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Fighting Iron Man Infinity War (IMIW) in AW: Node 38 and 42

Search this site. Useful Links. Here's a couple of things to think about. A good place to start is here : this is a survey from reddit asking people who they think the best champs are. Note that the first 3 are very good even unduped. If you have any of these champs, prioritize ranking them up! AQ-specific thoughts If we are running AQ3 then really any champs that are at least PI are OK, with or above being the goal you should shoot for. You can contribute at that level and we have enough boss-killers. AQ5 however is tougher and has some wrinkles. There are poison nodes, which obviously hurt. Poison can stack and overwhelm willpower so that alone won't counter it though it helps. Ideally what you want is a strong poison immune champ. Marvel, and Ronan. The difficulty of the enemies in AQ5 also means you're going to take damage just about every fight, even if you're blocking. So champs that can heal are also really good. These primarily include Dr. Champs that can stun are also really good, as stunned opponents can't hit you back. Duped Scarlet Witch is aces in this department as any crit has a chance to stun. Moon Knight also has the ability to stun with regular attacks during full moon. Many champs can stun with specials. Ultimately, stars and ranks do matter a lot, as does using champs your're comfortable with. But these are the guys I've focused on. AW-specific thoughts Willpower used to be a huge problem in AW, however with the recent nerf triggering it is generally no longer a death sentence though it is still an issue for the end boss. So don't worry about it as much and bring champs you are most comfortable with. Another 'feature' grumble grumble of AW is thorns nodes. There are very few ways around that - but there are a few. A duped Black Widow can avoid triggering thorns due to Subtlety. She's great! Magneto can mitigate thorns against metal opponents through Magnetism, though it isn't as reliable as BW and obviously many opponents are not metal. Finally, Doc Strange can stick to L3ing and only attacking during his heal phase and grind thorns opponents down. On defense, things are a little different. There's a few types of champs I love to see people bring when arranging our defense: Healers - listed above. They drag fights out. Also if they heal back above their trigger level, they can trigger it again the next fight.

Alliance War Defender Suggestion (Defensive Tier List)

General Thoughts: Only three lanes, and there is nothing too tricky here as long as you bring a counter for the Electro boss. Ideally you should bring a workhouse damage dealer for the path, specific counters for a couple of fights particularly on the middle path and the Scarlet Witch and then a boss counter. A champion like Stark Spider-Manwho is a big damage dealer with power control, is an excellent option to build a team around. The Crackling Energy node will place a passive energy damage over time effect on the Attacker dealing. Striking the Defender with a non-contact hit removes all stacks. This node is the main challenge of the fight. Launch his SP2 to enervate Electro to negate the power gain. A high Signature Level Namor will reflect the damage back. With Hyperionsimply intercept with the SP1. With Havok you want to use the double medium combo as you build up to a SP3. Ghost-Rider was great for Corvus Glaive. The Ebony Maw fight is probably the trickiest on the path. I actually found Hulk Ragnarok a better option for that fight than my nullifying mystics, and I went back in and tried the fight with Quakeand that also worked. A champion like Stark Spider-Manwho can place Taunt Debuffs on the opponent, makes this lane very easy, especially the Mordo, which is the most difficult fight on the path. Like Liked by 1 person. Like Like. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Skip to content Summoners! Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Pingback: Variant 4 — Chapter 3. Pingback: Variant 4 — Chapter 2. Pingback: Variant 4 — Chapter 1. Thanks for the guide. It helps me so much to clear variant 4. Thank you! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:.

MCOC Alliance War Defender Placement | MAP | Attack Team

Also worth noting you're in one of the highest tiers of war and from gameplay I've seen one of the more skilled players around. This sort of stuff isn't an enjoyable gaming experience for the vast majority of players, even if a specific handful of players are good enough to deal with it without issue. Plus vs KP any debuffs make him stronger when he converts them as far as I understand it. June Can No Mercy bypass this? June edited June TomBrady12 said:. These are both r3 defenders vs higher attackers. Seriously wtf is that. Happy staying away from wars joined aq only ally. Happy me. Aldo poel compliz abuft Ebony mac one that ikow wasp is the perft center ther. Would this node be doable if it contained the keyword "or"? So three intercepts OR six heavys? I don't think this was intended to be a road block just to make you showcase some skill. September Absolutely agree with many of the sentiments expressed above. That said, Cap IW is a solid counter to the aegis sp? Just no In so many ways. Sign In or Register to comment. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

