40 feet by 30 feet house plans ground floor

30×40 ft house front elevation design for single floor plan

These plans have been selected as popular floor plans because over the years homeowners have chosen them over and over again to build their dream homes. Therefore, they have been built numerous times and designers have fine-tuned the house plans over the years using suggestions from the clients of different states and city as per their requirements and needs. Normally these floor plan having two floors with bedroom with modular kitchenspacious living and diningmaster bedroom with dressingtoilet and front balcony and Modern Look front elevation. As this is sufficient space for complete all the above requirement to design a creative and cost effective floor plan. If you need any assistance or would like to modify any of above plans, our Consultant would be happy to help you. Simply email us info nakshewala. Can't find your dream house design, Ask our expert for Customized Design. Toggle navigation. Popular House Plans. Get in Touch. Low to High Size. High to Low Size. RM Apartment Floor Plan. Discuss Plan Order Plan. RM Simplex Floor Plan. RM Triplex House Plan. RM Popular House Plan. RM Duplex House Plan. RM Small House Design. RM Farm House Design. Request a Call Back. Our Package. Get a free Quote.

30 by 40 Feet 2bhk 3BHK House Map with Photos

In a developing country like India where there are a constant and steady demand for housing. So that you know what you need to build on the site matching your budget and requirements this helps you decide wisely. Then this would be your choice the details like how many floors and built-up are mentioned further in your read the page. This can be purely considered as a return on investmentIn some cases, the Owner can also have a 2bhk for himself and others for rental purposes. In this option, one can use the property designed by the Architect in such a way that the two floors of the building will have Duplex house and the reaming for rental purposes which might be on one or two floors. BUA : Built up area. FAR: 1. If you are planning to build your house in a phased mannerthen this would be the first option where you can build only the Ground Floor and the remaining upper floors can be constructed once there is sufficient budget to build. This helps the client be prepared to start phase 2 of building the upper floors without any hassles. Note: Before you plan what are you are going to build on the Ground floor, make sure that you sit and discuss with your family members, on What you need to construct and When to start. This helps the Architects plan a better Ground floor layout where later on the upper floors can be built without much hassle. Taking detailed working drawings will help the hired building contractors to give the best quote for your project. Make sure that the external staircase is done in the very initial stage of building the Ground floor as constructing later on it might add to cost as well as might take more time. This would be a better option if the owner of the building wants to build a 2BHK for his own use with 1 car parking space. Later on, construct the above floors one needs a duplex or rental on each floor. This is the most preferred option if you are not looking for any commercials. The main advantage would be that the entire Duplex house would be for single occupancy which intern means there would be more privacy for the occupant, as there would be no rental units built. One needs to discuss the budget and requirements in detail with the Architect as any changes or alternations to the floor plans might increase the construction cost as well as delays in completing the project. There would be an additional cost of 10 to 15 lacs when compared to the above concept. The client has to make sure that any requirements for Building a rental house or servant quarters on the ground floor should be informed earlier. In such cases building, any housing units in this concept will result in challenges in getting the sanitary lie out of the building. This option is more opted by Owners who want to have a Duplex house and also some rental units so that it can help the client recover the project costs invested in building the house. YES, But the Ground floor should be entered be left for the parking area. If the Client requires more space and privacy for himself with some rental returns coming on the investment made to construct a house. But it might add Rs 4 to Rs 6lacs additional cost to the project. The role of Architects is very important as he needs to make sure that space is well utilized and rooms are designed in such a way that the wastage of space is kept to the minimum. This also means that any unnecessary costs involved or modifications will increase the principal cost of the project and later on the building contractor who has been hired will also give cost escalation bills to the client. The client has to also select basic materials for finishes like bath ware fittings, flooring tiles, wall tiles, kitchen tiles, Utility flooring, doors, windows, shutters, painting, gates, grills, railings, staircase, etc. As any premium upgrades here would result in the escalation of construction cost. Hence, the client should sit, discuss and finalize all these things with the Architect and appointed building contractor before starting the project. Also one needs to develop Floor plans of different combinations of 1bhks, 2bhks, Single rooms or 3bhks which are suitable for getting the maximum utilization of space. The 1bhks can be designed the same as the Second floor. One needs to visit Architects to get the Actual floor plans and building elevations prepared. The detailed working drawings are given by the Architect as well as the Structural drawings given by the structural engineers these drawings will not only help the civil contractors to execute the project on time but also helps to decrease the cost of construction and avoid any unnecessary cost escalation in the future. The ground floor will have a 1bhk studio house for rental with a small car parking space. The 3D elevation of the proposed final floor plans is also attached as a small thumbnail. Ground Floor: 1 BHK with parking. My requirements are mentioned below. So, as per the above given requirements what would be the total current construction rates as per my requirement.

