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Side rails allow accessories such as lights and lasers. Center cutout allows user to still use iron sights. The distinction between inferior quality and premium AK Scope Mount is undeniable. Buy with confidence that we stand behind the product we sell. Ratings Snapshot. Would recommend this product. Please be aware that there may be a delay in shipping. Your credit card will not be charged until we ship the product. Fits AKM pattern rifles with a stamped receiver 7. McCain star fail. Date: March 24, It was so loose it fell off. Verified Buyer. No star fail. Date: March 20, AK rail mount dust cover. Date: February 21, Minimum work on it had to do a little bit of fitting not much. I have an older model Norinco paratrooper years old I would like to include a picture but I don't think I can. A little bit of trimming above the safety pivot and a smidgen of the overall length topside of Barrel end which I had to do on the original dust cover. Verified Buyer Recommended. AK 47 receiver cover mount. Date: October 29, Quality is good for the price. I had to do a little modification to piece. But nothing crazy. Date: October 25, Just remember that no two AK are the same and be prepared to do some modification. This AK Mount word well for me. Date: August 13, Please note that you will need to Modify this AK Receiver cover when installing because every ak manufacturer has a different tolerance. I had to adjust it by sanding and bending a little to get it to fit. It operates well for my AK and does not pop off. It will hit the top of the Picatinny rail and will not allow me to use iron sights below meters. There is a reason it's so cheap. Date: February 19, I bought this to try it since it was only

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AK Receiver 7. A quick look at one of the receivers shows the trigger pin hole in the lower bend of the frame. They are ideal for AMD builds. This item may have restrictions that prevents it from being sold in all areas. For a full list of all product restrictions, please check out our Restrictions Policy. Trigger hole was cut into the bend as centerfire mentions. You could just leave it as it is as trigger pin will remain In the right spot even with the drilling on the edge. Can't beat the price! Frequently Asked Questions You must sign in first to ask a question. View Larger Image. Description AK Receiver 7. Specifications Model: AK Caliber: 7. Please login first to write a review. Better than expected, Great condition and arrived fast. Holes line up. Have build a few different AK configurations with this receiver, every one works like a charm on the first pull of the trigger. Haven't built yet to see how it all lines up, but the quality is definitely worth the 30 bones. Frequently Asked Questions. You must sign in first to ask a question. Add to Cart In-Stock 0.

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Replacement cover release button. Cam lock design. Black oxide finish. Hard black anodized finish. Direct replacement for factory dust cover. Fits Romanian, Chinese, U. Attaches to your Vepr, Saiga or Ak47 variants using the side scope rail plate. This will fit most stamped AK47s, Saiga 7. Buy a Full TWS package and save. Shop By Category. When it comes to dust covers and dust cover rails, best is the standard at Carolina Shooters Supply. We carry everything from a direct factory replacement to the best railed dustcovers available. The dustcover is an extremely important part of the weapon and it's overall function, so we've made it our mission to carry only the highest in quality for competitive prices. The railed covers are a perfect addition to up fit your firearm, giving you the freedom to attach sights and lasers alike. Customize your gun to meet your needs at Carolina Shooters Supply! If you have any questions about our line of dust covers, feel free to call. We're a family-run business, and customer service is our highest priority.

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Scope mounts are the lug nuts of the shooting world; therefore the best should be sought after. This is in order for one to enjoy perfect connections. All the links in a shootings system must be fitted in and installed well for one to enjoy consistency once they start using their gun. When it comes to AK scope mounts, there are many of them to choose from. This can be a little confusing, which is why we have put together a review of the best AK scope mount to help you make the right choice:. All its edges are smoothed and also rounded to make it safe for the user. It has an inbuilt receiver scope rail interface. Its QD system is also something worth noting as it allows for easy attachment to the gun, removal from the gun and also for quick and easy re-attachment. The scope mount has a great solid construction, which makes it very strong and definitely long lasting. It has an amazing finish too, something that attracts many buyers to it. This is a side mount that attaches to a standard rail on the side of an AK rifle. It has been designed using simple engineering from Soviet combined with modern American styling, and given a Picatinny rail. That is why it is able to mount on any sort of scope on your AK rifle, using rings that are easily available. The mount fits so well on all AK variants. It comes well aligned, therefore you do not need to adjust anything for it to attach securely on your rifle. The mount itself is very secure and is able to hold zero after dethatching and reinstalling. Our Rating: 4. This is the best choice for anyone looking for a quality scope mount. Its aluminum construction gives it great strength. That is why it feels very sturdy and strong to last the user a long time. It has a hard anodized coat too, for its great look, feel and one that protects it from any damage. The mount is AK railed, featuring a 6. The mount has been designed to attach to those rifles with an inbuilt AK receiver rail interfaces using the ADM auto lock system. This should help with mounting low profile optics onto your rifle. It is a very strong mount, built with aluminum with a hard coat anodize. It comes with everything that you will need for a perfect mounting including AK rear rail, socket screws, head screw and nut key. What you get with this mount is a quick installation process. The mount has a customizable level adjustment, with which you can adjust to the left or right, and also up and down. This is a great mount whose rail is able to fit over the rear of your rifle. It can go all the way from the end of your dust cover to the rear sight attachment point. It has an overall effect of 19 slots, which are necessary for the attachment of scopes, accessories and other optics. Its rail has an attached rear iron sight, which will replace the one that will be removed. This is meant to give the user a longer sight radius, for easy accurate shooting. The mount will allow its user to run a magnified optic with a night vision optic and still have a very good rear sight. Our Rating: 3.

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If you have any questions please e-mail us at info nodakspud. You can fax or email a copy of your FFL. They are pre-marked in batches, and are limited to inventory on hand. Please go to the selector markings page for more info on available markings. You can mix-n-match receivers of the same price levels for the quantity discounts. Please refer to the terms and conditions page for more details. To order our products:. Please Call: to pay with credit card. Or go to the order page and print off the form, then send it to the address provided. We are producing two basic "Premium" AKM type receivers. The part 's are. Based on the Hungarian SA pattern. Based on the Bulgarian SLR pattern. Many of our other receivers are based off these basic platforms. Some of the features these receivers have are. AK parts kits, rivet sets, and build tools are available from. Fits all AKM 7. Because there are no trunion holes pre-drilled, you can adapt this receivers to many uses. New production run inemail for updates. You can only combine receivers for quantity discounts if they have the same qty 1 price. Now with pre-drilled front trunion and rear block holes. This variant has the pistol grip reinforcement plate installed. Caliber 7. This is the only receiver on the market that allows installation of the original Tantal safety and selector levers! Also, it is the only receiver that has replicated the original left side selector markings and detents! Make something that will turn heads at the range and confuse the AK "purists". Model NDS Based off the "Premium" NDS-1 shell, this one has all the enhanced features of that model with the back end cut for the AMD rear block. You can only combine receivers for quantity discounts if they have thesame qty 1 price. Caliber 5. Also, due to the longer 5. This new version does not have any front trunion rivet holes present. Parts will not have selector markings standard. Now standard with Black Oxide finish. What's Available:. This version has no rivet holes, and the rear of the receiver is 90 degrees from the top rail like an AKM. This lends itself well to fixed stock or "custom" builds.

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