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How To Get More Power Out of a 2JZ-GTE Stock Supra Engine - BPU

All content on 2JZ POWER is added by users, so if you don't see a pass, let that person know about this site so they can add their information! At 2JZ Power you will find crazy fast swapped cars, like 2jz swapped sx's, 2jz s swaps, fd3s rx7 swaps, celica, lexus sc, is 6speed, gs, mustang, camaro, starion and of course the MKIV Supra 6-speed, which came from the factory with the 2JZ-GTE. All of the timeslips, dynos, and passes have youtube videos for proof. All quarter mile times are added by the car owner, so the details of the pass are recorded and all the cars specs are stored in the car they build here on the site. Specs like cams, stroker 2jz, biggest turbo, exhaust manifold, direct port nitrous, ford 9 inch rear, th, th, powerglide, hks coilovers, tube chassis, carillo rods, cp pistons, or drag racing suspension. We also have lists with dyno charts of insane horsepower cars using 88mm and 91mm turbochargers. Mustang dynos, superflow, dynojet, dynapack dynamometers It doesn't matter. And we store them all and they are ranked based on horse power, transmission, nitrous jet size and dynometer type. We even have a stock motor 2jz chart rwhp thats horsepower! We want to be the place you go to find the Highest horsepower toyota supra as well as any other 2JZ swapped truck or car. Jerson Correa 7. Silvio Leal 7. Car Horsepower.

15 Reasons Why the Toyota 2JZ-GTE (Still) Rules

Article may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The Toyota 2JZ engine is a 3 liter in-line six cylinder engine family. These engines were manufactured by Toyota. This family of engines was available in a wide variety of domestic models, although the car models that were exported that had this engine were much more limited. The Toyota 2JZ was first made available inremaining in production until This engine is also popular since it can fit into a wide variety of cars. This specific model was twin turbocharged, providing more response at low speed as well as the boost needed for strong performance at high engine speeds. This is one of those engines that people who love power and street racing will continue to modify and use for their street racing cars. The engine is light and still puts out ton of power proportionally. As mentioned, the different engine models have different performance characteristics. The GE version reaches to horsepower and up to lb-ft of torque in the right application. The FSE engine is quite similar, maxing out at horsepower and lb-ft of torque. The GTE is the performance engine and is capable of reaching horsepower in its North America applications. The engine is also capable of putting out lb-ft of torque. These numbers are reached in the sequential turbocharger applications, but are certainly impressive for the 2. This displacement is reached with a bore of 3. These engines are all constructed using cast iron cylinder block. Both engines also have cylinder heads constructed of aluminum. The engines overall are quite similar in construction, although the GTE has recessed piston tops and redesigned ports and valves. Much of this re-design was likely to accommodate the additional flow from the sequential turbocharge of the GTE engine. The 2JZ engine family uses duel overhead cam valvetrain, with 2 intake and 2 exhaust valves per cylinder, for a total of 24 valves. This engine provided plenty of power, with a large amount of the difference coming from the induction system of the GTE. This engine has factory numbers posted up to horsepower, quite impressive for a 3 liter production engine, especially given the fact that this engine was developed in the early 90s. A tuned up version of this engine can be found in many street race cars, as this is one of the more popular street race engines. The power to weight ratio of this engine make it a strong contender. Engine Photo via Chen Chin. Toyota 2jz Engine Specs Article may contain affiliate links.

Toyota JZ engine

All rights reserved. More on this:. Up Next. The 2JZ-GTE engine is known to have a lot of unexploited power amount lying in its six cylinders waiting to be unleashed. Most tuners can get it to around hp with stock internals by converting it to single turbo, changing the ECU and adding some bigger injectors along a less resistive exhaust. This includes updates to the intake, exhaust, downpipes and boost controller for starters. You should know that the BPUs should be made all at once to get the most out of the setup. Now comes the actual turbos. These are the main components that will give you more power through ramming more air in the cylinders. The stock turbos are making 11 psi 0. If you have a JDM engine the turbos are ceramic and can safely handle about The 1. To make the turbos go faster and make more boostyou need to free up the exhaust. Which means to take out the catalytic convertors which highly restrict the gas flow in the exhaust pipes. There are two catalytic convertors, one for cold engine emissions and one for when it gets hot. Tuners will offer completely de-cat exhausts or some that will ease the gases flow but not disable them completely to stay in the emission levels. Latest car models:. You will only receive our top stories, typically no more than 5 per day yes no.