MCOC Alliance War Defender Placement | MAP | Attack Team

Killed by a client in a job gone wrong, Voyant is sent to Hell where Satan gives her the ability to kill with a single touch, sending her back to Earth to avenge her own death. After avenging her murder, Voyant returns to Satan who, no longer content to wait for evil souls to die a natural death, charges her with bringing more souls to him. Claire is focused on cycling through her different curses throughout the fight to always stay one step ahead of the Opponent. By ending a combo with a light attack Claire can switch her active curse, allowing her to adjust her utility set on the fly throughout any given fight. Additionally, each curse comes with a matching immunity making her great at completely bypassing Bleed, Poison and Incinerate effects. Special Attack 2 — Wrath of the Widow Leaping forward, Claire uses her shadow limbs to slash the Opponent with a series of devastating blows. Balancing the different curses, depending on the matchup, is key to playing as Claire. When receiving damage that would knock her out, Death Touch is consumed instead and Claire gains a Death Immunity Buff, preventing death and healing Additionally any hit that would kill Claire while Death Touch is active will grant her a Clairvoyance charge since she is immune to it. Download Now Download Download. Here are a few details: About Black Widow Claire Voyant After avenging her murder, Voyant returns to Satan who, no longer content to wait for evil souls to die a natural death, charges her with bringing more souls to him. This also allows her to synergize with the Double Edge and Liquid Courage Masteries very well, since she can have both of them purified within a single combo. This also works very well in matchups on Stun immune nodes, since each Parry will also give her a charge and power! Power Sting Claire relies on throwing a high number of Special Attacks. If suffering from Power Sting, Claire will take a ton of damage when activating Special Attacks and will have to stop her loop until the effect has fallen off. Evasion Champions or anyone that prevents a full 5 hit combo Claire needs to finish a full 5 hit combo ending with a Light Attack in order to switch to her next curse. Any Champions who can prevent this from happening will lock her into a single curse and shut down a lot of her best utility. Charges stack up to After landing or receiving a Light or Medium attack and the Opponent has 1 or more Buffs, a charge is consumed and 1 Buff is Nullified. Curse of the Black Widow Claire has 3 types of curses, each providing her with a different immunity, however, only 1 curse can be active at a time. By default the Curse of Blood is active. Landing a fourth Light Attack casts the next curse in the following order: Curse of Blood: Bleed immunity. Curse of Plague: Poison immunity. Curse of Hellfire: Incinerate immunity. Finishing a combo with a Medium attack inflicts 1 Debuff. Throwing a Heavy Attack or Special 1 inflicts up to 3 Debuffs. Curse of Blood: Bleed, dealing Curse of Plague: Poison, dealing Curse of Hellfire: Incinerate, dealing Curse of Hellfire: Deal a burst of All Clairvoyance charges are removed, each increasing her Attack Rating during this attack by Claire gains Death Touch, lasting for 1. This Debuff does not stack and will not trigger if the Opponent has natural Class advantage. Recommended Masteries Liquid Courage: Claire is immune to Poison effects while her Curse of Plague is active, allowing her to negate the negative effects of Liquid Courage.

Alliance War Defender Suggestion (Defensive Tier List)

Help Us to Maintain this Site. Alliance War needs annoying champs to increase the chance to get more kills, but do remember that you should not place one champ on many nodes, else your opponent may win because of increased diversity point. So take care of diversity if you really care about winning. Note: Defender Tactics have a very important role in winning if you are Tier 1 to Tier 5 ally. Learn about them and the champions that can benefit from Defender Tactics. All Champions from Boss List. Do you have suggestions? Suggestions are welcome and we will look into it and update the sheet if needed. Please comment with your suggestion. Do mention if the champ needs to be duped or not. I will just mention the buff type to place effective champs. You can just tap on the node and see the buff detail. Would you do a path with a regeneration node without a relevant champ? Voodoo etc. Void and Captain America IW can even reverse the regeneration to degeneration with Petrify debuff that makes those nodes a cake walk if you put champions that regenerates. Kingpin is the best. For rest of the nodes use any champs from the list given on top of this page. By McocFan - January 19, Next Post When you save shards and pull shit. Google serves cookies to analyze traffic and shows interest-based ads to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose Accept Read more. Captain Marvel Duped — Movie.

AEGIS RHINO (Intercept Indestructible) AW Tips/Fight - Marvel Contest of Champions

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