House Plan for 30 Feet by 40 Feet plot (Plot Size 133 Square Yards)

We have designed some house maps for 30 by 40 feet land these consists of 2bhk, 3bhk and with or without parking. Choose the one you think is best for you based on your land location and fit for you. Once you have chosen a plan you can have a look on some daily routine vastu shastra tips as per your house to fill some positive energies. I want 4 bhk home plan duplex, with some garden area and parking with upstairs from outside for rent purpose. I want map of 2 bhk plot size is 15 by 30 feet with one kitchen one bathroom and some open space. Hallo sir 1 want 4 room bathroom kitchen stair parking pooja room plesae tell provide me a good map my plot size 30by42sqyards. I have a plot 70 x House is facing north. My plot is 24 bye 36 feet. I have corner plot west facing In ground floor one bed room, one puja room, store room, kitchen, one hall,toilet,bathroom and car parking also and first floor 2 bed room with toilet and hall. As per vastu plz send the map in mail. If it is duplex or normal whatever will be. Room on Drawing Room. Toilet bathroom, Kitchen and lobby on first floor. Sir my plot size 35 by 56 West facing I want three bedroom one gest room one kitchen gest room and master bedroom attached washroom dining loby plz. Send me layout. I want 3 bed rooms, 1dining, 1store room, kitchen,bathroom and balcony with bastu shashtra please suggest me and send maps in mail. I want to construct ground floor and first floor only with 3 bedrooms and kitchen with drawing hall and dinning space. Please suggest me a plan. I have I want to construct ground floor only with 2 bedrooms and kitchen with drawing hall and dinning space. I have 30 by 45 feet first floor 3 bed room with toilet,kitchen,and elevation plz send the map in mail. Sir my first floor 30 feet Area. Leave 10 Ft. In north and 5 Ft. Ground floor for car parking.

Home plans up to 40ft wide

To get a better experience with our home designs, please download other browsers for free. Just click on the icon! We use cookies. Information about them and how you can object or terminate their use can be found in our Privacy Policy. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to their use. Nowadays, with high-rise apartments offering a convenient alternative, most home owners prefer them over houses. While the advantages of living in an apartment complex are indisputable, it comes with its fair share of disadvantages too — lack of privacy, noise and the absence of a private garden. An apartment is built by the developer, so all you need to do is design the interiors. If you have a small plot of land and are contemplating whether to build a house, looking at some modern house floor plans will get you started with deciding on everything you need to include in your home. Should you build a single-storey house or one with two floors? Do you need an extra bedroom or would you rather use that space for a garden or terrace? Will there be enough place for a garage or will you have to park under a covered carport? To make these decisions simpler for you, we present some Indian house plans in 3D. Browsing through them will help you to visualize the layout of your house. If the plot is narrow and long, the house should be designed to suit the shape of the plot. The entrance door leads into an elongated hall set in an open plan. It has the living area, the dining room in the centre and an open kitchen at the back. A door leads from the living room to one of the bedrooms, while the entrance to the master bedroom is near the dining room. Both the bathrooms have attached baths. In this small house plan, the master bedroom is slightly larger than the second bedroom and has a separate dressing area, besides a bigger bath. Small green areas are created on both sides of the house. These patches of greenery can be seen from the bedroom windows. This is another layout for a simple two-bedroom house. The enclosed kitchen is in the corner. The kitchen is tiny, but has the cabinetry and workspace arranged in a U-shaped layout to optimize space utilization. Both the bedrooms are almost identical in size and are mirror images of each other. They have attached bathrooms set along the outer wall for privacy. However, when you are discussing simple house plans with your architect, you might have to make a few compromises to accommodate everything you need into the small house.

List of 30 feet by feet 40 Modern House Plan

This advises us that homes are not bound by the dividers that hold them together, and that they are loaded up with recollections, love, and euphoria. As a perfect ideal house that exists only in fantasies, and in dreams and wish fulfilment, home conveys numerous symbolic meanings and heart touching expectations in that physical outline of houses and anticipated onto them by the conviction frameworks inside which our lives play out. The scene, geopolitical area, the general population who live with us, and material belonging with which we outfit our home space are basic parts of where we stay. Complex co-operation with these components offer definition to home as we see it. Our manufacturers know how to keep up their years long heritage and your fantasies matter to us as much as you matter to us and to satisfy your fantasy we convey to you a list of 30 feet by 40 feet Modern House Plan that is an ideal mix of contemporary and bonafide viewpoint. In a case of 30 feet by 40 feet we endeavor hard towards flawlessness to give you the most astounding fulfilment. House Builders like us who frequently make homes knows precisely what you require in a house without completing an opening in your pocket. This 30 feet by 40 feet house has 2 open rooms to give sufficient space to your lovely family with well-planned washroom in the house and an appealing kitchen. These highlights are supplemented by a substantial illustration room, a living region and an open and spacious lobby. We really comprehend your desires with our House Plans. The cost of this Modern House is simply Rupees 30 lakhs. The wonderful canvas of advancement and development in the field of engineering is genuinely clear in our homes. There is nothing to give an apprehension to this as we have constantly kept up a harmony between the financial plan and the structure of our Modern House. What are you sitting tight for? A stunning low cost and an astounding Modern House, a Stunning Deal to snatch. For what reason is home so essential to us, at that point? Regardless of any materialistic expectations that we have with our home, it is a critical perspective—in memory, feeling, and creative ability—for concocting the account of ourselves, our life-story, for understanding our place in time. Thursday, April 9, Acha Homes. Best Home Insurance Policies in India.

30 X 40 feet House Plan - घर का नक्सा 30 फ़ीट X 40 फ़ीट

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