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The Right to Information Act the RTI Act and the Information Privacy Act the IP Act give a right of access to information held by government, unless, on balance it would be contrary to the public interest to release the information. Before making a formal application, you should contact the relevant agency as information may be already available online, for purchase or by request. Queensland Government agencies release information administratively and proactively wherever possible. However, if you do wish to make a formal application, you can apply online for access under the RTI Act or IP Act to information held by Queensland Government departments and Ministers. Alternatively, you can download the application form and submit your application via post, fax or email or in person. Credit card payments will be accepted as part of an online application process. Credit card details will not be accepted for payment of the application fee via email, facsimile or telephone. Please confirm with the agency you are applying to how you should pay your application fee. You will need to submit your application this way if you wish to apply to agencies other than Queensland Government departments or Ministers. Download the application form PDF, It helps if you provide as much information as possible about the document you are seeking. If you know the title, subject matter, agency reference number, type of document or the date it was produced, please specify these details in your application. You can also apply to amend your personal information under the IP Act if you believe the information is inaccurate, incomplete, out of date or misleading. View applicable fees and charges. Last updated: 11 February Last published: 29 January

Right to Information Act, 2005

An initiative by rtiindia. These have been attempted based upon the feedback and experience gathered from our forum. You should use it just as a sample and customize it based upon the requirements. If you want to share your Sample RTI, kindly do so with us and we would be happy to include it here. User Tools Register Log In. Site Tools Search. Guidelines for Public Authority. How to use your Right to Information. Guidelines for First Appellate Authority. Guidelines for Public Information Officer. Annual Confidential Report. Citizenship under RTI Act Deemed PIO. Disproportionate Diversion of Resources. What is Fiduciary Relationship. Grounds for Rejection. Justification for Denial of Information is mandatory. Pendency of Investigation. Privacy Rights of Public Servants. What is Privacy under RTI. Public Authority. What is Public Interest.

RTI Application Forms

If you wish to know about the various rules which must be kept in mind you are at the right place! An RTI application can be filed by any citizen of India. If you are an Indian citizen and wish to seek some information from a government body, you are eligible to be an RTI applicant. Under the Right to Information Actyou can ask for information from any public authority. Public authorities are all central, state and local level bodies which are set up under the constitution. In simple terms, all government bodies are public authorities. Even the bodies which are substantially financed by the Central or State Government fall under the category of public authorities. There are a few bodies which are excluded entirely from the RTI by law under section 24 1 of the Central Act. These bodies are a certain security or intelligence agencies. For a complete list Click Here and refer 5. Always correctly identify the government body from which the information has to be demanded. In case there are more than one government bodies that have a connection with your query, it is up to you to decide which body has the closest connection to the information you wish to obtain. In case that feels a bit confusing or you are not able to decipher a certain department to which you can file your RTI request; we can do it for you. Just apply for RTI with usand we will take it from there. Whether you are applying online or offline, it is important to attach the fees associated with your RTI application. The amount of this fee is Rs. However, the person claiming to be below poverty line must provide the proof of his claim. Online RTI submission accepts this free through online payment methods whereas if you are going for the offline method, the fee is payable to the Accounts Officer of the public authority from which information is demanded. Do note: Different states have different fees that they charge for the RTI requests. Moreover the mode of payment also varies from state to state.

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Recently, our company had sought some information under RTI from a Government authority, but it was refused on the ground that a company has no right to seek RTI information. What is the correct legal position and how to overcome the restriction? Right to information. A company or for that matter, a society, trust, association, etc. Request for obtaining information. Provided that where such request cannot be made in writing, the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall render all reasonable assistance to the person making the request orally to reduce the same in writing. So, what is the way out? The simple way out is that an employee or office-bearer of the company or society or NGO, etc. In such cases, even if the information is actually being sought by the company, it is in fact supplied to the employee or office-bearer who is a citizen who is filing the RTI application on behalf of the company. It may be noted that once an employee etc. He is the founder of this law portal. Read more by clicking here. List of his articles. List of his Forum Replies. List of his Quora Answers. List of his YouTube Videos. View all articles by Dr. Ashok Dhamija. Log in to leave a comment. Home News Opinion Answers Forum.

Basic RTI Rules You Must Know Before Filing an RTI

The above Institute procedure is an expensive one and a student has got to pay Rs. For example, if a CA Final student desires to apply for certified copies of all the 8 subjects, he has to incur Rs. To enable easy access to the information, the Right to Information Act, provides access to certified copies of answer sheets at a nominal cost and inspection at free of cost. RTI Act is in force sinceevery year many students are applying for certified copies under the RTI Act, but, Institute has been denying the answer-scripts to the candidates and compels candidates to seek their answer-scripts as per Institute procedure which provides for the cost of Rs. Paras Jain, made clear that, a candidate is free to apply for certified copies under the RTI Act, or as per the procedure laid down by the Institute and fee as to be charged as per the RTI rules when an application is made under the RTI Act, but not as per the Institute guidelines. As per the announcement No. How to apply for certified copies through RTI Portal? A candidate can make an online application at his doorsteps without visiting any office, though user registration is not mandatory to file RTI application, I suggest you create an account at RTI online site, so that you can have a list of applications in user account and details like name, email, the address will be auto-filled while filing RTI application. This form can be used to file an online RTI application. Name, address, educational qualifications, communication details will be auto-filled, if you have created account at RTI portal and you can change the same, if required. Select the option as Noif you do not fall under the BPL category or does not hold valid proof for the same. Such candidates are required to be paid application fee of Rs. There is no prescribed form of the application under the Act, but, I have referred to application formats of various institutes and have prepared a draft for your reference. Download the draft application from the below link, in the word document format, enter your details and copy-paste the contents in the prescribed field. Please note, handwritten application form is not required, Institute process and RTI process both are different platforms. On submission of the application, a unique registration number would be issued, which may be referred by the applicant for any references in future. The applicant will get an email and SMS alert on submission of the application. Within 30days from the date of your RTI application, you will receive an email from the institute with the link and login credentials to download the requested certified copies. No fee is required to be paid, as certified copies will be provided in soft copy format, no fee is to be charged as per RTI rules. As per RTI rules, there is no requirement for suo-moto verification of marks before providing certified copies. So that you can know the outcome of the verification of marks. Please note that re-evaluation of answers is not permissible under Regulation 39 4 of the CA Regulations Below is the copy of email received from ICAI, with link and login credentials to download the certified copies. Applicable Fee is required to be paid, as certified copies will be provided in hard copy format through speed post, Rs. Please note that re-evaluation of answers is not permissible as per Institute guidelines. After receiving certified copies, if there any discrepancies, you can report the same to ICAI through physical application via speed post in below format:. No fee is payable in such cases and such a request must be made within 30 days of issue of certified copies.

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