4agze pistons in rb20

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Inventory: Loading. These pistons are manufactured in Argentina with technology transferred from European manufacturers. Our pistons with this alloy have withstood up to 42psi of turbo boost, with alcohol, without any problems. A 2 or 3 forging steps process yields a fine structural grain oriented in fibers in the same direction of the stresses. Several heat treatments provide the piston with a high tensile strength and evenly distributed hardness. The pistons are submitted to several machining steps in specially designed machines and in conventional CNC. Contact reduction grooves are standard. Wrist pins are constructed of cold extruded chrome moly steel for high strength to be used with wire clip locks. Located in Orlando, Florida, Raw Brokerage was founded at the beginning of The company started out as an used Nissan RB engine parts website connecting enthusiast with hard to find parts in the United States. Since then Raw Brokerage has expanded into it's 4, square foot facility where it distributes thousands of new and used performance automotive parts, perform extensive car and engine builds specializing in the Nissan RB platform. We have accounts on over brands and access to over 1, parts. Raw Brokerage focuses on it's core values of integrity, value and service. This allows our team to ensure top level customer satisfaction that you can rely on. Regardless of motorsport we are here to assist in getting your car to perform to it's highest potential. So shop with confidence with us when looking for your next body kit, engine block, turbo, or other performance parts. Our team is dedicated to more than just customer service, it's driven to provide customer success. Just like you we are car enthusiast looking to enjoy the process of the build, the satisfaction of the improvements and the success at the track. With over a decade operating in the performance automotive industry our team has been there, broke that part, compared the alternatives, and have been part of countless projects. Just like our cars and yours, we're a company focused on always improving. We seek to provide quality information, process your order quickly and accurately. This is the reason why countless car owners return each day to Raw Brokerage for their performance parts needs. Please review the link below before purchase. Cart 0. Thanks for signing up for this stock notification! There was an error signing up for stock notifications. Please try again. Buy now. Related Parts. Customer Reviews. About Raw Brokerage. What does that mean for you? Warning: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

Wiseco Forged Pistons for 4AG Engine

Would this stroke it? Go look at the bore size of a 20 then look at that of a 25 26 and The 25 pistons wont fit in the 20 block. The RB20 is just a shit motor. When will people just accept that, ignoring the drift community, they are just tight ass fuckers who cant afford a decent motor. You say you have that other stuff there Get the 30 block, put the 25 head on it. The bore size doesn't matter if we can use the 20 pistons, read the fucking post Im asking if someone actually knows what they are talking about, now your retarded bullshit that the rb20 is a shit motor Well after that reply you can jam it up your ass. Did you even read my first post. I clearly said rb20 pistons. All he does is bag out rb20's for no fuckin reason Who cares, im asking a question about a possible combination that could increase the torque of an rb20, the thing they are lacking. If he is so fucking smart why can't he just give me the answer and then i can say thanks. Instead he has to be a dick about it. FFS child. I had every intention of helping you out. I asked what you were doing first to save you the heart ache. Flame away "brother". Clearancing of the block is also required so the assembly can rotate.

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Welcome to SAU Community, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Click here to register. I need some one that has either done it them selves or knows some one that has done it and or a tuner that i can call to get more info Stick a set of standard GTR camshafts in it they are cheapadjustable pulleys and with the right turbo it will fly. I have seen rwkw out of this combo, with a good spread of power across the rev range. Unlike a standard RB20, which at rwkw is very peaky. This is normal stuff. Think gaskets, seals, water pump, oil pump, bearings etc. If you have some of the stuff it will be even cheaper. But Roy is right, if you have to pay someone to do it, you might as well do an RB31 because it will cost the same. For example a set of 82 mm forged pistons will cost the same as a set of Balancing an RB30 crank costs the same as balancing an RB25 crank, etc etc. So as much as I would like to build a 2. That's why I haven't done one I plan on doing this shortly and have the rb25 block lined up, just waiting on my car to get painted and then the engine is coming out to be stroked. Depends on how much you want to spend. Hi 93RPS13, without a dummy assembly it's a bit hard to guess the compression ratio, on paper it is 8. But that is easily adjusted with a bit of block skimming for higher and. How well it will work is another question. You would also have to search very hard for rods that would fit both for the 2. I like the small displacement of 2. Hi Rbsileighty, you can get Carrillo's off the shelf. Gudgeon pins are 1 mm smaller on the 4 GZEwe use a bronze bush in the rod bored to the correct size. Simple stuff. Hi kwazza11, boring the block is probably the cheapest part. It has to be honed anyway, so while it is on the machine, it costs very little extra to slip the cutter on. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

