making them look for revenge.

The Two Faces Of Each Zodiac Sign

Always on a road to become less instinctive and more human, the mind of an Aries man will be preoccupied with words spoken and social contacts that made a certain atmosphere in his life. He will care greatly of his siblings, thinking about their wellbeing sometimes even before he thinks of himself, showing a bit more initiative than actually needed to fix their problems while neglecting his own. With a quick wit and a clear mind, this is a man of strong mental composition, who often gives into the dark side of his actions, words, and thoughts guided by his instincts. Once he incorporates them in matters of everyday life, his mind will clear up and his visions will become reachable. The fact that he is sometimes a bit inconsiderate towards others is what gives an Aries man special charm. He needs to embrace the opposing, tactful and fine sign of Libra with fall of the Sun on its hands. Relationships aren't the easiest thing in life of a man born in this sign, and partnerships least of all, for his Sun is strong, hasty, and often turned to personal issues rather than togetherness. Marriage doesn't exactly come easy to this man, and he has to fall in love deeply enough to feel like this is his only right choice. Once he makes a decision to get married, he will do it quickly and with little fuss, getting frustrated by his partner's attempts to have a large, fancy wedding. In married life he can be quite problematic, sometimes even aggressive, but prepared to overcome any challenge that comes along. He won't let outer influences affect his loving bonds and needs someone to follow in his lead, agreeing to be protected while at the same time readily protecting his heart. Being the sign of raw, instinctive sexuality, an Aries man often doesn't recognize the importance of emotions in his sex life right away. In many cases years have to go by before he realizes that true quality of physical contact hides in emotional bonding and tenderness, and while he knows he craves a gentle touch, he will often separate it from the act of sex itself. This is a man in search for an active intimate life and won't settle for relationships with rare sexual encounters. Still, he has a task to learn how to control his cravings and connect them with the state of his heart, and he will often choose partners who inhibit his expression, there to teach him an obvious lesson about intimacy. Passionate, warm, and extremely straightforward, this is a man who finds it easy to stay sexually active even in old age, uninhibited by the norms society promotes. An Aries man will do anything to fight off weakness and self-pity. His deepest emotional core is more sensitive than we might see at first glance, and strongly guided by his family, upbringing, and the love he got from his mother as a child. He isn't even aware how many of his choices and actions are ruled by this subtle bond formed early on. Mostly relying on his masculine strength and awareness that seem to grow daily, he craves a nurturing family and a home he can come back to after his battles are over. It is easy to visualize him as a warrior in need of a gentle hand of healing when his shield is down and his sword left by the door.


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