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Conversation threading is a feature used by many email clientsbulletin boardsnewsgroupsand Internet forums in which the software aids the user by visually grouping messages with their replies. These groups are called a conversationtopic threador simply a thread. A discussion forum, e-mail client or news client is said to have a "conversation view", "threaded topics" or a "threaded mode" if messages can be grouped in this manner. Threads can be displayed in a variety of ways. Early messaging systems and most modern email clients will automatically include original message text in a reply, making each individual email into its own copy of the entire thread. Software may also arrange threads of messages within lists, such as an email inbox. These arrangements can be hierarchical or nestedarranging messages close to their replies in a tree, or they can be linear or flatdisplaying all messages in chronological order regardless of reply relationships. Conversation threading as a form of interactive journalism became popular on Twitter from around onward. Authors, such as Eric Garland and Seth Abramsonbegan to post essays in real time, constructing them as a series of numbered tweets, each limited to or characters. Threaded discussions allow readers to quickly grasp the overall structure of a conversation, isolate specific points of conversations nested within the threads, and as a result, post new messages to extend discussions in any existing thread or sub-thread without time constraints. Given this advantage, threaded discussion is most useful for facilitating extended conversations or debates [3] involving complex multi-step tasks e. Email allows messages to be targeted at particular members of the audience by using the "To" and "CC" lines. However, some message systems do not have this option. As a result, it can be difficult to determine the intended recipient of a particular message. When messages are displayed hierarchically, it is easier to visually identify the author of the previous message. It can be difficult to process, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and integrate important information when viewing large lists of messages. In group forums, allowing users to reply to threads will reduce the number of new posts shown in the list. Some clients allow operations on entire threads of messages. For example, the text-based newsreader nn has a "kill" function which automatically deletes incoming messages based on the rules set up by the user matching the message's subject or author. This can dramatically reduce the number of messages one has to manually check and delete. When an author, usually a journalist, posts threads via Twitter, users are able to respond to each or character tweet in the thread, often before the author posts the next message. This allows the author the option of including the feedback as part of subsequent messages. Accurate threading of messages requires the email software to identify messages that are replies to other messages. Some algorithms used for this purpose can be unreliable. For example, email clients that use the subject line to relate messages can be fooled by two unrelated messages that happen to have the same subject line. Modern email clients use unique identifiers in email headers to locate the parent and root message in the hierarchy. When non-compliant clients participate in discussions, they can confuse message threading as it depends on all clients respecting these optional mail standards when composing replies to messages. Messages within a thread do not always provide the user with the same options as individual messages. For example, it may not be possible to move, star, reply to, archive, or delete individual messages that are contained within a thread. The lack of individual message control can prevent messaging systems from being used as to-do lists a common function of email folders.

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What do you guys think? Tirus9 April UTC. Why not? That sounds interesting. No, you shouldn't mention things that didn't happen. I kinda think its about time for some of these threads to go into archives, anyone with me? Tirus13 April UTC. I kept changing all instances of "moot" to "mootykins" childish, i know. I came here looking for what 'Caturday' is supposed to be and got redirected to 4chan, which doesn't happen to mention Caturday at all I know that wikipedia likes to edit things so that we don't have many internet-phenomenon articles arguably rightly sobut you shouldn't redirect things to articles with no information on them. I noticed the caturday redirect is gone. It would have better redirected to Kittah which is not a name I hear much any more tbh anyway General Miaow Say Hello! I think there should be some more verification on this before it is added back in. What ahppened anyway? Is it gong to be fixed? It appears to be broken at this point. The page is screwed up under both Firefox and IE. Tell how plz thanks, The internet meme and internet phenomonom links both lead to the same page? Is that purposeful? If so, then one of the links is unnecessary. While no formal injunctions have been filed at this time, these watchdog groups claim 4chan violates Wisconsin State Statues: The investigation is currently ongoing. I removed this section due to complete lack of sources. Provide sources before adding this section back in. Is this article really notable at all? No its not. For one, most users do not want it here rules 1 and 2 and secondly wikipedia doesnt need to cover every website out there, this could easily be a paragraph on the 2channel page or image boards. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This is an archive of past discussions. Do not edit the contents of this page. If you wish to start a new discussion or revive an old one, please do so on the current talk page. Namespaces Article Talk.

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This may not be related to the article, but my edit was rolled back so I figured that I'd take it here. As you guys know, or not know, Wikiworld has threatened to delete the Meme articles because of references to sexual intercourse with children and such. Therefore, if we are going to still have an encyclopedia over 4chan's memes, we need to link or make another encyclopedia elsewhere. I suggest that we use it instead, unless someone has objections to it. Who or what is cracky chan? Cracky-chan is a young girl who posted pictures of herself on the internet, and some Anonymi became obsessed with her. Vkeios9 October UTC. Draculix7 October UTC. Should we add a section to the article? Also, as a side note, are people campaigning to get it lifted again? The block is already covered- but in the article it says it was lifted. Now it has been re-instated. That is what should be added to the article. Note that I don't mean that "some websites found by Google" - I literally mean Google itself. Unfortunately, I doubt this meets WP:RS - then again, most of the other stuff in this article doesn't really seem to either. This would help this article by keeping all of the sections from drifting too much into eachother. Does anyone else think that this would help the article? Steampowered8 October UTC. I don't have the time to update the article, but if someone would like to get it underway, just type "4chan" into a google news search. Why is the Pedobear locked? And why there's no mention of the character in the article? I'm a fairly new user, and I'm not at all familiarized with the origins and meaning of the Pedobear, but there are mentions of the character in several posts. No, it should not. Websites go down all of the time. Just because it is 4chan doesn't make it special. Bah, what about a "Story" section then? Ryulong loves blanking communication on talk pages. I don't mean that just here, I've noticed him a lot blanking lots of communication on talk pages. Anomo8 November UTC. I don't see why it should be necessary to cite major media or what have you on 4chan being down. If that were necessary for everything in the article, all it would have in it would be a blurb about the NFL bomb hoax.