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For sale. Will post at buyers expense. As title states. Nissan factory oem rb20det ecu. Great working condition only pulled due to upgrade. A lot lot cheaper then the ones of eBay Price is negotiable Will ship at buyers expense. Went 6 boost no longer needed Good condition 1 snapped stud. Came out of an R32 Skyline. Still work fine. Call or email anytime. Came off an R32 Skyline. Still works fine. Came out of an R Fs rb20det good runner comp tested at all cylinders Comes with inlet and hot side. Walbro Lph fuel pump gss Just took it out of my r32 skyline rb20det to run the f pump so I can run E85 Immaculate condition pump probs almost a year old no problems with it what so ever Will fit anything really just need to plug it up please do research first!! Tags skyline Nissan r RB20det block complete with crank, pistons. From a rwd. Doesn't include sump. Came out of a zr but i believe it to be identical to the r32 gtst and r31 gtsx block. I've not had it in a car but is supposedly low ks. Looks to be in good condition. Bores are clean and turns over smoothly. Inspection welcome. All wrapped up in plastic wrap Can help load on my end. S13 silvia, r31 gtsx, r32 skyline gtst. Exhaust Manifold Came off a low k's RB Looks to be in very good condition Comes with heat shield. Not pictured. Possibly suit RB Good cond. Came from R32 turbo skyline. Have half moons and bolt rubbers. Removed from a running car, on a well Boosted Rb20det engine conversion in a S13 Silvia. Removed due to wrecking car. No JapSpec ride is complete without one! No dramas, thanks for reply.

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Welcome to SAU Community, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information for you to signup. Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Click here to register. By dxcorollaNovember 14, in Forced Induction Performance. Question is as i will have the bottom end in bits do rb25 crank and rods go straight in the rb20det with the 20det pistons? I all so have spare 25 crank and rods here which i want to use. Has anyone done this before? Can anyone tell me if it actually works? From what i can gather it will make an rb22 or rb23? Where is the extra money for what? I got the pistons crank everything bar new bearings. Did you answer my question? NO therefore I didn't need you opinion. Why run an rb20 for no extra money when it could be rb23? I would also not go rb25! For the cost of buying a 25 I am building a hp rb30det. I wanted to know if any one could actually tell me if it works! You can't use the rb20 pistons in the rb23 anyway. If you searched you could have had all your answers an hour ago. I'd do the work myself. I have serached and the threads always turn into rb22 vs rb25 when rb25s are gay and rb30 owns it. Be interesting to see how you go using std 78mm pistons. The only problem is the psiton height of the piston, may make life difficult if using RB25 rods. Hey guys, wierdly enough i read an article in fast fours not all that long ago, it was the september issue titled "Sinister Power For your RB". Straight up your ally dxcorolla. If you can't get a copy just give me a PM and I'll try to scan the pages and e-mail them to you. Good Luck i'll be following your journey closely as i'm a little worried about my bottom end too. I would only do it if it made rb22 or higher but it needs bigger pistons to do so there fore I won't be doing it. The rb20 bottom ends are fine, infact all rb bottom ends are good. It's all in the tune how long an engine will last. Would be a good read if you could scan them pages 4 me. Probaly can't get the september issue i woudln't think. Yeh, but look at the torque long stroke motors make, even if there is minimal increase in displeacement.

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