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Launched by Christopher Poole in Octoberthe site hosts boards dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from anime and manga to video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. The site was created as a counterpart to the Japanese imageboard Futaba Channelalso known as 2chan, [6] and the first boards were created for posting images and discussion related to anime. The Guardian once summarized the 4chan community as "lunatic, juvenile The majority of posting on 4chan takes place on imageboardswhere users have the ability to share images and create threaded discussions. Each board has its own set of rules and is dedicated to a specific topic, variously including anime and manga, video games, music, literature, fitness, politics, and sports, among others. Poole has acknowledged that donations alone could not keep the site online, and turned to advertising to help make ends meet. Unlike most web forums, 4chan does not have a registration system, allowing users to post anonymously. A "capcode" may be used to attribute the post to "Anonymous Mod", although moderators often post without the capcode. Revealing oneself as a janitor is grounds for immediate dismissal. For instance, on December 28,4chan and other websites went down due to such an attack, following which Poole said on his blog, "We now join the ranks of MasterCardVisaPayPalet al. The site was launched as 4chan. On March 1,Poole announced that he lacked the funds to pay the month's server bill, but was able to continue operations after receiving a swarm of donations from users. By November4chan made the transition to utilizing Cloudflare following a series of distributed denial of service attacks. On January 21,Poole stepped down as the site's administrator citing stress from controversies such as Gamergate as the reason for his departure. In Octoberit was reported that the site was facing financial difficulties that could lead to its closure or radical changes. But I failed. I am sincerely sorry", citing server costs, infrastructure costs, and network fees. On November 17,it was announced that the site would be split into two, with the work-safe boards moved to a new domain, 4channel. In a series of posts on the topic, Nishimura explained that the split was due to 4chan being blacklisted by most advertising companies, and that the new 4channel domain would allow for the site to receive advertisements by mainstream ad providers. Poole kept his real-life identity hidden until it was revealed on July 9,in The Wall Street Journal. Before that time he had used the alias "moot". In AprilPoole was voted the world's most influential person of by an open Internet poll conducted by Time magazine. On September 12,Poole gave a talk on why 4chan has a reputation as a "Meme Factory" at the Paraflows Symposium in Vienna, Austriawhich was part of the Paraflows 09 festival, themed Urban Hacking. In this talk, Poole mainly attributed this to the anonymous system, and to the lack of data retention on the site "The site has no memory. David Kernell as a government witness. He also explained to the court the nature of the data given to the FBI as part of the search warrantincluding how users can be uniquely identified from site audit logs. A stickied thread on its front page states that the board's intended purpose is "discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics. Both Trump and his son, Donald Trump Jr. The "no rules" policy also applies to actions of administrators and moderators, which means that users may be banned at any time, for any reason, including no reason at all. Each post is assigned a post number. Certain post numbers are sought after with a large amount of posting taking place to "GET" them. A "GET" occurs when a post's number ends in a special number, such as, or every millionth post. Other memes which originated from the site have gained media attention of a lesser degree. A lolcat is an image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour. The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect. Inthe meme was widely popularized by 4chan in the form of "Caturday". Every Saturday, users posted pictures of cats with image macros relating to that day's theme. Ina meme known as the "duckroll" began, after Poole used a word filter to change "egg" to "duck" across 4chan. Thus, words such as "eggroll" were changed to "duckroll". This led to a bait-and-switch in which external links disguised as relevant to a discussion instead led to a picture of a duck on wheels.

What Exactly Is 4Chan & How Does It Work?

