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Alliance War Defender Suggestion (Defensive Tier List)

Each Heavy Attack strike against the Defender removes X charge. When struck, reset the timer and remove a Cruelty passive stack. When struck, reset the timer and remove a Regeneration passive stack. When struck, reset the timer and remove a Armor Up passive stack. When struck, reset the timer and remove a Precision passive stack. Aggressive This defender is more aggressive and excels at offensive abilities like Heavy and Dash Attacks. Anamnesis Break the normal limitations of a Genetic Memory with perfect recollection of up to X effects. Arc Overload 2. Aspect of Death As this Defender activates a Special Attack, their successful hits become lethal for X seconds plus X additional second s for each knocked out member of the Attacker's team. The Unstoppable effect is removed prematurely if the player intercepts any Dash or Heavy attack. Whenever a Champion with the Curse strikes the other Champion or if the Curse has been on the same Champion for X seconds, it passes to the other Champion. Attacker's damage-per-hit is capped at X. When the Defender is struck, blocks an attack or lands an attack X Charge is lost. When they have depleted, the Defender gains X bars of Power and becomes permanently Unstoppable and Unblockable. Landing a hit removes the Degeneration and resets the timer. The strength of this Degeneration is affected by Class Relationships. Caltrops Dashing backwards against this enemy causes you to Bleed for X seconds. Chaos Anyone's Special Attack causes random effects on both Champions. Combo Lock Your Combo Meter is never reset while fighting this enemy. Combo Shield The Combo Meter is not reset after being struck by an attack. All of the Defender's attacks are Unblockable. Defensive This defender is more passive and excels at defensive abilities like Blocking and Dodging. Delirium The Attacker's Dash and Dodge controls are inverted in this fight. Dismay Whenever the Attacker loses their highest achieved Combo in a Fight, they gain a Degeneration Debuff that deals damage every second equal to 10 times the lost Combo. Double or Nothing Roll for a second Gambler's Fate effect. Duodenum Prod An advanced poking technique designed to increase yields of enemy body fluids. Electric Fluctuations - 1 The duration of the Attacker's Buffs is reduced by 1. During the Stun, the Attacker's Armor Rating is doubled. Opponents with greater Attack increase the amount of time before becoming Enraged. Fisticuffs - 1 Neither Champion can activate Buffs or Debuffs for the first 10 seconds of the fight. The strength of the Degeneration is affected by Class Relationships. While it is inactive, she fights more aggressively. Gambler's Fate Both Champions gain a random effect at the start of the match. Genetic Memory Grant permanent effects from a genetic memory. Maximum X effects.

Alliance War Defense Placement

Also worth noting you're in one of the highest tiers of war and from gameplay I've seen one of the more skilled players around. This sort of stuff isn't an enjoyable gaming experience for the vast majority of players, even if a specific handful of players are good enough to deal with it without issue. Plus vs KP any debuffs make him stronger when he converts them as far as I understand it. June Can No Mercy bypass this? June edited June TomBrady12 said:. These are both r3 defenders vs higher attackers. Seriously wtf is that. Happy staying away from wars joined aq only ally. Happy me. Aldo poel compliz abuft Ebony mac one that ikow wasp is the perft center ther. Would this node be doable if it contained the keyword "or"? So three intercepts OR six heavys? I don't think this was intended to be a road block just to make you showcase some skill. September Absolutely agree with many of the sentiments expressed above. That said, Cap IW is a solid counter to the aegis sp? Just no In so many ways. Sign In or Register to comment. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

MCOC Alliance War Defender Placement | MAP | Attack Team

I think you should include him on the Main Boss suggestions. Post a Comment. What is Alliance War? Alliance War Rewards Update. About Alliance War Defense Phase. About Alliance War Tier - Points. Alliance War New Node Update. About Alliance War Attack Phase. Attack Team Guide for alliance war. Best Counter Options for Mini Bosses. What is Alliance Wars? While placing your defensive team, they cannot be used in Alliance Quests, but can be used in any other Quests Story, Event, Daily, etc. Once the attack phase begins, your defensive team is locked and cannot be used in other Quests until you complete or clear your Battle Group in Alliance War. Alliance Wars AW are the alliance's primary source of 3 star, 4 star, 5 star and 6 star shards. The goal of the event is to capture and defeat your opponents boss, and in the process explore the various nodes challenges your opponents have set for you. It's important that which paths should be cleared first so other paths can be explored, so discuss with your team mates before moving or clearing nodes. Your objective is your defend your Battlerealm three Battlegroups from the attacking alliance. Alliance War Attack Phase Guide. Now it's time to talk about the top attack champions who should be considered for Alliance War. Its always important to take in one of the following high block champions to reduce the damage you take against these nodes. Champions with power lock or power drain can also be an asset against these nodes. Champ :. Heimdall - He gains permanent True Strike buff after activates each time special attack. Staggered enemy has their next Buff Nullified. This ability can be activate again after 44 seconds cooldown. So all time Heavy attack against him is safe. I hope above information will help you and your team in war. Unknown July 24, at AM. Contact Form. LinkList ul li ul'.

MCOC Act 4 Walkthrough – The Easiest Paths

At this point in the game, you really need to start pushing towards becoming Uncollected by completing Act 5, Chapter 2 5. Please note, I typically use abbreviations for MCOC champsso just click on that link if you have any questions on that front. There is an easier path, but I recommend going for the shorter path, mainly because the shorter path means fighting a buffed BB, which is totally manageable. Final Tips : Bring a power control champ. Also, Red Cyclops will have some incoming nodes to add some additional buffs to the fight so be aware. There is an easiest path that will debuff the mid boss Punisher and the final Boss Moon Knight, but in this case, just go for the shortest path and bring a poison immune champ or two. Maybe, jogging? Even though you will be fighting a boss that is heavily buffed, I believe the path directly to Venom is your best option. If you follow my path below, make sure to bring a few tech and mutant champs. Having said that, this is a very manageable quest. When going down the easiest path, there will likely be, at least, three Symbioid Ambushes. However, I will be writing a walkthrough of Act 5 for easiest paths, so stay tuned! Winner of the Ojai Film Festival? Continue Reading.

Variant 4 – Chapter 3.1 Guide

Imagine it against a rhino, you basically have to eat 3 combos before dealing damage. Pure cash grabbing fiesta. We gotta deal with all these stupid crazy nodes for a whole season with the same old crappy rewards. June in General Discussion. The Aegis node seem a bit excessive. Timing out seems likely especially against characters that shrugs off debufs or stun immune for parts of fight. June It's insane. The worst thing anyone can do even the most skilled players in war is start forcing intercepts. This node is a disaster. They threw a bunch of OP nodes together that when combined with defenders creates impossible or near impossible fights. Completely untested, not an ounce of care toward the player base. Even if they made all potions and boosts free, it would still be a waste of time. Who at corporate is trying to kill this game? Lvernon15 said:. Skkc said:. Our opponents put a Thing on that node. I just died 6 or 7 times. Its no fun anymore. Cliffordcan said:. Iceman duped. Imiw's first medium cannot be evaded. She hulk, slow debuff? I think Domino counters Thor's auto parry? June edited June I'm not saying the node isn't over tuned. Might make more sense to lessen the amount of specified attacks required. You are showing a 7k Pi rhino. In aw noded rhino can easily mess you up. DTMelodicMetal said:.

Alliance War - How to beat Rhino on Aegis Intercept -3 Node 13 Path 9

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