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For your everyday conversations, we have compiled for you a list of 50 basic words and phrases in Moroccan Arabic. You basically need to learn these words and phrases by heart to acquire a first baggage in Darija. You will also learn a few phrases to ask for help, or signal that you do not understand something, in Darija. An exercise is provided at the end to help you practice these basic Moroccan Arabic words and phrases. Looking to learn Darija online? You can post your text for feedback either in the comments section below, or in the exercises section on Speak Moroccan Forums. Ma bghitsh Addressing a singular Fhemtini? Fin kayna twalit? Tqdr t3awenni? Addressing a singular Ashno ban lik? Addressing a singular Ashno guelti? Share it:. Leave a comment:. Comment Policy : All comments are very welcome but you must be respectful. Comments are moderated. Want to learn Moroccan Arabic? Your level Follow Us. Want to learn to speak Moroccan Arabic? Discover the best quality resources for learning Moroccan Arabic Become a part of a large community of Arabic learners Recieve regular updates.

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The Arabic language is one of the most beautiful languages in the world and its beauty lies in its words. The Arabic language is estimated to be made out of millions of words with the largest Arabic dictionary having over words. This translates into knowing only most common Arabic words in order to be able to have fluent conversations in Arabic. Also, each new word you learn helps you guess the meaning of up to 60 words you have never seen before. This means that knowing only words helps you guess up to Arabic words. Doesn't seem that frightening now, right? This is one of the most known words in Arabic and a great way to start a conversation with someone from Dubai. Click play below to listen to the actual pronunciation:. Love is a universal feeling and we definitely had to talk about it here. Hear it in action here:. When there's love, there's definitely happiness. Let's talk pets. There are two types of people in the world: cat people and dog people. Listen to how it sounds like:. But let's not forget our lovely and loyal companions, dogs. Here is how you would pronounce it:. Smiling makes us happy and helps us stay healthy, so that's why we all need to smile every day. Here's the Arabic pronunciation:. Listen to how an Arabic speaker would pronounce it:. Enhance your understanding by listening to how a person from Dubai would pronounce it:. Here's a native speaker thanking you in Arabic:. Now it's time for a delightful Arabic voice to say "Goodbye" to you:. Online language courses nowadays are fun, effective, affordable and use the latest technology to teach you a new language. This makes them a great solution to build your vocabulary. No more learning random words you will probably never use in real life. Each Mondly lesson revolves around a certain theme or situation: from family to colors to animals or shopping related lessons. Organizing the lessons into themes makes learning Arabic words a lot easier by creating powerful associations in your brain. All phrases within the app are recorded by professional Arabic speakers so you can sit back and absorb the correct pronunciation of the most common Arabic words effortlessly.

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In January we released an updated Oxford list and other brand new word lists to help learners and teachers with their English language learning. Find out more and view all the new lists: Oxford Learner's Word Lists. The Academic Word List is a list of words that you are likely to meet if you study at an English-speaking university. In our dictionaries you will find many notes on various aspects of usage in English, including lots of information about synonyms, collocations and other vocabulary points. Between and we added new words to the online edition of the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English includes lists of words that are particularly associated with subject areas such as humanities and social sciences. We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website, including to provide targeted advertising and track usage. By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings at any time. Find out more. Toggle navigation. Grammar home Practical English Usage. Resources home Text Checker. Grammar Grammar home Practical English Usage. Resources Resources home Text Checker. English American English. Enter search text. Word lists in Oxford Learner's Dictionaries. The Oxford The Oxford is a list of the most important words to learn in English. Pictures Many entries in our dictionaries include illustrations to help expand your vocabulary. Usage Notes In our dictionaries you will find many notes on various aspects of usage in English, including lots of information about synonyms, collocations and other vocabulary points. New words and meanings English Dictionary. Academic Subject Areas The Oxford Learner's Dictionary of Academic English includes lists of words that are particularly associated with subject areas such as humanities and social sciences. Subject Areas: Academic English Dictionary.