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Skip navigation! Story from Tech. Madeline Buxton. Some people say the only way to stop online harassment is to stop going online. Well, we aren't going anywhere. Reclaim Your Domain is Refinery29's campaign to make the internet and the world outside of it a safer space for everyone — especially women. When hackers released private photos of Emma Watson and Amanda Seyfried this week, referring to it as "The Fappening 2," they called attention to 4chan, the site where the original Fappening, a massive leak of celebrity photosoccurred in But what exactly is 4chan and who are its users? At first glance, 4chan seems relatively uncomplicated. It is, as it describes itself on the top of a minimal homepage, "a simple image-based bulletin board where anyone can post comments and share images. The site was founded in by Christopher Poole. Like many other successful tech entrepreneurs before him, Poole was young — just 15 — when he started 4chan. He based it off of a Japanese anime site known as 2chan, or Futaba Channel, which is why 4chan has an entire board dedicated to Japanese culture, with topics including cosplay and manga. The site has become a place where memes are born, but also where pornography is rampant. Unlike other sites with open message boards, 4chan users are completely anonymous. You cannot even register for a username. If you do want to "identify" yourself — that is, make sure others know it is the same person posting something on one part of the site as another — you can create a "tripcode" or "secure tripod" which is randomly generated by the site's server. Only that server has the IP address that can trace a post back to a particular user. Users, who can only start a new thread by posting an image further emphasizing the site's focus on photos and drawingsare completely masked to the outside world, making it harder to apprehend them even after posts are taken down by 4chan's administrator. When you enter one of 4chan's boards, you are required to agree to a disclaimer that essentially clears 4chan of any responsibility for what gets posted: "You agree not to hold 4chan responsible for any damages from your use of the website, and you understand that the content posted is not owned or generated by 4chan, but rather by 4chan's users. Even though leaking photos of celebs and other public individuals is not legal, that statement of terms may help 4chan stay safe in the eyes of the law. It's here that "shock posts," what The Washington Post described as "graphic scenes of violence or sex" are profuse. This "random" board is where hackers first shared nude photos of celebrities — including Jennifer Lawrence, Rihanna, and Gabrielle Union — before spreading to Reddit in A Rolling Stone profile on Poole — who maintained sole authority of the site untilwithout any employees, before handing over the reigns to a new administrator — explains how out of control the boards became. Many of the biggest internet controversies of the last decade have been linked to 4chan, from the celebrity photo hack to Gamergate. Now, we even joke about double. While the spread of COVID continues throughout the world, there are certainly much better things to do than making and sharing memes. However, there is. The other night, I successfully taught my grandparents how to use Zoom, a feat that filled me with so much pride both in my grandparents and in myself th. With more people than ever relying on Zoom to facilitate remote meetings and online learning, the video conferencing service has become a logical — and e. Why Zoom from the fo. We have plenty of content, stories, and characters to lose ourselves in during this time of social dis. At long last, Quibi is here. TikTok is to Gen Z what Instagram is to millennials. But you already knew that. This morning, I took a Zoom call from outer space. It was fun and more interesting than the one I took yesterday from the foot of my bed.

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At the moment there is an ongoing case in Germany where a 9 year old boy where murdered by 19 year old Marcel Hesse. He is still on the run. Within German Facebook pages there is an archive link to that thread on 4chan. But I'm not sure if I should post this here. Yeah I read this too. As far as I understood it he posted after the secound murder Picturesof him in the kitchen of the victim. The people were all crazy. This is also a reason why they don't say a single word where he is imprissioned. That is some real insane stuff. The users of 4chan have garnered some attention over the past few weeks for pulling a prank on Lebeouf's "He Will Not Divide Us" exhibit, which has been moved three times due to the pranksters' persistent harassment of the project. In the latest event, the users managed to track down, steal, and replace a white flag emblazoned with the message "He Will Not Divide Us" that Shia had raised less than 48 hours earlier, in exchange for a MAGA hat. Given the social media and press coverage of the occurrence, it seems to be one of the most recent and noteworthy pranks to come out of the site. It is speculative at the moment and the regulars discussing this on 4chan are not convinced that it is linked. It isn't as clear as the potential link in the Marcel Hesse case in the thread above. Does the arrest of someone for posting on 4chan of what was deemed a credible threat by the FBI warrant a brief mention within the article within the 'Threats of violence' section? Or would it not qualify since there was no genuine threat involved? Although currently similar cases are mentioned. Alcherin talk22 March UTC. Same goes for the child porn. I may be wrong though. Supernaturalsamantha talk15 April UTC. Why is 4chan under Politically Incorrect?

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