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I know this cause i'm borrowing your code for a project i'm currently working on. Not sure what that code would be in coffeescript. If anyone is interested, I got this working for me, in JS, but it doesn't work within a ng-view which was the purpose of this, making it work with dynamically added links? Hopefully this may be of help to someone, it uses a retry mechanism to check the element sizes before applying the scroll positions, this addressed this issue of unpredictable ng-view page rendering in my application. I did a JavaScript translation of this CoffeeScript and made a few updates. Skip to content. Instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Code Revisions 1 Stars 8 Forks 5. Embed What would you like to do? Embed Embed this gist in your website. Share Copy sharable link for this gist. Learn more about clone URLs. Download ZIP. Updated version of Angular ScrollSpy. This comment has been minimized. Sign in to view. Copy link Quote reply. Breaks in Anguar 1. Adds unnecessary returnln Select the last menu spy item if the browser is scrolled all the way to the bottom content length sometimes prevent this from happening. Changed the class to active to match Bootstrap's CSS. Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub.


By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. How can I transform the formData to String and send it to the server? I remember in AngularJS v1 you would use transformRequest. Look at my code, but be aware. I think it will fit you to. How are we doing? Please help us improve Stack Overflow. Take our short survey. Learn more. Asked 4 years, 7 months ago. Active 2 years, 1 month ago. Viewed k times. Kamal Kamal 1, 1 1 gold badge 11 11 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. Did you had any progress on this? There's a pending feature request on GitHub github. See here, I solved it after a long time fighting Active Oldest Votes. I also needed to add: xhr. I don't want to add extra data to file during transmission, do you know how to do with that? And for upload image like jpg, after uploaded, it was no longer a jpg file. So my question is: how to keep the original file during transmission? Why do we need the setInterval thing? Andrii Karaivanskyi Andrii Karaivanskyi 1, 2 2 gold badges 17 17 silver badges 21 21 bronze badges. For it to work I however needed to add xhr. If authorization is required adding this after the xhr. Is this supported now?

How To Build A News Application With Angular 6 And Material Design

For Angular 2 support, check out ng-bootstrapcreated by the UI Bootstrap team. As a result no dependency on jQuery or Bootstrap's JavaScript is required. The only required dependencies are:. Build files for all directives are distributed in several flavours: minified for production usage, un-minified for development, with or without templates. All the options are described and can be downloaded from here. It should be noted that the -tpls files contain the templates bundled in JavaScript, while the regular version does not contain the bundled templates. Alternativelly, if you are only interested in a subset of directives, you can create your own build. As soon as you've got all the files downloaded and included in your page you just need to declare a dependency on the ui. You can fork one of the plunkers from this page to see a working example of what is described here. Since version 0. If you are upgrading from ui-bootstrap 0. Original Bootstrap's CSS depends on empty href attributes to style cursors for several components pagination, tabs etc. But in AngularJS adding empty href attributes to link tags will cause unwanted route changes. This is why we need to remove empty href attributes from directive templates and as a result styling is not applied correctly. The remedy is simple, just add the following styling to your application:. Each of the components provided in ui-bootstrap have documentation and interactive Plunker examples. For the directives, we list the different attributes with their default values. B - This setting is a boolean. It doesn't need a parameter. The service's settings use camel case. The services can be configured in a. The accordion directive builds on top of the collapse directive to provide a list of items, with collapsible bodies that are collapsed or expanded by clicking on the item's header. You need one to be able to click on the header for toggling. Instead of the heading attribute on the uib-accordion-groupyou can use an uib-accordion-heading element inside a group that will be used as the group's header. If you're using a custom template for the uib-accordion-groupyou'll need to have an element for the heading to be transcluded into using uib-accordion-header e. To use clickable elements within the accordion, you have to override the accordion-group template to use div elements instead of anchor elements, and add cursor: pointer in your CSS. This is due to browsers interpreting anchor elements as the target of any click event, which triggers routing when certain elements such as buttons are nested inside the anchor element. If custom classes on the accordion-group element are desired, one needs to either modify the template to remove the ng-class usage in the accordion-group template and use ng-class on the accordion-group element not recommendedor use an interpolated expression in the class attribute, i. This directive can be used both to generate alerts from static and dynamic model data using the ng-repeat directive. If the attribute exists, a close button is displayed as well. This attribute requires the presence of the close attribute. With the buttons directive, we can make a group of buttons behave like a set of checkboxes uib-btn-checkbox or behave like a set of radio buttons uib-btn-radio. By default true or false.

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Angular 9 HttpClient is an inbuilt module that helps us to send network requests to any server. The latest version of the Angular framework is Angular 9. If you are new to Angular 9, then check out my Angular 9 Tutorial in this blog. Most front-end applications communicate with the backend services over an HTTP protocol. What this means is that the multiple calls to the HTTP module will all return the observable, that we need to subscribe to one way or the other way. Here are some key points to bear in mind that a particular type of Observables returned by an HTTP module. We have already set up an Angular CLI, and now we need to create a project using the following command. It will create a new project and install the required files to set up the boilerplate. Angular 9 HttpClient module already included when creating a new Angular app. We just need to register it this Angular app. Most apps do import in the root AppModule. Now, the Angular HttpClient is ready to use or inject with the Angular service or component. In Angular application, it is a best practice to create a service file related to a particular angular module. If an angular app needs to interact with the back end server, then we can write the API calling code inside the service file. After a successful request, the server sends a response back to the client. You typically post-process the data, add the error handling logic, and maybe some retry logic to cope with intermittent connectivity. The component quickly becomes cluttered with the data access. Now, write the following code inside the config. Okay, so let us install the package using the Yarn package manager. Now, we have the server running that can feed our data to our React Bootstrap Application. We have created a backend server and also created a service file. Now, we need to write the code that sends a GET request to the json server. This data then goes to the related component and using HTML, and we can show the data on the screen. The above example is using the HTTP module in a small service file, that is displaying a list of characters. The HttpClient.

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Every second Tuesday, we send a newsletter with useful techniques on front-end and UX. Well, look no further! Angular — according to the official documentation — is described as follows:. Although its initial focus was touch-based mobile apps, now its functionality has been extended to reach the web design world. No JavaScript framework is better than another. The same goes for programming languages. As is always the case with any news application, communicating with back-end services over the HTTP protocol is a crucial part. This is where the newer Angular HttpClient modulewhich is an improved version of the old Http, can help us easily interact with the service API. This is what we call the Angular template language. Loading only the part of the page that needs to be changed will definitely help our application load and perform more quickly and smoothly. Of course, there are many other benefits and features of Angular, which you can look up with a quick online search. We want our app to look as much like a Google app as possible. To do so, head over to the CLI and run this:. Installing the Angular animation package separately from the Angular core library is necessary. To find out more about Angular CDK, check out this article. You can start a development server by running the following command:. After adding those packages to your app. So, make sure you do that, too. You might be wondering, though, how did I know the names of the modules to import? The official Angular material documentation gives you the exact code needed to import each module. Now that you know what the News API is, the next step is to get a free API Keywhich will help us make some call requests to the server and grab the news articles. You can sign up for just 30 seconds. To start working on the components, you need to create a service provider to manage the interaction with the News API service. Now, for the initSources function, we simply prepare our left-side menu with some news resources. The service provider is done. Both are defined as an array. For the searchArticles function, it will be triggered whenever the user selects a specific resource from the left-side menu. I'm also adding some CSS to the body tag, only to demonstrate this layout.

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