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Get a Quote. Even the expat individuals and families who've lived here for years or decades still don't understand enough Arabic to follow a conversation. When asked about it, they claim that they never felt the need to learn Arabic. Even third culture kids and expat children who were born and educated in the UAE don't know Arabic. Despite Arabic being the most widely spoken Semitic language in the world, the preferred language for expats is English. That said, most expats living in the Middle East learn a few common words and phrases that they use every now and then in their conversation. Below is a list of 20 popular Arabic words and phrases almost all expats in Dubai know and use, or should learn. Khallas means 'finished'. It can also mean stop, end, enough etc. It's one of those words that can be and is used in every situation. Habibi in Arabic means 'my love' and is often used in conversation, both formally and informally. Hala is considered an informal or slang way to say hello. If you need help to remember this one, think of it as the equivalent of 'Holla! Insha'Allah is one of those words that is used in abundance in conversations all over Dubai irrespective of whether it's a local, expat, arabic or non-arabic speaking person. Explaining the meaning of Masha'Allah is a little difficult as it's used in myriad ways. The closest translation is 'God has willed it'. Ahlan Wa Sahlan is probably the first phrase expats hear when landing in Dubai. It means welcome. This is not the welcome one says in response to 'thank you' though. This is used in response to welcoming someone in your home, party or country etc. Masalamah means 'goodbye' in Arabic. While there are other words that mean goodbye too, this one is the easiest to learn. La afham means 'I don't understand'. It's also useful to learn for when you run into someone who only speaks Arabic and you have difficulty communicating. If you ever want to say please in Arabic, say Min fadlak. Keep in mind though that the pronunciation changes a bit when addressing a female. The above words and phrases are ones that get their message across even if you say them without attaching them to a sentence. Even then, if you're unsure of how to use them in your conversation, pay attention to how other people use these words in their sentences. It shouldn't take you long to figure out what context to use them in! Are you looking for expat insurance? Click here to get a quote.

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UAE is an Arabic country. However, it is very sad to notice that most of the majority of expatriates living here do not know how to converse in basic Arabic. In one way it can be viewed as a tolerance of the UAE and its rulers to allow foreign language to be dominant and on the other hand it can be viewed as lack of interest from expatriates. English and Hindi are widely spoken and English is used in all the official documentation or press releases. In any case, we lose a golden opportunity to learn a new language! It made me ponder…. I started my lessons and I am proud today that I have learnt at least 15 new words in the last 1 month and use it wherever I get an opportunity to talk to an Arabic speaking person in basic Arabic words. I hope that soon everybody picks up some basic Arabic words and Arabic phrases and starts conversing in Arabic. It is a beautiful language, I learnt. Here are some great videos you could learn to speak basic Arabic words and phrases. Go through them in detail every day. Arabic Numbers — How to say? Table of ContentsArabic Numbers — How to say? I am really feel so happy to see your videos. I am trying to learn Arabic, Kindly include more and more situational based conversation and video. Also I am asking you if some one follow your Arabic tutorial tips how many days required to familiar in Arabic language. Swimwear for girls at the moment was nothing more than a smock, or extra precisely a bathing robe. Your word list has helped me out. Thanks for the share. Learnt what was necessary to get a job done. However no offense, I would like to mention a line which says you where compelled to speak Tamil, thats because you where in Madras. But seriously you cannot compare Madras with Dubai. The language barries have hold those cities back. If would have been in Mumbai aka Bombay, you would have noticed that it speaks same English and Hindi often same as Dubai. Marathi is local laguage of Mumbai but not mandatorily used by all. So to conclude here is Dubai and Mumbai are lively cities and you travel anywhere to such cities throughout the world you can only hear is English. To conclude its not about tolarance nor lack of intrest its all about International Standards thats upheld by Dubai. Assalamu alaykoum, I am an online native Arabic tutor and I am teaching students from different parts of the world. Have a look at my profile and see what students are saying! Assalamu alaykoum jaouad. My emirati friend always tease the word harakat and he is telling me its not a bad word… what is harakat?

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