The social news site Reddit has occasionally been the topic of controversy due to the presence of communities on the site known as "subreddits" devoted to explicit or controversial material. This means we are not going to ban distasteful subreddits. We will not ban legal content even if we find it odious or if we personally condemn it. This started discussion in the media about the ethics of anonymity and outing on the Internet. The community, which featured graphic depictions of violence against womenwas banned after its moderators were found to be sharing users' personal information online, and collaborating to protect one another from sitewide bans. The subreddit's leaders decided to ban individuals advocating for murder. He also expressed concern that he would be falsely labeled a child pornographer or anti-semite because of some of the subreddits he created. Reddit CEO Yishan Wong defended the content Brutsch contributed to the site as free speech and criticized efforts to ban the Gawker link on the same basis. In the interview with journalist Drew GriffinBrutsch was apologetic about his activity on Reddit. He explained that he was most fond of the appreciation he got from other redditors, and that Reddit helped him relieve stress. Brutsch also described the support he had from administrators, stating that he had received an award for his contributions. Chris Slowe, a lead programmer of Reddit untilsaid of the relationship between Brutsch and the Reddit staff: "We just stayed out of there and let him do his thing and we knew at least he was getting rid of a lot of stuff that wasn't particularly legal. Sady Doylewriting in The Guardiancompared it to the outing of the alleged blackmailer of Amanda Todd and suggested that such outings may be justified, but that they may also unduly focus attention on individuals without confronting the underlying problems by engaging in "sensationalism" at the expense of cultural reform. Following the Christchurch mosque shootings 15 Marchmore anti-Muslim posts were made on the subreddit. Deepfakes was a controversial subreddit that superimposed famous female actresses onto pornographic videos, made using FakeApp, without the consent of the actresses. On 7 Februarythe day after Pornhub banned the videos, the subreddit was banned as well. On 10 JuneReddit banned five subreddits, citing an anti-harassment policy. The subreddit was banned on 12 September due to violating Reddit's content policy regarding violence and personal information. In JanuaryMother Jones published a story describing the sale of guns on the site. The report suggested that sellers were doing so to exploit a loophole in U. In the summer ofa petition on Change. The subreddit's leaders disavowed the Toronto van attack and deleted some posts by members who praised Alek Minassian's alleged actions. Dozens of Reddit users then posted requests for these nude photos to be shared to them by private message. It was banned on 10 September for violating Reddit's content policy regarding violent content. Content on the subreddit was often racist, homophobic and transphobic in nature. Million Dollar Extreme Presents: World Peacea television show created by the group, was cancelled in following coverage of the group's connections to the alt-right.

Talk:4chan/Archive 2

What do you guys think? Tirus9 April UTC. Why not? That sounds interesting. No, you shouldn't mention things that didn't happen. I kinda think its about time for some of these threads to go into archives, anyone with me? Tirus13 April UTC. I kept changing all instances of "moot" to "mootykins" childish, i know. I came here looking for what 'Caturday' is supposed to be and got redirected to 4chan, which doesn't happen to mention Caturday at all I know that wikipedia likes to edit things so that we don't have many internet-phenomenon articles arguably rightly sobut you shouldn't redirect things to articles with no information on them. I noticed the caturday redirect is gone. It would have better redirected to Kittah which is not a name I hear much any more tbh anyway General Miaow Say Hello! I think there should be some more verification on this before it is added back in. What ahppened anyway? Is it gong to be fixed? It appears to be broken at this point. The page is screwed up under both Firefox and IE. Tell how plz thanks, The internet meme and internet phenomonom links both lead to the same page? Is that purposeful? If so, then one of the links is unnecessary. While no formal injunctions have been filed at this time, these watchdog groups claim 4chan violates Wisconsin State Statues: The investigation is currently ongoing.

Talk:4chan/Archive 3

At the moment there is an ongoing case in Germany where a 9 year old boy where murdered by 19 year old Marcel Hesse. He is still on the run. Within German Facebook pages there is an archive link to that thread on 4chan. But I'm not sure if I should post this here. Yeah I read this too. As far as I understood it he posted after the secound murder Picturesof him in the kitchen of the victim. The people were all crazy. This is also a reason why they don't say a single word where he is imprissioned. That is some real insane stuff. The users of 4chan have garnered some attention over the past few weeks for pulling a prank on Lebeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" exhibit, which has been moved three times due to the pranksters' persistent harassment of the project. In the latest event, the users managed to track down, steal, and replace a white flag emblazoned with the message "He Will Not Divide Us" that Shia had raised less than 48 hours earlier, in exchange for a MAGA hat. Given the social media and press coverage of the occurrence, it seems to be one of the most recent and noteworthy pranks to come out of the site. It is speculative at the moment and the regulars discussing this on 4chan are not convinced that it is linked. It isn't as clear as the potential link in the Marcel Hesse case in the thread above. Does the arrest of someone for posting on 4chan of what was deemed a credible threat by the FBI warrant a brief mention within the article within the 'Threats of violence' section? Or would it not qualify since there was no genuine threat involved? Although currently similar cases are mentioned. Alcherin talk22 March UTC. Same goes for the child porn. I may be wrong though. Supernaturalsamantha talk15 April UTC. Why is 4chan under Politically Incorrect? Also gamergate is biased too. These are the 2 most well know boards. There are also boards for origami, cooking, tv and film, diy, anime of all sorts, sports, music, literature etc. Yet you say 4chan is politically incorrect cause of 1 of its 2 main boards are? They go on to throw their silly buzzwords around, while including quotes from left-wing mainstream media outlets, while delibrately not including quotes from media outlets of individuals who see no problem with 4chan. Don't judge a book by it's cover, especially when you haven't even seen the cover. Mitch01themonkey talk29 May UTC. Hi there! I'd like to address a few of the issues raised above. This is mentioned simply because "Politically Incorrect" is the board's actual title. Sections about other boards are allowed if they pass Wikipedia's notability guidelineswhich requires mention by independent, third-party sources. Wikipedia is written from a neutral point of view ; any sources cited must be reliable. Other editors are welcome to edit the section with additional content that meets the above guidelines. Gamergate is relevant as a harassment campaign, not as a donation campaign which created a video game character see for example the Gamergate Wikipedia article; the intro doesn't mention either. The false allegations were followed by a harassment campaign against several women in the video game industry, organized by 4chan users. I also propose to delete the next two sentences about donations and video game characters as they are about minor details which are not relevant for a short summary. Even the sources for it only mention it in passing, while focusing on the harassment campaign.

