375 ruger problems

anyone have problems with Hornady 375 Ruger bullet performance?

Have you ever had a great idea, but no way of making it a reality? Then you came across it in a newspaper article or saw it in a store. Responses to this phenomenon can vary from "Hey, they stole my idea" to "Well finally, I've been waiting forever for somebody to make this. Well, a similar thing happened to me with the. When I first read about it near the end of I thought it interesting. I found myself thinking, "Did they do the obvious and make an unbelted, non-rebated 0. Or did they try to get clever and screw it up? I had thought about such a cartridge for the past couple of years. This seemed like such an obvious solution to me. Use the 0. Instead of a belt or rebated rim, use a straight-sided case with a slight taper to the shoulder. And keep the overall length to fit a standard action size. Lo and behold, that is what Ruger and Hornady have created. Cartridge dimensions are as yet unavailable from either the Ruger or Hornady web sites. Dimensions shown were found in the January-February issue of the Rifle magazine article ". I also found slight variations in case length 2. The ballistics of the cartridge, as found on Hornady's web site, are fps for the grain bullet and fps for the grain bullet. As advertised, they slightly exceed those of the. On the other hand, they do not produce the excessive velocity and recoil of the. The Ruger Hawkeye rifles to be chambered for the new cartridge weigh from 7. With a scope mounted overall weight should be around 9 pounds. These rifles should generate in the range of 40 foot-pounds of recoil with the grain load and 45 foot-pounds for the grain load. This is reasonable in comparison with other dangerous game cartridges and rifles. An advantage of the. This is especially important for a cartridge such as the. Forerunners to the. Both these cartridges were designed to fit standard length long actions.

The .375 Ruger: An Up And Coming Dangerous Game Cartridge?

The venerable. During its long reign, there have been many cartridges developed and marketed as competitors to the legendary. Why is this the case? Though there are many things to like about the. Continue reading to learn all about the. Note: some of the links below are affiliate links. This means I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. Thanks for your support. Developed in a joint venture between Ruger and Hornady, the. The idea was to create a cartridge similar in length to the. By using a straight, unbelted case with a non-rebated. In fact, they were able to exceed expectations because the slightly fatter and non-tapered For this reason, the. Like the. Considering the reputation of the. In fact, most. However, this sight velocity advantage can allow rifles chambered in. When you combine this with the fact that the. The shorter length of the. Instead of being restricted to using only the larger, more expensive magnum length action rifles, the. At this time, Hornady and DoubleTap are the only two manufacturers that produce factory loaded. Even though it was not designed as such, it is still a capable extended range cartridge in the right hands. That being said, most hunters utilize the cartridge in such a way that the vast majority of their shots are taken at ranges less than and often less than yards. Under these conditions, the. However, the recoil, while stout, is still manageable for most hunters. It is absolutely deadly on a wide range of animals varying in size from whitetail deer all the way up to elephant. Heck, the. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding and more and more hunters are starting to realize what a fantastic cartridge the. Indeed, it is arguably one of the best rifles for hunting Africa. Even though it has a number of advantages over the. However, the.

anyone have problems with Hornady 375 Ruger bullet performance?

The advent and acceptance of the. By having Hornady shorten the basic Remington Ultra Magnum case design or by loosely copying the Dakota proprietary cartridge design depending upon how one looks at it Ruger were able to create a potent. Many expected that this would lead to a whole family of Ruger magnum cartridges but these never eventuated, perhaps due to the fact that the Ruger magazine was still not all that well suited to the now very long Hornady bullets. Instead, Nosler developed their own modest length cartridges to suit the Howa action Nosler M48 rifle. The first Ruger. Full production did occur until later in With various loads running between and fps, the Ruger packed plenty of punch for large North American game. Initially, the two Ruger M77 rifles designed for the. The steel of the Alaskan was chrome moly rather than stainless steel as one might expect on an all weather rifle. Both the African and Alaskan weighed around 9. The more recent Guide Rifle utilizes a laminate stock and stainless steel barrel and action. The Dakota, Ruger and Nosler cartridges are essentially wider versions of the basic 2. A main strength of these cartridges are in their ability to produce optimal performance in long actions which lack generous magazine lengths. Additionally, the. On light through to medium game the. It is both forgiving and can be more humane than the small bores in bush hunting situations as poor shots taken with the. This is one of the great virtues of the medium bores and why it is such a shame when hunters label them as being suitable for big game only. Those who hunt in Alaska would be hard pushed to find a better cartridge than this. Although bullet construction is always the most important consideration for fast and clean killing. A poorly selected. I cannot emphasize strongly enough how very useful this and other. On heavy dangerous game many experienced hunters would agree that the. In my own experience when shoulder shooting bovines the. The Ruger should therefore be considered very mild in this regard.