Toyota JZ engine

The engine replaced the past Toyota 7M. The 2JZ is a simple sort of a straight 6 cylinder motor with a hard cast iron cylinder block and 3 liter displacement. Comparing with the 1JZ, the block of cylinders became 14 mm higher. A crankshaft with a longer piston stroke to 86 mm. The motor is like the 1JZ. It has got two camshafts and 4 valves for each cylinder. The engine is equipped with an ACIS variable length intake manifold. Since the VVTi system was added. There are no hydraulic lifters on the motor. The valve clearance control is needed each 60, mileskm of mileage. Firing order on the 2JZ is The 2JZ has a toothed timing belt. Its life span is 60, mileskm of mileage. The quickest and craziest Toyota Supra engines horsepower were made of the 2JZs. The 2JZ was produced from to Their specifications are given beneath. It has got a compression ratio of The first modification produced till had compression ratio of Its capacity depended on settings and varied from to horsepower. The capacity remained the same. The motor was improved with CT20A turbochargers, intercooler, and the other pistons fitted to compression ratio of 8. The connecting rods were borrowed from the 2JZ-GE and the injectors are cc. Such engines developed a capacity of horsepower at rpm. Due to those factors, the capacity of the exported 2JZ-GTE engine was increased to horsepower at rpm. The 2JZ failures were similar to those of its younger brother, the 1JZ. Water can pour onto the spark plugs if washed. Due to the presence of the VVTi and idle control valve sensor, there can be problem caused by rough idle and so on. It is HEREwhere you can find out about all common problems. The 2JZ is extremely safe and durable. If your motor has been properly maintained and only a high quality engine oil has been used, the 2JZ engine lifespan will comprise more thanmileskm of mileage. Although, some basic principles are worth mentioning. You can certainly buy all the necessary performance cams, ITB, do head porting, mount an aftermarket intake system, headers and performance exhaust system. When the engine has been built, it will develop not bad capacity, but the 2JZ-GTE equipped with a simple boost-up will be more powerfull and simpler. You can also buy a 80 mm throttle body and adjust it on the Greddy E-Manage. As a result, you can get about horsepower. The boost-up is to the first step to upgrading the engine. For doing that, you need to get a big intercooler, huge radiator, oil cooler, air filter, Toyota Supra US lph fuel pump, and injectors.

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In the hands of the right tuners, decimation is what the Supra was all about. It was a high point for the Japanese auto industry, and the 2JZ was a high-point for big, tough, iron-block straight sixes in passenger cars. Toyota only puts big straight sixes into trucks now, and its big rear-drive sedans have V6s. Any couple schmucks can drop a few thousand dollars to buy a 2JZ to cram into some old Nissan if they want to and make a high-horsepower car in their garage. The 3. Those high performance GTE models received different aluminum cylinder heads with unique intake and exhaust manifolds, higher-flowing injectors, recessed pistons offering lower compression ratios which allowed the engines to handle more boostand oil squirters to keep the pistons cool. Because of these differences, the GE models, which you can find all day in Lexus GSs, are not as desirable in the tuning scene. That was a brazen lie. And in the U. Between the power, and the pound-feet of torque at 4, rpm, the Supra instantly became a force to reckon with despite its prodigious weight the engine itself weighed over pounds. The car could do zero to 60 mph in under five seconds, according to contemporary tests, making it a very quick car in its day. That was stock. Nobody kept the Supra stock. Way too much could be gained if you messed with it. Its iron block is tough as nails, its seven main bearings—despite only being held by two bolts each—are absolutely gargantuan and hold the crankshaft firmly, its forged counterweight steel crankshaft can handle huge power and high engine speeds, the oil pump and water pump can take the heavy mods without failure, the fully-closed deck means the engine can withstand enormous cylinder pressures, forged connecting rods are stout, and the oil-cooled cast aluminum pistons can handle a beating as well. Yes, horsepower on stock internals. And many tuners have cranked theirs into the four-figure range with some more work. Though there are a couple big-bore and stroker kits out there, most high-horsepower 2JZ-GTEs get that grunt by way of changing out the intake and exhaust, swapping those sequential turbos out for an enormous single turbo 67mm is commoninstalling a bigger front-mount intercooler, and bolting on some bigger injectors and fuel lines. It was an advanced engine in its day, and forit became even more so, as the Japanese version got variable valve timing. Sadly, the U. Technical Editor, Jalopnik. Always interested in hearing from auto engineers—email me. The A. Shop Subscribe. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Beep beep, it's newsletter time. Drop your email here and get our stories in your inbox. David Tracy. Filed to: engines you should know. David Tracy Posts Email Twitter. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe. Confessions Of A U. Navy Submarine Officer.

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