Talk:4chan/Archive 16

In my opinion, I kept it NPOV, but if you actually read what 4chan users found out then it seems far more likely that it's a practical joke from a 4chan admin or some jerk at BT doing it by themselves instead of it being on cleanfeed or whatever. God damn it. I can understand the raid not being in the Habbo article, since overall it wasn't that important to the history of Habbo Hotel. Hopefully that's acceptable. Xuanwu3 August UTC. Ruthfulbarbarity3 August UTC. I can understand the argument that a specific raid on a specific date may not be verifiable. However, I think we can agree that at least a raid on Habbo occurred on a date, which is how I've now included it. You can't say they have without providing proof of at least one forum invasion. Can we agree on this point? Xuanwu5 August UTC. There are many, much larger webcomics than the two you just mentioned. Hence the fact that I called them small webcomics, as the adjective small obviously denotes that they are lesser known than many other webcomics. If you are going to show a webcomic as an example of these meme's influence, choose a more notable one It could also be argued that 4chan as a whole, not the memes themselves, is the real influence, and that the use of memes are just a symptom of 4chan's influence, but neither of us can easily prove either side of that argument. This would mean we should move such references into a more appropriate place. I had not even heard of the two webcomics you mentioned before this, yet I have been browsing 4chan, where I would more than likely hear about these comics, since and reading anime-related webcomics for quite a long time. It's more than 4 times popular than each webcomic you mentioned, according to Alexa 's traffic rankings. Not only has the author, Dave Cheungposted on 4chan before, but he has also included more than a few memes in his webcomic. Just browse the archives at his websiteI'm sure you'll be able to pick up on a few of them. After you find an example strip, you should cite it, just as you should have with the two other comics. And on the subject of not explaining myself before removing lines, sorry to be blunt, but don't be retarded. I typed out an entire paragraph of text explaining the removal, about 3 days agoand there is no reason to say that does not qualify as an explanation of my actions, as I even said that I was removing your additions before I removed them. Look up above your last reponse. You seem to have referred to my paragraph with your response to my use of the words "small webcomics", but at the end your paragraph you seem to have convienently forgot my last response. By the way, I don't see why we need to back up the popularity of 4chan memes by adding an entirely new reference to "small webcomics" to the article, when we could, in fact, provide a citation in the form of an actual news story concerning a 4chan meme at the end of the first sentence in the the meme section, of which I have seen more than a few, but I'd actually still back the addition of any verified example of 4chan meme's influence, even if it is a small webcomic, as long as such notability is verified, whether by a webcomic or a news article. Despite pointing out more than a few holes in your endeavor to show how 4chan memes are in fact quite notable, I still fully support verifying their notability, but only if that the verification of their notability is satisfactory to the rules and guidelines of Wikipedia. However, such additions must be agreed explained here and agreed upon before they are added. As such, I'm removing your additions until everyone can agree upon this. Remember, the burden of verification lies upon those wishing to add to the article, not those that remove such additions. Not only have I explained myself here, just as I did last time, but I also hope that I have shown you that no further additions of this nature should be made until after this page's contributors' have agreed on a resolution to this issue. Steampowered9 August UTC. Ruthfulbarbarity13 August UTC. I'd just like to note that this supposed "change" is nothing new. Posting CP, etc. The only difference is that the mods finally decided to actually back up the rules with enforcementrather than being lazy and out of touch. The people who are shocked and outraged are smug, self-absorbed idiots with a false sense of entitlement. As such, I do not think this incident is worthy of inclusion in the article

Let's Talk About Those Italian Leaks (Pokemon Switch Rumor Discussion)

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