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I want to find people to chill with. We are a relaxed squadron to be in and it has become like another family to me. The majority of our clan plays RB air and ground battles, we few a few who play simulator and a lot of us play squadron battles which is really fun. You are allowed to play any nation you desire in our clan and as many members as we have we should have someone on who can play with you. The Angels of Death is a large gaming organization found in and now has over active members among all the different game divisions within the clan. Here your relationships and investments in the community continue beyond a single game and your legacy can last for years. Joint Task Force 76 is a very international and open group of players. We love the game and try to play to win so we maintain proper communications in battle, arrange regular training and various events. But that said, we also enjoy ourselves and we don't take ourselves too seriously either Expect banter and jokes in chat outside of battle. All you need is to be ready to follow instructions and feedback accurate information in proper English but most importantly to be respectful of team mates and other players alike. Any question? Drop me a PM here or simply head to our TeamSpeak server and chat or play with us the address is indicated on our website. Message : WolfPack War Thunder command is looking for players to join our existing male and female player base in War Thunder. Follow the tutorial on how to install teamspeak and wait in the lobby until someone contacts you. Hope to see you in our discord soon. We would like to welcome new players from all ranks and levels of War Thunder to our friendly squadron! About us. We are EU based but have members from around the world. We run SQN battles for all members and we have previously ranked in the top of all squadrons. We play all nations at all BRs, air, ground and sea mostly played in realistic battles. War Thunder is our main game but we also regularly play other team based games, such as Rainbow 6 Siege, Squad, Rising Storm, Rocket League and much more. You must be on discord. Speak english. You must use a clear microphone. Be respectful to other people's views and opinions. Be here to enjoy the game. Looking for a Squadron. Search In. Report post. Posted September 19, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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You must be at least Our server has been around for over a year and we love meeting new players and working together to build awesome stuff. We have a strong core of players that are online regularly and we frequently chat on TeamSpeak. We have various plugins but we try to keep gameplay as vanilla as possible, while still maintaining a safe, grief-free and cheat-free environment. We have several Staff members and experienced players who are willing to help out or answer any questions. There is almost always a staff member online to help out! Our website also has all the information you need and is where we post updates about the server. In order to keep our community friendly and fair, we enforce the following rules. Cheaters and griefers will be banned. Rules: Absolutely no griefing or stealing. No cheats, hacks, exploits, x-raying. Do not harass other players. No excessive vulgar language, spamming, or trolling. Dont ask for free itemsfavors from the modsadminsowner. Do not advertise for other servers. Most importantly, have fun! Toggle navigation. Archon Crafters Offline. Proccessing server means that we still have to ping your server for the first time. This can take up to 15 minutes. What does pinging this server mean?

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Vince Draken dumb enough to light a cyno on station with an Archon. Afaik it was in the middle of a move op. So a shitload of carriers came through, all of which docked up and refused to fight our vastly outnumbered dreads. I don't suppose that them jumping onto a station would be a prerequisite for travel fit not being at all necessary? This is just in case you're that sucker who bounces and can't spam dock fast enough. If you're only skilled for a space winnebago your refitting options are going to pretty limited. Other end of the spectrum is the w-space cap skill: Maxed everything but lol jump skills. Most w-space corps have a glut of people with maxed cap skills but only like 3 who can jump the damned things around k-space. So true. I'm semi disappointed to have trained for a Nag since everyone else flies Moros and I now have to train to be able to haul it through kspace on my own. But its vertical and versitile and awesome so really I'm not disappointed at all. Just think how useful it will be! Now when you hear "Oh shit. I just failed counting to 3 and crashed myself into our static in a dread, only way out is null and my jump drive skill is at 1. I hadn't thought of this, I had originally planned to train the Moros when I was done with my Nag but this is a very solid argument for why I shouldn't. I think this piloted Moros is just outside the POS shield. Can anyone fly one? True stories. Happened at least 3 or 4 times in two years of w-space. True enough, I s'pose. I have trouble imagining it, though Should be My eventual carrier pilot is currently training JDOV. She won't be flying a carrier for another days or so This is just the best time in the skill plan for her to do it. I had to reread the title. I'm thinking, 'How the hell did they catch an archon jumping to a station and why does OP seem to think jumping to a station is a bad idea'. Then I saw the fit. The archon WAS the cyno? Carrying cargo and ships as well? What the hell was he thinking? If you're serious, it's a beacon that is lit by a ship that allows jump capable ships to bypass gates and move several light years away. The ships that light the cyno have something like a 10? I'll look for it in the game for a full description now that I'm home. Thanks for providing some context as to why that's a silly move for me. We saw that NC.


Have you ever been afraid of monsters under your bed? Did you ever want to be the monster? At Archon Corporation, we specialize in highly tactical operations that require stealth, cunning, and patience. We lurk in the shadows, striking swiftly after our prey has been tucked in for the night. We are the cause of many soiled mattresses. Archon Corporation is recruiting pilots who analyze, plan, and win. Granted, we do use FCs for larger fleets and other situations when appropriate, but our fleet members typically maintain an active role. As a group of people who love thinking through different scenarios, we often try out different ship fits and tactics. This allows us to see the strengths and weaknesses in a low-risk environment, and sets us up for success in real combat. Since efficient communication is important, you will need to download TeamSpeak for voice communication. A microphone is required. Archon Corporation. About Us. Join Us. A leadership that encourages collaboration with its members. Fight with your brain, not your wallet. Communication: TeamSpeak, Slack. Experienced leadership. Omega clone. Character at least 3 months old. Active during the EVE time block. Willing and able to learn. Download TeamSpeak.

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See reputation activity. March 19, August 14, June 3, Archon replied to Yarys 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to David 's topic in Events. Archon replied to Hoffie92 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Liru the Lcpl. Archon replied to svennif 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Equastro 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Karate Pyjamas 's topic in General Discussion. Archon replied to Wolfman 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Magrice 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Optio 's topic in Introductions. Search In. Community Reputation 15 Neutral. Profile Information Gender Male. Recent Profile Visitors 1, profile views. Mark T March 19, Archon changed their profile photo May 15, Looks good. Optio reacted to a post in a topic: Friendly Fire incidents: how to deal with them? May 6, Welcome to the community.

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