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As Hiossen, we're dedicated to providing you with superior implant technology that's just as reliable and grounded as the company it comes from. Our state of the art dental implants are designed for beauty and quality. At Hiossen, we pride ourselves on providing personalized, one-to-one support before, during and after your purchase. We look forward to assisting you. Learn More. Smiles That Last a Lifetime. Where Beautiful Results Take Shape. Our Dedicated Team is Here to Help. Contact Us. Our rigorous, five-step quality control process provides you with the assurance that our products are manufactured under the strictest procedures to ensure safety and to meet our high standards for quality and effectiveness. Research and testing of our products also give you the quantitative data you want when searching for an implant with a high Implant Stability Quotient ISQ value that promotes bone healing and offers solutions to difficult cases. Discover the difference of Hiossen. Contact Us Today. Learn more about dental implants at AIC Education. Searching for a career in the Dental Implantology field? Connect With Us Sylvan Ave. Ste Englewood Cliffs, NJ master hiossen. All Rights Reserved.

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The implants are a bit less expensive than most of the other major implant companies on the market. It has an internal hex connection with a Morse taper. Their surface has been roughened with a resorbable blasted medium particulate hydroxyapatite which is supposed to enhance the speed of osseointegration. The HM implant line is a set of narrow diameter implants, which can be used in narrow alveolar ridges. They come in 2. The HM system has wide application in the mandibular anterior area because the alveolar ridge is usually narrow. They are particularly useful for manidbular overdenture retention. Importantly, Hiossen has a very extensive system of multiple session training courses located in a number of major cities including: New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Washington DC, and Dallas. These courses normally include live surgeries. Have you found their extensive education programs useful? I have been placing Hiossen HM implants for the past two years and I have been very plesed. I have used them mostly for immediate implant placement with no failures. I have found the HM thread design works really well for immediate placement. Due to the multiple sizes available it is also easy to find the size to fit the socket. The fit of the parts is excellent. They also have a wide array of restorative choices and implant sizes. I have been very pleased with their customer service and generous return policy Even though they are cheaper than the major brand names implants, there are other implant systems priced much lower i. However I think the quality of the implants and the customer service provided makes them very competitive. I have had no experience with the their courses. You must have got paid for posting here; Please note, I am not against this company or anything. If they did then only on paper. If you impliying MS system which is OSSTEM then you make sense otherwise I would not recommend anyone to consider your post to make decision about their implant system or joing implant course. Same implants different name but of course higher price. Now important thing about their implant. Their implants are like any other implant out there. They are very good at copying like Hyundai i. Try it out.

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As one of the fastest growing implant manufacturers in the world, Osstem implants are currently used in over 70 countries, including, United States, China, Korea, Japan, Germany, India, Chile, and many others. Developing and producing a wide variety of top quality implants at state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we export our products to more than 20 different countries. Osstem is striving to improve implant quality by monitoring the market and gathering feedback from clinicians. And all the ideas and opinions are analyzed with rigorous scientific tests and incorporated into our research and development process. Opening of the San Diego sales branch. Steel site in Fairless Hills, PA. Ground breaking begins to build a state of the art implant manufacturing facility. Based on sales, it is the No. It sells products in more than 70 countries and operates local corporations in 22 countries. The growth of Osstem Implant has a positive impact on the development of the Korean dental industry. As Osstem Implant plays a pivotal role in the implant industry, Korea has changed its status as an exporting country and has become a globally recognized country in implant clinical practice. Osstem Implant has received strict quality certification from FDA, CE as well as major countries in the world and has been designated by the Government of Korea as a world-class product and excellent technology research center. The company is expanding the technology and product development not only for dental implants, dental equipment, dental materials, and dental IT, but also for the fields that are essential for dental care and is making efforts to lead the development of the dental industry. To this end, it donates scholarships to 12 colleges of dentistry and graduate schools of clinical dentistry every year. It also actively supports activities for the academic development of dentistry and volunteer services of dentists. Osstem Implant will actively expand the area of activity that can contribute to the development of the dentistry and the public health. Osstem Implant will be a dental specialty company that practices this business philosophy and continuously strive to create greater customer value. A patient had a fixed hybrid prosthesis on 6 Osstem III implants, not wide body. We are converting her to locators and an overdenture. I need a screwdriver tool to undo the stock abutments, and a selection of locator abutments. Can you get me a contact person to order the tool to undo the stock abutments for a screw-retained case? Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. Skip to content. Hi Dr. Fleming, Thank you for your message. One of our sales will get in touch shortly. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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I am about to receive a dental implant to restore a missing tooth and while researching it seems that there are so many implants. I was wandering if I should ask for one over the other. I know Nobel Biocare implants are consider the best or most popular and have no idea i don't have any problem to pay more i just want to make sure i am receiving the right treatment. Click here to add your own comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Dental Implant Types - Archive. Go Back To Patients Home. Search This Website. Chicago I am about to receive a dental implant to restore a missing tooth and while researching it seems that there are so many implants. Types and Brands by: BD There are many different dental implant types, each one designed to meet specific patient needs; only after a thorough evaluation will your dentist recommend the best treatment option for you. Of all the types of dental implants, the root-form titanium dental implant is the most common. This option is also known as an endosseous or endosteal implant, a name that stems from the fact that these tooth implants are placed directly in the bone. Root-form implants are made of the reliably strong and corrosion-resistant metal titanium, making these dental implants very similar in appearance to screws, nails, or cones. Even thought most of the time the implant is chosen by the Doctor some of the top dental implant companies I would recommend getting your implants from would be Nobel Biocare, Straumann, Astra Tech, BioHorizons,3I or Zimmer. I have been going to this Chicago Dentist, www. My family and I are very happy with this dentist and his entire staff is great!. They also specialize in Cosmetic Dentistry. I never had to check the brand my dentist uses. Chicago Doctor by: Mandy My family are regulars at this Chicago dentist ww. We continue to have the most pleasant experience each time. Cosmetic dentistry is another area this dentist specializes in. Bad implant work by: Anonymous I had Nobel Biocare implants and have had a lot of trouble with them.

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When discussing dental implants, companies like Straumann and Nobel Biocare often come up as providing the benchmark for quality and innovation. But these great European companies are now looking over their shoulders at Osstem, the dynamic, fast-growing Korean implant maker. Established in the late s and present in the Australian market sinceOsstem is now the No. It will come as no surprise that many dentists are seeing Osstem implants as considerably better value than their top international equivalents. What may surprise is that in this case quality is not the first casualty of a lower price. When initially approached by Osstem, Michael was a little apprehensive. But a close Korean colleague of mine pointed out that Osstem is the top-selling implant in Korea and that gave me the confidence to try it. Moreover, it has created fierce competition and implant companies therefore have to be highly competitive to survive. Cost and quality were initial reasons for Michael to look at Osstem. Wow, that was new. I also do a lot of orthodontics and the two disciplines do merge; temporary anchorage implants have changed orthodontics greatly in recent years. In general practice sincehe has gained particular expertise in orthodontics, implantology and CAD-CAM chairside delivery of ceramic restorations. This in turn has led to a desire to share his learnings with other dentists, in particular training dentists in the use of CAD-CAM chairside systems and the Cfast orthodontic system. He emphasises that he received no inducement for this article; the motivation was purely to share his positive experiences with the Osstem product. Remember the name. You must be logged in to post a comment. Osstem Implants: Top quality for a fraction of the price. Oct 20, admag Related posts. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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