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See reputation activity. March 19, August 14, June 3, Archon replied to Yarys 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to David 's topic in Events. Archon replied to Hoffie92 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Liru the Lcpl. Archon replied to svennif 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Equastro 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Karate Pyjamas 's topic in General Discussion. Archon replied to Wolfman 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Magrice 's topic in Introductions. Archon replied to Optio 's topic in Introductions. Search In. Community Reputation 15 Neutral. Profile Information Gender Male. Recent Profile Visitors 1, profile views. Mark T March 19, Archon changed their profile photo May 15, Looks good. Optio reacted to a post in a topic: Friendly Fire incidents: how to deal with them? May 6, Welcome to the community. May 4, David reacted to a post in a topic: Friendly Fire incidents: how to deal with them? Friendly Fire incidents: how to deal with them? Take screenshots so that the admins have good evidence when it comes to a report, and just keep checking teamspeak, there aren't many times when there aren't any admins or moderators around! Whilst I agree that pilots do need to learn in this order, EU1 and EU2 aren't really servers that are designed for teaching pilots to fly, a pilot's main aim on the servers is to get the troops that they are carrying onto the ground safely and whilst some pilots are more than competent at avoiding AA in the hummingbird, others with less skill see the only way to avoid missiles as mashing the flare button like there's no tomorrow. I think that the script would reduce the amount of times the hummingbird goes down around an AO and therefore get more boots on the ground safely. I think its a good suggestion for the servers, though I'm unsure whether it will be implemented. I can see where you're coming from though, the hummingbird is an extra challenge to fly for pilots who are more confident and can be more exciting, would just be nice if the pilots who were less skilled would stick to the helicopters with countermeasures! I have to agree that there does need to be the addition of an NV scope for longer ranges that snipers and marksmen could use because I have also found this to be annoying. But what I find more annoying is when playing a close combat role at night, which can be some of the more exciting times as it makes enemies far harder to spot, you walk through the AO constantly waiting for enemies to engage only to find that snipers and marksmen have picked them all off from a hill about m away because the enemies are lit up on their thermal scopes like a christmas tree. It may be fun for a small group but it can make the rest pretty bored, and this has been vastly improved since the thermals were restricted.

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Vince Draken dumb enough to light a cyno on station with an Archon. Afaik it was in the middle of a move op. So a shitload of carriers came through, all of which docked up and refused to fight our vastly outnumbered dreads. I don't suppose that them jumping onto a station would be a prerequisite for travel fit not being at all necessary? This is just in case you're that sucker who bounces and can't spam dock fast enough. If you're only skilled for a space winnebago your refitting options are going to pretty limited. Other end of the spectrum is the w-space cap skill: Maxed everything but lol jump skills. Most w-space corps have a glut of people with maxed cap skills but only like 3 who can jump the damned things around k-space. So true. I'm semi disappointed to have trained for a Nag since everyone else flies Moros and I now have to train to be able to haul it through kspace on my own. But its vertical and versitile and awesome so really I'm not disappointed at all. Just think how useful it will be! Now when you hear "Oh shit. I just failed counting to 3 and crashed myself into our static in a dread, only way out is null and my jump drive skill is at 1. I hadn't thought of this, I had originally planned to train the Moros when I was done with my Nag but this is a very solid argument for why I shouldn't. I think this piloted Moros is just outside the POS shield. Can anyone fly one? True stories. Happened at least 3 or 4 times in two years of w-space. True enough, I s'pose. I have trouble imagining it, though Should be My eventual carrier pilot is currently training JDOV.


It is quite different from other Android emulators. Moreover, it works on Chrome OS and Chromebooks. It was created in response to a lack of easy methods for archivists to publish finding aids online. It was only a matter of time before some clever users gave that power to everyone. Now that time has come. By making a modified version of the Android runtime for Chrome, Google can allow developers to add support for Chrome without rebuilding their apps from the ground up. Run Chromeand download ARChon addon. Go to Chrome Menu. Activate the developer mod by marking the small box on the right above. From the popping window, choose the extension folder you downloaded, and click OK. It will be loaded on Google Chrome now. Now you need the APK files of the application you want to run. You can transfer this from your mobile device or download it from various websites. Allow loading of the extension to the Chrome browser. Drag and drop your APK file on the Twerk window. On the next window, configure settings as you wish and click on the icon below. You need to type the name of the application to the box above. Determine desktop as the output directory. Now the application will be loaded on your browser just like a Chrome extension. Convert the APK using one of the tools listed above i. Download Software For PC. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Spybot Search And Destroy Software. SpyHunter Anti Spyware Software.

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Use text commands from your TeamSpeak application to control the music bot. Server Hostname. Communicate with your gaming group in real-time with a free or premium TeamSpeak Server! Enjoy live customer support, a 30 day "no questions asked" money back guarantee, instant server setup, and the best TeamSpeak add-ons available. Custom Hostname Official TeamSpeak3. Group Permissions Restore Make a mistake? No problem! Restore default group permissions. Satisfaction Guarantee 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Server Status Script Display the status of your server on your website. Worldwide Server Locations. North America. Server Group Protection to kick unauthorized members Auto Moves clients to specified channels on connection Server Group Notify sends a message to specified clients Bad nickname check to kick people with a bad name from the server Bad channel name check to delete channels with a bad name Move idle users to another channel and sends a message Kick idle users with a kick reason Send a warning message if someone is idle. Move idle client and move back to previous channel when they return Move to a specified channel if headphone or microphone muted Move recording users to another channel and sends a message Kick recording users from server with a kick reason Send a message every X minutes to virtual server or a special channel Send a welcome message to every connecting client based on server groups! Easy User Interface With an easy to use web interface you can easily customize your music and bot. Application Skins. Android tm App. Other Services Ventrilo Mumble.

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