Affordable Mossberg 375 Ruger!

Log in or Sign up. Experiences with Ruger. I've been mulling over the purchase of a. Apparently, these have been discontinued by Ruger. From time-to-time I see these rifles for sale and was wondering if any members have any experience with them. I've hunted Alaska twice and plan on going back at some point. It seems to me the stainless gun in the laminated stock would be a good choice. Not very expensive, actually kind of an all-around sport utility gun for any wet, marine environment. Any thoughts? Also wondering about velocity loss from that stubby 20" barrel. Let me hear the good, bad and ugly! Thanks to all! Tony ParisiSep 21, You are right, they discontinued the laminated sporter style stock. The 23 inch barrel in stainless was even harder to find, but I found one online and bought it in Took it to Alaska in Spring of for a brown bear hunt and had 10 days of sunshine so can't comment on how it handled wet weather. Recoil is substantial, since it's a relatively light Iron sights shot well at 50 yards and with a Leupold VX3, 1. I've shot a bunch of the Hornady factory ammo, both and gr and some handloads with gr Swift A-Frames. Good enough groups of just over 1 inch at yards, using a Lead Sled. Last edited by a moderator: Dec 1, CAustin likes this. For all practical purposes and especially for hunting, they are ballistic twins but the Ruger may have the advantage in a short barrel as it is designed for it. So why not just buy a Ruger Guide gun? It seems to have everything you're asking about. Lots of discussion and fans of it here on AH. ActionBobSep 21, Well, ActionBob, I should have done a bit of research -- I could have answered my own questions. My apologies. It appears Ruger supplies the Guide Gun with three muzzle attachment options: 1 the brake, 2 a muzzle weight similar to the CR body of the Browning A-bolt with no brake, and a simple cap to protect the muzzle threads. Adjustable LOP through stock spacers, and a reportedly better trigger than the original Alaskan. Also a bit heavier overall than the Alaskan, a good thing in such a rifle. And best of all it's available in a left-handed model, which is great for me, because, to paraphrase Inigo Montoya from the Princess Bride movie a modern classic"I am not right-handed! I'll have to look into this a bit more. Many Thanks! Anyone else, feel free to chime in.

Experiences with Ruger .375 Alaskan?

The contents of the Alaska Outdoors Supersite forums are viewable by anyone, and may be read by clicking the forum headings below. To post to our forums, please register. Alaska Outdoors Supersite offers several membership levels. Learn more! For your security, your account management area, forums and University require login. Please use the same username and password for all areas. Register Help. Remember Me? What's New? Forum Alaska shooting forums Alaska Handloading Ruger problems. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread: Ruger problems. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I ran them all through the action before using for hunting. They all worked fine very effective on deerthe problem came when I took about 50 of them out to the range for practice. After about 30 shotsthey started jamming. I could barely fit some of them into the chamber and some flat out would not chamber. Has anybody encounted this problem?? Could this be due to fouling of the action or what, I wonder? I hate to think of that happening on a hunt!! Any advice would be appreciated. I've never worked with the. My first thought was that the barrel was getting ever hotter, cooking a maximum load to overdrive. But I nixed that thought, figuring you weren't doing a 30 roud burst of rapid fire. Then I wondered about a very sub-maximum load that didn't expand the case to seal out dirty gas back-flow. How "chared" and dirty was the brass after you fired it? How did the rifle act after a good cleaning? It could be a rare, but possible, case of excessive neck and chamber fouling. Curious, but just a thought. So, here's another: Barnes are soft copper alloy. They are critically picky about seating distance from the rifling. Maybe a combo of two, maybe none of these things.

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